Adidas KOTR 2011: A Late Post

I’ve read the mostly rave reviews written about last Sunday’s Adidas KOTR that i almost forgot to write about it myself. And in all honesty, i didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Not one of those rave races i’m proud of, a case of running in a well-organized race participated in by a bad performer, yours truly!

High on Cobra before the race

Just had a 2 hour sleep the night before and i was yawning all throughout the car ride until we reached BGC at 4:30 am. Not a good sign. So i yanked open a Cobra Energy Drink bottle, the green limey-tasting one which i thought would keep me perked-up. It actually did. It mounted my bladder real quick that i had to go to the john to relieve myself twice before the race  and figured that was the last of it. I figured wrong.

Didn’t have much going for most of the time i was on the race route. I was running like a zombie, if there ever was one. 🙂 I couldn’t concentrate as my mind was wandering off somewhere. My stride and form was far removed and i would only get the jolt whenever someone on the other lane would greet and shout my name. Worst, i felt the extra gas and liquid in my bladder that i had to make two more pit stops, one at the BGC triangle and the other somewhere along Buendia Avenue. I didn’t know what drinking a full bottle of Cobra before a race can do to your sac but was aware that this 16.8 race was going to be a sour run!

The last 200 hundred meters. (Thanks BroJ for the pic)

Timmy (wearing the black singlet) was pacing with me during the last 2 kilometers (Thanks to ARC for the pic)

True, i crossed the finish line in about 2:04 and change, the slowest 16k i had so far. LOL! Except for s slight sore left heel, i didn’t feel any tiredness or other body aches after the race.

It’s been an easy week for me after the race, some easy runs and will visit the gym more often at 360. I had just registered for the Run United 3 this coming November and have aimed to run the 32k in preparation for my 1st marathon for 2012, the Condura Skyway Run.

See you all on the roads!

With the UP Heartbreakers after the race

Breakfast at "Something Fishy"

Celebration at Betty and Rals' pub

CHIA Seeds: Super Food?

Used to be that eating the right foods at the right times in the right combinations can give you the boost and energy that you need in gaining optimal performance in running. No more. In an attempt to take nutrition to the next level, new “super-foods” are being introduced to the market for better conditioning and to give you that “edge” among your competitors.

I’m not referring to Oysters or Garlic which we all know are straight-from-the-earth foods that pack doses of health-boosting essential vitamin, minerals and other phytochemicals without having anything else added to them. I’m talking about CHIA seeds.

Tarahumara Superfood

Well documented as one of the energy food of the Tarahumaras, the native Mexican Indians known for their long distance running prowess, it’s touted as one of the oldest and most nutritionally dense superfoods know to man. The seeds of the salvia hispanica plant found mostly in Central America is among the richest sources of the heart and brain-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. It has been used as a foodstuff, energy booster, and medicine as far back as four millennia and reached its zenith during the times of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.

I’ve known some runners use it. Betty sprinkles it in her specially concocted fruit juice while Ron puts some in his pasta.

I was able to get hold of a sample during the launching of the product by Ferzudo, a Philippine subsidiary of its main distributor in the U.S., Hidalgo Ventures LLC. Headed by a young entrepreneur, David Bicierro, he explained the benefits of the product which can be sprinkled to any food like on breakfast cereals, jelly sandwiches or can be blended in smoothies, mixed in salads, add to soups or use in bread and pastries.

Gram for gram, here’s what the Ferzudo Chia seeds claim it has:

  • 1400% MORE Magnesium than Broccoli
  • 700% MORE Omega 3 Fatty acids than Salmon
  • 500% MORE Calcium than milk
  • 200% MORE Antioxidant strength than Blueberries
  • 200% MORE Iron then Spinach
  • 500% MORE Vegetable Protein than Kidney Beans
  • 100% MORE Potassium than a Banana
  • 100% MORE Selenium than Flax Seed
  • 100% MORE Fiber than Bran Flakes
Pretty impressive if you ask me. I’m not a spokes person or an endorser of the product but what’s to lose if we add a natural food to our diet, used by the ancient Aztec warriors and Tarahumara Indians for their survival, strength and vitality?
Another thing good about Chia is that it can be eaten raw and unprocessed. It has a neutral flavor and can be easily added to any sport or energy drink to boost performance. Three tablespoons daily is their recommendation. I’ve tried adding less than a teaspoonful of Chia into my Gatorade and feel fine with it.
To learn more about this product, you can visit their website at

Macau International Marathon: December 4, 2011

The long arm of international marathons have reached our shores!

Many of our local runners are lured into venturing out of the country to experience running in international races, often searching beyond the local scene, making plans on which races to join.

However, it’s quite rare that an international race will go out of their way to promote a marathon earnestly to a country outside of their own and i think it’s one clever idea to venture out of one’s confines, specially with our own local organizers staging international marathons who would want greater participation from other countries.

Last Thursday, the Macau Government Tourist Office here in the Philippines (through RunRio events) launched the Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2011 here in Manila. It will be held on December 4, 2011 in Macau, China. The event will  feature a Marathon, Half Marathon, and a Mini-Marathon (6.5k).

The full marathan course is basically an out and back course loop that starts at Cotai, races upwards to Taipa , then crosses the bridge going to Macau city proper then back to Taipa then ventures south to Coloane and finally finishes back at the start. The course is scenic and runners can appreciate the rustic and modern Macau has to offer.

The Macau International Marathon has developed every year and attracts thousands of local and and top long-distance runners from around the world to participate.  The presence of these international well-known long-distance runners has added luster to Macau’s international image in running.  Besides establishing a good image in the international sports world, this marathon has also won international prestige. This event has further increased its international competitive power by setting up prize money for the female runners that started in 2004.

For this year, a 1st Prize of US$20,000,00 will be given to the male and female champions and bonuses worth US$15,000 each if they break existing records.

The Registration details are written below…

The start of the Macau International Marathon last year 2010

Registration Venue:

Until 25th Nov. 2011
Entity Address Contact Working Hours
Macau Sport Development Board Av. Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, s/n, Fórum de Macau, Bloco 1, 4o andar, Macau.P.O. Box 334 Tel:
(853) 2858 0762
(853) 2834 3708
Monday to Thursday
(9:00-13:00 and 14:30 -17:45)
(9:00 -13:00 & 14:30 -17:30)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (Closed)
Macau Athletic Association Olympic Sport Centre Stadium (Taipa), Avenida Olímpica, Taipa.Macau P.O. Box 6127 Tel:
(853) 2883 9691
(853) 2883 9690
Monday to Friday
(9:30 -13:00 and 14:30-18:30)
Saturday (9:30 -13:00)
Sunday and Public Holidays (Closed)
From 26th Nov. to 3rd Dec. 2011
Venue Working Hours Payment Methods
Olympic Sport Centre Stadium ,
Avenida Olímpica, Taipa
10:00 – 20:00 Only cash will be accepted.

Payment Method:

Accept currency of MOP, HK & US dollars
*No US dollars will be accepted from 26th Nov. to 3rd Dec.
Pay cash only applicable to the registration in person
Bank Draft
Bank Draft should be made payable to “FUNDO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DESPORTIVO”
Credit card
Only available for online registration
Only VISA & MASTERCARD will be accepted

Registration Fee:

Marathon (42.195km) and Half Marathon (21.0975km)
Athletes Early Bird Offer
Until 31/10
Normal Registration Fee
1/11 – 25/11
Late Registration Fee*
26/11 – 3/12
Athletes affiliated to the AAM
(Athletes must submit photocopies of Macau Resident ID and valid membership card)
MOP$70 MOP$140 MOP$240
Local Athletes
(Athletes must submit photocopy of Macau Resident ID)
MOP$100 MOP$200 MOP$300
Non Local Athletes
(Athletes must submit the ID of his/her belonging country/region)
* Only cash will be accepted, and exchange rate difference will not be considered.
Mini Marathon (ca 6km)
Athletes Normal Registration Fee
Now untill 25/11
Fee after normal registration*
26/11 – 3/12
For all athletes
(Athletes must submit the ID of his/her belonging country/region)



(Group registration should be done by 18th Nov, 5:30)


– To register as a group, each athlete has to fill in one registration form and submit to the OC together with the valid ID copy and chop of the entity the group belongs to.

The 42k course map

We had a grand launch night together with the staff of the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) headed by their Deputy Marketing Manager, Ms. Charina M. Puno who gave a sampling of what the Territory of Macau has to offer and all other details of the Macau International Marathon itself.

These pictures were taken during the launching at Conti’s in Makati.

Ms. Charina M. Puno, Deputy Marketing Manager of MGTO briefing the bloggers on the Macau Marathon

The participants of the launch

Group picture taken at the event

With Iya Reyes of the MGTO

For more information on the Macau International Marathon, you can log-on the event website at: or at

Adobo Run 2011 Registration Extended!

Gwen Zamora waits for you!

If you haven’t registered yet for the Adobo Night Run on October 29, here’s your chance to get listed and join in the Halloween Fun party! Join the 3k (Costume Run), 5k or 15k races on Saturday, Oct 29 at the Aseana Business Park on Macapagal Highway, near the Mall of Asia. Gunstart at 8pm.  Enjoy the most spectacular after-party with free flowing beer and a free live concert!!!  There’ll be dazzling spectacles with fire dancers, poi dancers, fire breathers, fireworks, costumed runners and a lot more!

The in-store registration (R.O.X. BHS, Toby’s Arena EDSA Shangri-La Mall, and Runnr Trinoma) is extended to October 28, Friday. Also, they’ll be having on-site registration on Oct 29 at the Aseana City Business Center lobby (just beside McDonald’s in Macapagal Blvd cor Bradco Ave) from 10am till 6pm.

Best of all, you will be contributing to a good cause!   adobo Run After Dark is for the benefit of Isang Litrong Liwanag project of Illac Diaz and MyShelter Foundation, a program that aims to provide affordable lighting to the poorest of the poor through the use of solar power and PET bottles (the “litro” plastic bottles used for soft drinks). Bring your empty 1.5 liter plastic bottles to the run so we can convert them to solar bulbs to light the communities. Check out the TVC for the run —  and the posters for details.  Please spread the word!
To sign up for the run — Log on to

Register now and hope to see you at the race party!

2nd Corregidor International Half Marathon 2011 Now Set!

Think WWII and imagine the Allied soldiers in their last bastion. Think tunnels and fortresses and hear the deafening roar of cannons and gunfire. Think ocean views and wild forest and savor the amazing scenery around you. Think remnants of buildings and old artifacts and feel you’re virtually in an open museum. Think Trams of old and picture how our grand parents lived. Think virgin trails and killer hills and feel the backbreaking effort of running a half-marathon on it. Think of “The Rock”, the Corregidor International Half Marathon and you’re in for a one great lifetime running experience!

The second edition is back and it’s happening on December 10, 2011. It was one of the best races i joined in last year (my story here) and it’s still tops when you consider the great scenery and the killer hills. The excitement starts once you board the ferry boat leading to the island and once you’re on shore, the adventure begins. I’ve had some good times running the actual race and the after party celebration.

Team Generoso (From last year's event)

To give you an idea of what’s in store for those joining this event for the first time, here’s an overview of the events:

CIHM 2011 Information for Race Registrants:


A. Regular Registration: October 16 to November 20, 2011
Registration Site: ONLINE at
Registration Fee: P2,500

B. Late Registration: November 21 to December 4, 2011
Registration Site: ROX at Bonifacio High Street, BGC (Daily from 1pm to 8pm)
Registration Fee: P3,000

Race Registration inclusions:

Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor

• Full lunch buffet on race day
• Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
• 2011 CIHM Race singlet
• 2011 CIHM Race sling bag
• 2011 CIHM Finisher’s Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
• R.O.X. Runners’ Briefing (Dec 3 and 4)
• 2011 CIHM Champions Party featuring a top band back-to-back with
a rave party (Dec 10, Saturday night)
• 2011 CIHM Finisher’s Certificate

Ferry and Room Reservations Procedures:

1) After completing registration for the race, immediately contact Sun Cruises at 8346857/8346858/5275555 loc 4511 or 4512 to book for your ferry trip schedules.

2) Indicate the desired trip schedule:
From Manila to Corregidor
a) Overnight – departure on Dec 9 @ 11:00am
b) Day trip – departure on Dec 10 @ 5:00am
Return from Corregidor to Manila
a) departure on Dec 10 @ 2:30pm and 5:30pm
b) departure on Dec 11 @ 2:30pm

3) If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations; 1 room per participant only). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the
payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.

4) On Dec 3 & 4 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at R.O.X., attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises.Ensure to bring the  printout of your CIHM Race Registration Confirmation. Anyone may pick up your kit at R.O.X. during the R.O.X Runners’ Briefing from 3pm to 8pm. They may be asked for identification and your signed authorization note.

Below are some pictures taken during the launching of the 2nd CIHM last week at the Blackbird Bar, Kamagong, Makati.

Bloggers starting to gather at the Blackbird Bar, Kamagong St., Makati venue of the launch

Race Director Edward "Tito" Kho briefing the press for the upcoming 2011 CIHM

He might look like he's singing "My Way" to us but Edward briefs on the new mechanics for this year's race edition and he does it in his own exciting way

Group pic with the CIHM principals, Edward Kho, Atty. Raymund Martelino and Ms. Vanessa Ordinario

Nike We Run MANILA 10K: The Red Sea

Whether you like crowds that squeeze you like a pack of sardines while standing elbow to elbow at the starting line, or running in the dark unawares of the large cords or potholes below your feet, the NIKE Run Manila 10k last Saturday should let you experience how to survive a race of this magnitude with obstacles that could make or break your run… Nike’s version of the Urbanathlon!

I like big crowds and the fun that goes with it. So, arriving an hour and a half early, Mark, Abet and myself settled into the shaded tents in front of the stage and immediately went into banter with friends, taking pictures to post at FB and showing off those shiny, red-orange Nike shirts we had on. I was stiff as a statue as we were just standing in one place, never giving our legs a change to move or stretch about except for the last minutes before the start when we huddled our way to the porta johns.

25 minutes to gun-time as runners begin to swell at the starting line

There are a lot of ways to describe the Nike We Run Manila 10k and you just have to be there to experience it yourself:

  • Crowded start where hands and elbows collide waiting for the gun start. There was actually no room for the elbows to swing during the warm-up demo so all we did was to just bounce up and down because the only space left was above our heads! Didn’t matter though when you had your friends jumping beside you.
  • 99.9% of the runners were wearing the prescribed red Dri-fit shirt (the .10% were obviously bandit friends) so it was a sea of the red runners lining on a stretch that probably measured up to 300 meters.
  • Running in slow-motion during the first kilometer where you either maneuver to overtake or just wait for the ones in front to settle into their regular running pace.
  • Counting the runners who you bumped and those who bumped you so it was just give-and-take, see?
  • Hardly any vacant space as runners occupied every square meter of the road which stretched as far as the eye could see.
  • Long water stations conveniently located adjacent to each other. Saw some runners pouring Powerade sports drinks into their heads thinking they were water. There should be different cups for each.
  • Snake-like route that criss-crossed back and forth like an endless water stream of runners. I waved my hi’s and hello’s to the same runners several times.
  • Running in mostly dry, humid weather. I’m not used to running in the afternoons so i had wished it had rained a little. Poured cups of water in the head several times, instead.
  • Running in the dark for the last 2 kms but i’m used to this and other runners should likewise get used to it. Some training entails running from 12 midnight on-wards so there are parts of streets where it is unlit. Slow down and use use energizer lights when needed.
  • Being served food at the VIP lounge but couldn’t get it past your throat because you’re still panting. Gulped several cups of iced-tea instead.
  • An after-party rock concert that had many runners bobbing their heads. A while ago, it was the feet moving, now it’s the nobs!
  • Leaving the race vicinity immediately to attend to other business matters together with the partners at the Texas Grill at BHS.
  • Ready to hit the sack after dinner and a couple of beers.
Over-all, a enjoyable race and looking forward to the 2012 edition! Here are some of our pictures:

Picture break before the run (L-R) Jeff, Mish, Mark, Abet, me, KB

Arriving together at the venue with Abet and Mark

A fun moment a few seconds before the start

With the gang

With running bloggers Eman, Roselle, Gail, Bobby and Banjo

At the Nike-Media tent

After dinner at BHS

3rd Quezon City International Marathon Now Set

3rd QCIM Registration starts October 17, 2011

3rd Quezon City Innternational Marathon

December 04, 2011 @ 4am

  • Quezon Memorial Circle (In Front Of Q.C. Hall)
  • 5k/10k/21k/42k

Race Organizer: RUNNEX

Race Director: Gerry Manlapaz

Operations and Technical Consultant: Neville Manaois


Registration Fees:

Registration Dates: Starts October 17, 2011

Where to Register:

SMDC Showrooms:
MIZUNO Outlets:
  • FIELD Residences
    2/F North Wing,
    SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Megamall
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Bonifacio High Street
  • BLUE Residences
    5/F Building B
    SM Megamall
Teachers’ Village, Quezon City
  • GRASS Residences
    Interior Zone,
    SM North EDSA
304 Bahay ng Alumni
Magsaysay St., U.P. Diliman

500K Run Against Cyber Crimes

Run is on December 10, 2011 at Quirino Grandstand, Manila

This is one unique advocacy run and its the first time that a run against Cyber crime is being staged in the country. True enough you, me and all others using the web may have been a victim of  cyber crime and this may involve identity theft, viruses, hacking, online harassment, cyberscams, phishing, sexual predation and posting pictures of someone else without permission.

This is a very virtuous cause that needs to be supported and awareness to its effects is key in order to avoid being victimized by cyber-criminals.

Last Wednesday, we were invited to attend the press briefing of the Race to 500k Punches Against Cybercrime at the Dolce in Tomas Morato, Quezon City and the event was a show of force amongst our law enforcers, business, media, NGOs and various groups backing this race with the proceeds going to the PNP-CIDG Special Project Angel Net.

The Race Organizers

Here are some details of the race:

Race to 500K Punches Against Cybercrime 

December 10, 2011
Quirino Grandstand, Open Field

Registration Fees:
3K- P450 (Singlet, Bib, Timing Chip, Armband, Shoebag, Baller, After Party Tickets)

5K- P550 (Singlet, Bib, Timing Chip, Armband, Shoebag, Baller, Belt bag, After Party Tickets)

10K- P650 (Singlet, Bib, Timing Chip, Armband, Shoebag, Baller, After Party Tickets, Insurance, Free Membership With Weconnect.Global.Com, After Party Tickets)

Here are the Singlet Designs:

10k Singlet

5k Singlet

3k Singlet

With our hosts, Ms. Mars Callo and Race Director JC Carillo

With blogger, Bave dela Cruz and running friends, Kat and Jeremi

Let us all support this worthy cause!

Check-out their FB page at: for more details.

The Nathan Ridge Run: A Sneak Peek, Part 2

The 1st Nathan Ridge Run at Tagaytay Higlands this November 20 will probably rival the Corregidor International Half-Marathon (CHIM) in Corregidor Island (December 10) in the scenery and hills department and for me, these 2 are probably the most scenic and difficult race courses that a runner would want to experience!

Just less than 2 hours drive from Makati, Tagaytay Highlands seems like hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tucked into the vast ridges of Tagaytay is a mountain lovers paradise, a perfect get away for those wanting some peace and quite and for runners who may want to experience a different scene, far from the smog, noise and other pollutants of running in the city.

While the CIHM race is warm and humid owing to its late race start and being an island surrounded by water, Tagaytay seems to be cool all year round and the Nathan Ridge Run’s staging this November would surely be a blessing for runners who will encounter cool, crisp weather.

Just be forewarned. The thing about this race is that there will be no race cups provided at the water stations and instead, runners will use their hand-held hydration bottles which comes free with the registration and fill this up at the refilling stations. You can also bring your own hydration bottles if you want. The race is in line with its GREEN theme to help clean the environment.

Here’s the official Press Release from Nathan Sports:

Nathan  Ridge Run coming this November

Eco-friendly race boasts scenic, challenging route

A breathtaking view of nature overlooking the lush greeneries of Tagaytay, an uphill road course through rolling hills, and never-before-opened running areas set the Nathan Ridge Run apart from your common fun run.

Slated for November 20th at the Tagaytay Highlands, the race is organized by renowned multi-sport accessory brand Nathan Performance Gear (Nathan), who will challenge Filipino runners in a unique test of athleticism, endurance and environmental advocacy.

Nathan will provide participants access to previously off-limits tracks, resulting in a fresh, challenging and steep uphill road course meant to push the limits of each runner. While in the venue, runners can also take advantage of several exclusive perks, including access to some of Highlands’ amenities and discounts.

The Nathan Ridge Run features three race divisions for the beginner to the elite with its 5K, 10K and 21K road distances. Runners are set to get their hearts racing for health and for nature. Beginners can hone their craft and endurance, while veteran athletes can improve their level of game.

In the spirit of greener practices, the use of environmentally harmful plastic cups will be ditched in favor of free Nathan handheld sports bottles included in the race kit or the racers’ own hydration gear. Runners can use innovative bottles such as the Nathan Quickdraw Plus, which provides them easy access to hydration while on-the-go.

Runners can park, refill, hydrate and go for gold. Simple and efficient, the Quickdraw Plus is best for keeping dehydration at bay; no need to wait until the next check point to replenish, and no need to use harmful disposables.

Instead of the typical water stations you see in most city races, where plastic cups are lined up for the taking and disposed of as soon as runners are sufficiently hydrated, Nathan will be setting up conveniently placed refilling stations in different points of the road.

I’ve blog parts of the Nathan Ridge race route in Part 1 (PART-1) and here are the rest of the pictures taken during our rendezvous at Tagaytay Highlands last week-end:

Arriving at the Resort's Sports Center, (L-R) Cj, Jojo, Ed, Blas, Amanda, Me, Carina and Irish

At the briefing room presided by Mariel, Brand Associate of Nathan Gears

The fog grips above the ridges and is just an awesome scene!

A view from above the Country Clubhouse

The hills were no match for the scenic view

A Cabin Log at the Midlands

With Amanda and Carina

An old favorite versus the new ones

This is not the singlet that will be provided with your race kits but a different one which will be unveiled soon

Claiming My Nike Race Packet At BHS

Early this afternoon, i was able to claim my Nike We Run Manila race packet along Boni High Street, just in front of the Nike store. It wasn’t exactly a breeze lining up, then waiting for your turn to enter the claiming area although i must say that the system was orderly and the marshals did a good job in avoiding overcrowding as the area slowly thickened with participants.

I arrived at about 3:15pm and immediately saw the crowd of approximately a hundred, lining up at the numbered booths and also outside of the claiming area. At least, there was no snaking line to frown upon though i bet that they would have to put more crowd control later in the evening when people come out of their offices or schools and that’s going to be one headache out there! Here’s a picture of the crowd upon reaching the area:

The crowd lining up on different booths

I completed the whole process in about 18 minutes, not really bad considering that others had 3 or more packets to claim (for friends) and it took them a while to have theirs completed. I would have loved to check out the shirt displays, chit-chat with the other runners but i still had somewhere else to be and so i left, pronto.

They gave a large, over-sized bag which contained the Nike shirt (love the shirt!) The size is similar to that of their 2009 Dri-fit shirt so it’s about 1 size bigger than the ordinary Asian sizes. There’s also a Nike water container, a race map and your D-tag..

Looking forward to this race come Saturday! See you all!

Lines were formed and you had to wait before you can get inside

Booths were assigned to you to avoid over-crowding

Contents of my race bag