A Glimpse of the Men’s Health All-Terrain Trail at Nuvali

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new trail route that gets you exploring its intricacies and serene surroundings that you always find along the route. It was again time to lace up those trail shoes (in my case the old, trusty all-terrain New Balance 609). Saturday, we ran the 5k route of the Men’s Health All Terrain Race at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna to be held this coming June 5, 2011.

I was one of those invited by Summit Media Publishing Co. which publishes the Men’s Health and the Runner’s World-Philippines magazines to test-run one of the routes of their upcoming all-terrain race. Me and about 7 other invited runners and bloggers were driven to the Nuvali Center at Sta. Rosa, Laguna where the starting line was just situated about 100 meters away on the main subdivision road.

It was getting hot that early morning just as the sun rose above the bare horizon. It was just 6:30am and i was already sweating. The trail is a new dirt road, very accessible and something that does not require you to train with weeks of long-off road runs. So this is great, easy perhaps for the first-time trail runner. It was a chance for me again to re-kindle my love for the trails..to ramble on dirt paths, and give my eyes and ears a break from the sights and sounds of traffic.

But don’t be fooled thinking that this would be like a walk in the park. Firstly, the heat was just scorching. As the temperature was humid, it warmed up really fast out in the trail which was open and exposed to the morning sun. I was wearing a Climacool Adidas shirt and a Supernova shorts and by the time we reached the 2.5 km. mark, i was all drenched in sweat.

The course had short but very steep hills and this was only during the first 3 kms of the run. I was told that there would be more of these hilly terrain for those running the 10k and 16k routes but nothing too technical to haul over.

I’d like to share some pictures with you i took during our trail run. I’ll be posting the details of this race in my next blog.

Before the run, Donna, Ian, Mar, Bards, me, Earl and Art

Start of the trail

Bards and Art checking out the route ahead

Just wide open spaces

One obstacle to cross over

Bards looking back how i fared

Somewhere at the 2 km mark

With Bards, Mt. Makiling in the foreground (photo by Donna Fuentes)

Preparing for the hill ahead

One of the uphill parts

Mar and the rest of the runners on their way back

Art leading the way

At the breakfast presscon after the run

Runners photo op

With Nikka Peralta of Summit Media


2 responses to “A Glimpse of the Men’s Health All-Terrain Trail at Nuvali

  1. me and hubby ran 16k!tnx for d pix i got idea of our trail. super love d river part!

    d scent of the grasses and herbs w its morning dew, d songs and tweets of the local birds bring back memories of the island where i grew up(unable to visit there more than 20yrs now).

    our next run, 10k w philippine run!tnx po ulit!

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