Adidas KOTR 2011: A Late Post

I’ve read the mostly rave reviews written about last Sunday’s Adidas KOTR that i almost forgot to write about it myself. And in all honesty, i didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Not one of those rave races i’m proud of, a case of running in a well-organized race participated in by a bad performer, yours truly!

High on Cobra before the race

Just had a 2 hour sleep the night before and i was yawning all throughout the car ride until we reached BGC at 4:30 am. Not a good sign. So i yanked open a Cobra Energy Drink bottle, the green limey-tasting one which i thought would keep me perked-up. It actually did. It mounted my bladder real quick that i had to go to the john to relieve myself twice before the race  and figured that was the last of it. I figured wrong.

Didn’t have much going for most of the time i was on the race route. I was running like a zombie, if there ever was one. 🙂 I couldn’t concentrate as my mind was wandering off somewhere. My stride and form was far removed and i would only get the jolt whenever someone on the other lane would greet and shout my name. Worst, i felt the extra gas and liquid in my bladder that i had to make two more pit stops, one at the BGC triangle and the other somewhere along Buendia Avenue. I didn’t know what drinking a full bottle of Cobra before a race can do to your sac but was aware that this 16.8 race was going to be a sour run!

The last 200 hundred meters. (Thanks BroJ for the pic)

Timmy (wearing the black singlet) was pacing with me during the last 2 kilometers (Thanks to ARC for the pic)

True, i crossed the finish line in about 2:04 and change, the slowest 16k i had so far. LOL! Except for s slight sore left heel, i didn’t feel any tiredness or other body aches after the race.

It’s been an easy week for me after the race, some easy runs and will visit the gym more often at 360. I had just registered for the Run United 3 this coming November and have aimed to run the 32k in preparation for my 1st marathon for 2012, the Condura Skyway Run.

See you all on the roads!

With the UP Heartbreakers after the race

Breakfast at "Something Fishy"

Celebration at Betty and Rals' pub