Claiming My Nike Race Packet At BHS

Early this afternoon, i was able to claim my Nike We Run Manila race packet along Boni High Street, just in front of the Nike store. It wasn’t exactly a breeze lining up, then waiting for your turn to enter the claiming area although i must say that the system was orderly and the marshals did a good job in avoiding overcrowding as the area slowly thickened with participants.

I arrived at about 3:15pm and immediately saw the crowd of approximately a hundred, lining up at the numbered booths and also outside of the claiming area. At least, there was no snaking line to frown upon though i bet that they would have to put more crowd control later in the evening when people come out of their offices or schools and that’s going to be one headache out there! Here’s a picture of the crowd upon reaching the area:

The crowd lining up on different booths

I completed the whole process in about 18 minutes, not really bad considering that others had 3 or more packets to claim (for friends) and it took them a while to have theirs completed. I would have loved to check out the shirt displays, chit-chat with the other runners but i still had somewhere else to be and so i left, pronto.

They gave a large, over-sized bag which contained the Nike shirt (love the shirt!) The size is similar to that of their 2009 Dri-fit shirt so it’s about 1 size bigger than the ordinary Asian sizes. There’s also a Nike water container, a race map and your D-tag..

Looking forward to this race come Saturday! See you all!

Lines were formed and you had to wait before you can get inside

Booths were assigned to you to avoid over-crowding

Contents of my race bag

2 responses to “Claiming My Nike Race Packet At BHS

    • Daves, if you have the time i suggest you claim it in the morning when it’s not so crowded yet.

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