Resolutions Of A Running Addict

If you’re one confirmed running addict, there is hope…

  • To enter a rehabilitation center for a minimum of 12 months as a treatment to my running addiction.
  • To abstain from running for another 12 months after my rehab.
  • To undergo detoxification by sniffing all the insoles of all running shoes i used during the term of my addiction as doctors prescribed.
  • To join a “run-aholic anonymous” and attend all meetings of recovering running addicts. While at it, will express the bad experiences with joining running groups like the U.P. Heartbreakers aNR Group and warn them about the evil effects and addiction it has brought to me and many runners.
  • To abstain from taking Vitamns C, E, B-Complex, Oktane or any other multi-vitamins and avoid at all cost other multi-sports activities like swimming, cycling, weight training, plyometrics, Barre3, Bikram, zumba and other exotic-sounding exercises which contributed to my long-term addiction to running.
  • And most importantly, to run barefoot in a 100 km-race in 2012 to neutralize the effects of the withdrawal symptoms or if the above does not cure my addiction after my time at the rehab.