Hyundai Wave Run!

I almost got lost trying to find my way where i should position myself amongst the sea of runners that lined-up near the starting area. Although i still had a good 45 minutes left before my 5k run starts, trying to find the corral of my group with the same letter-coded bib proved to be a daunting task.

While the wave of 10k runners had already began, slowly the 5k runners emerged. I found my group and saw a familiar face, Cecil-1 a running newbie from UP. Because of the huge turn-out of runners, both 10k and 5k runners were divided into groups leaving the starting line on a staggered basis of 15 minute intervals. So when the first 5k group of runners were fired-off, i was with this group.

With Cecil1 and friend at the start

First wave of 10k runners

There was a lot of weaving and bumping on the course as we were able to catch up the last of those 10k wave of runners. But this was expected. My race went pretty good, considering my still sore heel spur went prickly at times, but taping it with a combination of RT Tape and masking tape seemed to bind the heel into one piece!

At Roxas Blvd

Considering the sheer number of runners who registered which reportedly reached 24,000 and one of the very rare occasions that registered fees were waived, those of us who were present last Saturday to run this Hyundai sponsored race felt that it was a very well organized race.

What’s astonishing is the clean orchestration at the start. Thanks to the excellent planning and the unflagging around-the-clock work of Jeremy Go, Neville Manaois and their corps of marshals and volunteers, the wave start near the Quirino Grandstand to Roxas Blvd unfolded without a hitch. There was the all-you-can-drink water still in their plastic bottles, portalets and the long line of race marshals guiding the runners to their rightful lanes, it was truly a thing of perfect execution.


A few meters from the finish. (Photo by Maan Catolos)

The crowd at the finish

According to Neville, Hyundai will stage two more mega races later this year and i’m looking forward in joining them again.

See you on the roads.


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