“On-Running” Running Shoes of Switzerland

The On-Running Cloud Surfer

the On-Running insignia

When the running shoe “ZOOT” came about to these shores, not many local runners knew of their existence (except perhaps for some of our triathletes) which expanded its type from a high performance racing shoe for triathletes to a shoe for people who run exclusively. This shoe has gained ground throughout the world and has joined the ranks of the top running shoes you can find around.

When Tonet’s sister, balik-bayan Cecil Danao (who has run countless marathons and Ultra-marathons all over Europe) came home from Switzerland last January for a short vacation, i couldn’t help but notice the shoes she was wearing when she ran the Condura Marathon. When i asked her what it was, she said “On-Running” running shoes. What? She said it was one of the top running shoes in Europe and was a bit surprised when i told her that this was an “unknown” in the Philippines.

Cecil in one of her ultra marathons in Europe

So now, i’ve heard that On-Running will be made available here in Manila and making its debut very soon. The very unusual, off-putting name doesn’t warrant any attention at first when mentioned but this shoe has amassed a lot of following specially in Europe and is also available now in the U.S., Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. It’s real innovation is the ‘Cloud-Tec’ rubber elements on the soles. These rubber lugs reduces impact considerably, improves shock absorption and has that lightweight and fast feel to it.

I really would like to see this shoes in these parts and i now see more competition to the Zoot, Newton and Brooks labels that has been a regular staple to local runners.


4 responses to ““On-Running” Running Shoes of Switzerland

  1. These shoe could be a good alternative to the numerous shoes currently available in the market. Do a post a review when it becomes available locally.

  2. When is it coming Sir Rene? I’ve read about it also from their website and the CloudRunner caught my attention. I hope I’ll get to review it also 🙂

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