Something Fishy

It’s been 3 months since i’ve last had any long, purposeful run and i really miss those Sunday LSD (Long, steady distance) jaunts that takes me and my running friends 3 to 4 hours of running to prepare for marathons or half-marathon races.

Tonette and Betty

The AKTV 10k Run last Sunday was a great motivator for me so i did a 17k run yesterday morning inside the Ateneo and UP campuses and with the rains pouring non-stop, it felt great experiencing the runner’s high once again which i sorely missed. Even before Sunday’s race, i did another 15 k’er just to test my endurance and ended up the run inside the Meralco compound in Ortigas to meet regulars Betty and Tonnete.

My heel spur acts up a bit during these long runs but not enough to slow me down or cut short the distance i’m scheduled to do. Right now, i’m able to do a couple of stride- outs of not less than 100 meters each and planning to run tempos again soon. Still, i’m maintaining a base-building program and intend to do this for another 3 weeks before moving on to speed and repetition runs.

Look what i have! Last Sunday too, i got another boost when Betty gifted me with one big bottle of Fish Oil Softgel supplements (thanks, Betty!) The capsules are as large as jelly beans and they’re know to have many health benefits. I’ve read of injured elite athletes pop-up this supplement to help eliminate joint pains and relieve chronic inflammation in the body.

The word is that Fish Oil which contains the Omega 3 fatty acids may improve over-all health, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, ward of heart disease, eases depression and even hasten recovery from athletic injuries.

I take multivitamins on a daily basis and although we’re often been told that having a complete balanced diet would provide 100% of your dietary requirements, we may still find our foods lacking in several vital nutrients so taking a supplement or two might fill up the void as an insurance.

It may not make you a superman but i believe in can provide a boost to stimulate and support our training and our diet system .

See you at the races!:-)

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