Chris Sports: A Run To The Mall

Last night after a meeting with some foreign employers from an agency I consult for, I met up with some of my co-running bloggers to attend the Chris Sports Bloggers Night at the Glorietta to drum up the store’s introduction of the ON-Running shoes which will make its debut this coming September. Last night’s bloggers were not exclusively from the running community but from all sectors of the blogosphere– from lifestyle, food, sports to other general interests.

My first time to really scan on what’s inside Chris Sports and it got lots to offer for the general sports buff but don’t look for rows of running shoes on display or lots of running apparel hanging on racks to choose from. It’s still your general sports goods store where gym equipments, racquet accessories, court balls and other exercise amenities rule although I see that they have accumulated some hydration belts and compression outfits in their arsenal.

With a whole running gamut of running stores and other sports retailers in the country vying for the loyalty of customers, Chris Sports has to do a better job to flood its stores more with running apparels, particularly running shoes if it wants to attract more of the runners.

To that end, the store will be slowly introducing more running gears and by next month will be introducing its first running shoe, the ON-Running, a shoe developed in Switzerland that has already made its mark in Europe, some parts of the U.S., Australia, Singapore and Malaysia (my review here).

A lot of credit goes to Arleen Lindo, Marketing Manager of Chris Sports who has fashioned and will direct the store into a more runner-friendly sports hub. That said, it has already offered services like sponsorship of various races and handles race registration for numerous events. Incidentally, it is one of the registration centers for the popular EARTH RUN this coming August 28 and the RUN & HELP 2011 for the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. on September 18.

The Big Boss: Chris Sports Marketing Manager Arleen Lindo (R) with Jinoe, Pedz and moi

Arleen introducing Maryanne Ringor of Adevents, Race Director for the Earth Run

I think most, if not all Chris Sports shops are located in malls that cater to week-end shoppers, office workers and mall habitués and probably 75% of their business is standard mall traffic. I like their various displays of their top-of-the-line treadmills, stationary bikes and machines for core exercises. Wish i could afford to buy all of them!

But if Arleen will try to resolve in bringing in more brands of running shoes, more technical clothing, running gears and accessories with competitive prices, it will be a hard-to-beat store which would make this shop worth a run to the mall for us runners.

Thanks to Arleen, Maryanne, Joanne of Solar Entertainment, Sarah and the rest of the Chris Sports staff for a great time last night!

Here are more pics from last night’s event:

With Jinoe, B and Kassy

Arleen working on the crowd

With Sarah of Chris Sports

The bloggers at last night's Chris Sports event