Cross Training: Pole Dancing

Best done by women of course, and to us warm-blooded men, a pleasure to watch specially when they swing their booties sensually in those short-shorts or hot pants and hold those poses while gripping the tubular poles with the power of their legs.

But aside from having fun, there’s more to pole dancing than showing off those sensual moves. They build and tone-up the whole body, specially the arms, core and thighs plus it’s a great exercise for stress release and burning more calories.

In the Blogapalooza event which i attended recently, many eyes feasted with a demonstration of pole dancing by the Polecats Manila (Polecatsmanila) which is the premier pole dance group in the country. They’re part gymnasts, ballerinas and sexy dancers rolled into one! So to the ladies who want to spice up their lives and at the same time get that upper and lower body work-outs to complement their running, pole dancing might be for you!

This is best seen “live” but the pictures below will show glimpses on how to do it.