A Witness To The 2nd BDM 160K Ultra Marathon

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle/Will Durant)

I just woke up after 16 hours of sleep coming from yesterday’s BDM 160k epic finale at Mariveles, Bataan. Witnessing the race unfold before my eyes gave me a perspective on what people are capable of doing and i’m still in awe at the guts and steadfastness of these ultra warriors, to finish the race and get that silver buckle whatever it takes.

I was originally going to run the Rainbow 10k Race Sunday morning and proceed to a friend’s birthday run afterwards but when Chito Carreon, a 160 BDM graduate asked me to help him marshal the 83km checkpoint in Lubao, Pampanga, i couldn’t say no. Chito and i brought our supplies and got some more extras just in case runners would ask for anything that would aid them in their run…and many without support and those who were abandoned, did. Also it was an opportunity for me to cheer on the Heartbreakers Team where two of our runners, KB and Meljohn would be attempting to finish their first 160k.

We expected runners to arrive at the 83km mark at about 1:30pm so we took our lunch first before 12:00 noon at Razon’s in Lubao where we partook Sisig, Lechon Kawali, Boneless Bangus (with thorns still intact) and some bananas which we brought for dessert. We were already stationed at the Caltex station at about 12:30 when Gen Jovie arrived to check on our station. As predicted, the first runner, Juny Rex Carreon (no relation to Chito) arrived at 1:38pm and the excitement began. I had my Blackberry with me and was able to update the arrival of runners in my facebook account in real time.

It took about an hour and fifteen minutes for the second runner to check-in and one by one, runners began to arrive as we recorded their names and time of arrival. They all seem to look strong, a little spent but otherwise very determined as the look on their faces showed much determination while some didn’t lose their sense of humor.

All runners were accounted for except for one foreign female runner whom we seem to have lost in our radar. We were told later that she has DNF’d.

Chito and i were both set to leave for Manila that night after submitting our report but one runner, Paolo Osmena had asked Chito at the checkpoint mark to pace him afterwards from the 102km point on wards when his original pacer backed out at the last minute. So, we were forced to abandon our plans of going home. Chito was to pace and i was to be one of their supports from KM102 up to the finish.

I have already voiced-out my irritation about support groups just giving cursory support to runners they have adopted and i’m not going to wallow over it again. These runners are mostly without a group and might not be able to afford in providing essentials of their own. A little patience and consideration should be offered to these runners specially during the last part of the race when help is mostly needed.

I am posting some of the pictures i took at the 83rd km mark and some at the finish line. Please bear with me if i did not publish your names correctly.

Again, i want to congratulate all road warriors who tackled the whole 160km distance!

And to explain what Will Durant quoted above: What it means is simply this: We ARE that which we do. Our actions define who we are. If we want to be excellent at something then we must do that thing repeatedly until we excel at it (JP Ryst).

And excel is what these BDMer’s just did!

With Chito and Gen. BR at the 83 km checkpoint area

First at the 83k mark and eventual winner Juny Carreon

2nd runner to reach 83k and eventual 2nd place finisher Dick Balaba

Eventual 3rd place finisher Randy Duenas

Bob Patrimonio

Ben Gaetos

Bert Camangonan

Bob Castilla

First Lady of ultrarunning, Keisha Fule

Noel Hernandez

No. 1 race bib? What the...:-) Ka Totoy, 10th to arrive at km 83

Here are the other runners whose pictures were taken at the 83km mark at random:

Eventual 5th place finisher, Alfred Delos Reyes who nearly missed the turn at 83k (pasalamat ka Alfred, nakita ka namin!):)

The ever smiling Doc Toto Mina of Team Boring

Gab of Team Boring

Reggie of Team Boring

McCoy Lontoc Team Boring

Lakay Jonel Mendoza of Front Runner

Mark Hernandez

Titanium Runner

Jj Layug

The one and only KB Runner with Jael Wenceslao in background

Boy Pra with Glo and Aileen of Team Heartbreakers

Aileen of Team HBK and Ronnie of Team B

Bert C., pride of the Fairview Runners towards the finish line

KB Runner. Di na maka "keybi":-)

Chito Carreon, accidental 58k pacer. Powered by Sanmig lights!:-)

At the finish line:

KB runner, all smiles!:-)

Proud of his prize (that's Mish):-)

Gab, boring finish!

Doc Toto, smiling finish:)

160k warrior Paolo Osmena and wife Angela with Gen BR


21 responses to “A Witness To The 2nd BDM 160K Ultra Marathon

  1. Sir Rene, nasa Caltex station ka pala? Nasa 711 lang ako sa Sta Cruz, Lubao at that time, waiting for McCoy and his support team para mag-relyibo 😉

  2. hi sir!
    been ffg ur updates via fb, tnx
    brave warriors they really are. nkapag-BDM n rin po b kayo?
    sbi ko nga sa hubby ko, cge nx yr, pag mabaliw n tayo, sali tayo, hehe. we alreadt had 2 FMs.

    congratz dn po snyo marshalls, at s lhat ng support grps n personal and n prayers!

    • Hi Dra Summer! Sabay2 na tayo for BDM next year. If plans push thru, it will be my first BDM so magpaka baliw na tayo!

      Thanks for dropping by!:-)

  3. Thanks, Sir Rene…

    Your presence along with Jael & Chito at Km. 83 eased our burdened bodies & soul knowing we were just halfway across the race…It’s always great to encounter a familiar face…cheers!

    • Good seeing you in great form, Doc! I knew you’d make it seeing your moves during the last 10k! Great run, Doc Toto! Saludos!:-)

  4. waaahhh…andun pala you??? heheh we passed there mga 20 minutes after Junar..heheh..tambay mode sa Razons…mejo lumagpas kme to light up the route kse maraming aso dun sa mei residential after the caltex crossroad

    • Bave, we saw some support cars pass by us and your group may have been on one of those. We were on the road from 102 up to finish so we miss you there. Congrats to your team!:-)

    • Hi Jhuvy! Great to have met up with you at 102 and 160! Congrats to your runners and support teams!
      We had one hell of a time! See you soon!:-)

  5. Sir Rene, lagot tayo parehas kay Ms. Tia! =p
    You’re having BDM plans na pala, mag-apply ako support crew mo Sir pwede ba? 🙂

    Nice seeing you there Sir Rene. Kaso hindi na naka-tambay pa dahil si Ka Totoy, mula sa race nagmamadali, pati sa pag-alis gusto mabilisan din, hehehe!

    • Pedz, let’s just hope, Ms. Tia doesn’t read this. Pre, kasalanan mo ‘to, ha! Niyaya mo pa kasi ako! Na sayang tuloy race pack ko for Rainbow!:-))

  6. Great Article Sir Rene! Still “BDM High” up to now! It was great to see you,Chito, and Jael
    at km 83! All your cheers and support woke me up and kept me going! Maraming Maraming Salamat!

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