Photo Of The Week: The Running Sisters


For a few moments, i was staring at the footwear of these Nuns not too sure of what to make out of the different styles and brands. I guess one was wearing a nursing shoe, another was on trainers and the lady on the right seem to be a fan of the Mexican Huaraches sandals, close to barefoot running. But they all sure finished their 1.5K run… sandals, sneakers and race packets in tow!

Photo taken at the Race Against Human Trafficking last Sunday, March 13, 2011 at the McKinley Hills, BGC, Taguig.

4 responses to “Photo Of The Week: The Running Sisters

      • We have more things to worry about than acquiring and donning proper footwear for this race. All we wanted was to show our support in the projects for anti-trafficking in persons as we ourselves work on prevention for young women from exploitation and marginalization. Sorry for causing you discomfort by our looks.

      • We’re all in this together in the advocacy of Anti-trafficking of women and young persons. All were welcome participating in this event and believe me, your looks didn’t discomfort anybody because you all looked great donning those running attires! We felt so blessed to be running with you. Peace!

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