Blogapalooza: Odds and Ends

Last Saturday afternoon at the Fully Booked store,  Bonifacio High Street, I met up with some of my runner-blogger friends to attend the first ever blogapalooza, a by invitation-only event for selected Pinoy bloggers to interact with the business community who are promoting their products and services through the medium of blogging.

Not since the yearly iblog summit have I seen so many bloggers under one roof and it was nice to interact with them more loosely and in one very friendly atmosphere. One thing to be expected when these businesses promote their goods and services is being given samples of their products.

The products presented were wide and varied. I’m talking hotel rooms for 50% off, Phiten accessories, personal care products, a week’s worth of free pass in a fitness health club and as many Gift Certificates in restaurants and spas as you can have.

Here’s what I managed to get:

Bagfull of sample products

There were interesting odds and ends that gave color to this event and it was such a marathon gathering, listening to the different presentations of sponsors and it took me a long while to get all the info processed and sorted but in all, it was a worthwhile endeavor. There was very little or none that i can remember on sports and running apparel so I wish they’d invite these companies to present next time;-)

Here are some of the highlights which I found very interesting:

Part of the crowd at the event as more people were standing at the back. That's DJ Vince Golangco on stage, one of the main organizers of the event

That's a photo printer, worn as a back pack. The guy tugging it takes a picture of you and the print comes out of that machine in a few seconds. Real cool, huh? Here's their site:

From that machine comes this picture of Carinz, Amanda and myself

No, we're not being shot at. That's Lazerxtreme's state of the art tag game system that's great for team games. You can visit their site at

That's blogger Earth Rullan showing us how to eat hot dogs no matter what size it is. That's from Size Matters Sausages Burgers along Tomas Morato. You can check their website here. Earth, thanks for giving me a slice of that Doggie you ate.:-)

It was my favorite part of the event! A Polecat member showing her wares! Her group, the Polecats Manila offers pole dance class and if you're interested i have 1 complimentary pole dance session, good for 1 day. You can check them out at:

Great looking gluteus maximus!

They wrote all our blog names on a board. Nice!

In a nutshell, the Blogapalooza event was a huge success! I met some amazing people, and saw and old friend way back from our days in Hongkong! I have to give a shout out to DJ Vince Golangco for doing a wonderful job in organizing this event and on top of the swags that i got, we even got to hitch a ride on that plushy China-made van, Chana that took us from the Fort to Ayala Avenue on my way to another meeting in Makati.

Till the next Blogapalooza..See you all!

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