Chummy Bloggers Christmas Party 2011

From this…

to this…

This sums up of what transpired at the bloggers Christmas party held last December 29, 2011 at Gail and Noy Consolacion’s residence in Mandaluyong City. It was a whirlwind series of no less than 20 race launchings that saw us together supporting and publicizing the various races of Run Rio and other race organizers for the year 2011.

Headed by the group’s de-facto leader, the sweet, funny and sometimes outrageous Mommy Vimz Mendoza (kulitrunner), the “Chummy” blogs (as they call themselves) are some of the most followed by running enthusiasts when it comes to schedules of race events and actual race results and they share the same passion of writing about their experiences in races, good or bad and is a wealth of information for both budding and experienced runners.

The group will be looking forward to this new year and hope to bring more information on upcoming Philippine races. Here’s a toast to every body, my co-bloggers and followers of the jazzrunner blog.

Happy New Year to all!


Banjo (Ulikblogger) right, dishing out a song with gusto. Gail, our host is at left.

L-R: Gail, Rod, Marge and Carina

With Dennis (running pinoy) and Jinoe of

With Bobby (standing), Vimz, Wilbert and Gigi

With Mommy Vimz, handing me my Skechers give away! Thanks!

Ehem..this is supposed to be a party and not to update your FB status..

One group pic

Some photos courtesy of Dennis Ravanzo. Thanks Dennis!

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