Running Songs And Their Interpretations

With the words “RUN” or “RUNNING” in the titles of their songs, i wonder what inspired them to sing or write these tunes. So i’m going to venture a guess and make my own interpretations on what these singers were singing about:

1.  “RUN IT” – Chris Brown

It may be the only option Chris has every time he’s confronted by long, continuous steep hills.

2.  “RUN RABBIT RUN” – Eminem

The well-known rapper had probably hired a pacer who couldn’t keep up with him in the last 3kms of his first 10k race.

3.  “RUNAWAY LOVE” – Ludacris

He probably caught up with his crush in a race and decided to stick with her but the girl decides to pick up the pace and the hapless dude couldn’t respond and is left way behind.

4.  “BAND ON THE RUN” – The Wings

They’re the usual band of Kenyans entered in all categories of a race and as always, sweeps all the cash prizes leaving the locals with nothing.

5.  “WHERE ARE WE RUNNING?” – Lenny Kravitz

Kravits laments the absence of race markers and marshals and is undecided whether to turn left or right…

6.  “RUNNING FREE” – Iron Maiden

An aside to the press people and running bloggers who often gets complimentary race packets!

7.  “BEER RUN” – Garth Brooks with George Jones

Garth and George decides to drop-out of a 3k race so they could have 2 bottles at the store instead. Paging Doc T and Jet!

8.  “RUN THIS TOWN” – Jay Z with Rihanna and Kanye West

The trio found the isolated town teeming with stray dogs in the streets so they run the trails instead.

9.  “RUNNING DRY” – Neil Young

Neil admits his partiality for dri-fit shirts.

10. “I’M NOT RUNNING ANYMORE” – John Mellencamp

He may have got injured with plantar fasciitis, itbs, shin splints, achilles tendinitis and sciatica all at the same time!

Have a nice day running!:-)

9 responses to “Running Songs And Their Interpretations

  1. nice! 😀

    pero bakit wala ang “run to the hills” (iron maiden). it’s one of my favorite running songs of all time 🙂

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