Pocari Run: Good Days, Bad Days

About a dozen motorcycle escorts were on standby to guide the runners before gun start

Just a short post.

I almost forgot about the Pocari Run held last Sunday at the Frontera Verde and quite frankly, the race didn’t go out too well for me thus, i’m hesitant even to make a short write-up about it. But then, this is what this blog is all about, write and share the good ones and spill out those bad, forgetful events, as well.

I knew it was going to be a “bonkers” run and it showed from start to finish. I was heading into the race with low expectations, because my health hadn’t been well lately. Suffered from sore-throat a week ago and while medicines eased the discomfort somehow, a nagging dry cough took over so i had to resort back to taking anti-cough meds.

Those Ambroxol tabs really made me sluggish as i felt completely out of sync for the first 3 kms and never really felt any sort of energy and zest during the rest of the run. Even the first short uphill along Julia vargas Avenue felt like Mt. Everest that i had to walk parts of it! Pathetic, i know as this should have been just a breeze for me.

Enough of these ramblings. I can’t help but praise the over-all conduct of the race which i will rate as VERY GOOD! Here are the plus factors of the race:

  • A very nice and challenging course. Probably one of the best running routes in the Ortigas Center District with highlights being the hills of St. Martin and St. Paul Streets.
  • Presence of marshals at crucial checkpoints. Although traffic was beginning to swell at the latter stages of the race, the marshals and policemen were still able to guide runners and motorists alike and ensured safety for both.
  • Adequate hydration stations. Substantial water stations at every 1.2 km mark, Pocari all you can and some more water.
  • Free finishers T-shirt to all and more Pocari bottles to take home.

The culprit? I blame that drink for my poor performance!:-) (Pic by Pedz)

Kudos to Tia De Guzman of Pep Squad events for a job well done! My next run will be the Takbo.ph Runfest this coming Sunday and hopefully things will get better.

Here are more pictures from the race:

Near the finish..(Pic by Phillip)

With Team Life

With Tia de Guzman of Pep Squad Events

With actress Jasmine Curtis, sister to Anne


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