Camsur On My Mind

When i blogged about my 2010 Camsur International Marathon experience last year, that article elicited a lot of comments and it was one of the most read articles i had written last year.

That piece was focused not solely about my conquest and suffering of running that race but it was mainly about the heroic feat of a first time marathoner who, through her faith in us to assist her, made it to the finish as she cheated pain and even her own life just to live her dream of finishing her first 42k.

That run brings a lot of memories and is a mirror to our own weaknesses and heroism. The marathon is a lot like life. We learn to overcome adversaries, struggle through barriers but you also have to learn to keep going. The Camsur experience was like a dose of cold water for me as it was like a jolt against years of ingrained negative attitudes and false self-image. Cecille’s determination touched many running souls and made me also grin somewhat about what we runners can do and think…what wonderful women, indeed!

That article was posted at Camsur’s website (camsur/links) or you can read it directly here, (a-bizarre-finish/).

This year’s race promises to be another block-buster run as their second staging hopes to gather a whopping 20,000 runners! Registration is presently on-going and if part of your plan is to run a truly international race, then the 2011 Camsur International Marathon hopes to fulfill that promise. I have already registered for the 21k event although i would have preferred to run the full marathon again but for the lack of training. Anyway, here are details of this year’s race:

Here are some pictures taken during the launching:

Launch was at the Bubba Gump, Greenbelt 3

The early birds

The running bloggers

Bloggers with the officers of Event King


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