A More Fun To Run 2012!

January 1-9, was just able to squeeze-in 3 runs on these dates and i’m still reeling from the over-eating and drinking binges that capped the year-end that was 2011! My body is extremely heavy and the bulge in the middle has been more pronounced than ever. It’s the battle of the bulge, as always!

I’m still forcing myself to rise up when the usual 4am wake-up call alarms  on my cell phone  so that i could be at the Meralco Compound by 5:15 to be with my usual training buddies. But then sometimes, i doze off a little more just to compromise with my still sleepy body and when you finally get up the second time after the snooze, you realize an hour had past and decide to forgo the run completely. You then feel sorry for the rest of the day!

At the BGC with Chito and Mel

Yesterday, i finally was able to overcome this malaise and ventured out on a long run with Chito, Mel, Betty, Leo and Sylvia that took us into the peaceful confines of Dasmarinas Village in Makati. The wide roads are a nice playground for running. With the laid back elegance of  plush residential homes, colorful gardens, trees lined-up on both sides of the road with nary a dog that would bark at you when you run along, it is one running haven!

We completed a total of 25k in about 3:15 and it was good to be back running long and easy again.

One of the streets inside Dasmarinas Village

I was able to try out my new NB bottle waist pack and a hydration belt is one essential i can’t run without having lived with my old hydration pouch for most of my entire running life. It’s a lace-up holster with a 20 oz. water bottle and zip pockets. Does’t bounce and is firmly secured in your waist. Thanks to the Media Relations Team of Summit Media for this wonderful Christmas gift!

NB Bottle Waist Pack

Thinking still of what races to join this coming few weeks although i’m certainly going to run this Sunday’s Go Natural Run Half-Marathon which incidentally is extending their registration until January 13 at the Riovana Running stores and January 11 at other in-store registration sites.

I wasn’t able to join a lot of races during the first half of last year due to plantar fasciitis and hopefully will be able to compensate a little for 2012. Happy running!


5 responses to “A More Fun To Run 2012!

  1. another encouraging post again mr. jazzrunner, just want u to know that i really enjoyed reading your blogs, since i started running way back last quarter of 2009 your write-ups inspired me in some way to run.. i always see you on runs, the last one was RU3 you surpassed me on km25 as i cant barely run bcoz my legs shutted down due to cramps.. “and i said wow that dude was tough” keep on bloggin mr. jazzrunner T.Y.

    • Hi Dennis, thank you for the kind words! My surpassing you on the km25 was just a stroke of luck, i assure you as there’ll be times when cramps would “slay” me down, as well.

      Hope to meet you on future races and thanks for dropping by!:-)

      • sure mr. jazzrunner, i’l introduce myself when we bump-in on our future runs… hope i can now run my 1st full marathon this yr. when i run 10k at QCIM last 2010 sabi ko next yr. il be running 42k at QCIM 2011, and anything goes as planned.. but injury on RU3 didn’t allow me to.. sayang … sana “marathoner” n din ako just like you.. keep on runnin mr. jazzrunner

  2. hi, kung outsider po ba hindi sisitahin pag tumakbo dyan sa loob ng dasma? keep on writing. I get a lot of usefful info from your blog. thanks!

    • Hi Doods! If you come in two’s or three’s, i don’t think the guards will ever notice–like we did. Besides, we’ve seen a group of five runners together running inside who were ahead of us.

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

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