We Ran Yamaha And Felt Like A Kawasaki!

The weather was so pleasant at yesterday’s Yamaha Run For Heroes that it had “Made For Running” written on the clouds. A complete reversal from the AKTV Run a few weeks ago at MOA that had me and many others drenched in sweat! I wish we had more weather like these during Sunday races—cloudy, not so cool but not so humid either.

Woke up early to be in time for this race. After getting June’s race packet we immediately warmed-up, stretched, then lined up at the start.

As June and i waited for the countdown of the start of our 10k race, he decided to take my camera as he wanted to take pictures of the race. Anyway, we started at a modest 7:00minute pace as we just hung along side by side. We maneuvered our way through the slower runners and had to run on the sides just to be able to overtake. Nice to see many of the hydration tables, now longer and more frequent.

The early morning crowd: Thousands came for the Yamaha Run

With Danica and friend before the start

Great to see my group from the aNR-UP running beside us particularly Zarina who had some very interesting and juicy stories to share, both bitter and funny that took away some of the weariness from the run.

Nice weather for all runners and its' bumper to bumper

On the 7th km, upon turning right to 3rd Street, we encountered some gridlock when vehicles hugged the street and we were literally bump on the side lanes as we waited for them to pass through before we could cross the street and make our U-turn to Rizal Drive.

At the final U-turn on 5th Ave., we noticed that we were slacking so we started to pick up the pace a bit, skip the last water station, got on with it and pushed more to get to the finish.

It was a great race and i was satisfied with the over-all result. I think i’m gaining back the confidence i had before my recent injury. A few more 10k races this month and i know i’ll be ready to get back running my favorite distance, the 21k by August. By that time. i’ll be feeling more of a Kawasaki!

See you on the roads!

More pictures here:

Passing by Market2 on the way to University Ave.

I wish they'd put some waste bins for the paper cups

That's June after crossing the finish line

It was a pleasure running with you, Za!:-)

With Leslie of aNR-UP

aNR-UP runners all!

Breakfast after the run: With my other Team, Team Dilaw!

Felt her Yamaha to my Kawasaki!:-)