Race Results: Race For The Orphans

Rundezvous Events, Inc, organizers of the Race For The Orphans would like to thank and congratulate all runners who joined this morning’s  run at Camp Aguinaldo! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and wished you achieved a Personal Best despite our shortcomings and simple staging of this race.

Some found the course a little bit challenging so we know how hard it must have been for runners, specially those running the route for the first time in tackling those gentle rolling hills.

We were blessed with a very cooperative weather this morning so we hope nobody got dehydrated and gave everybody a chance to savor the scenery. We really are so grateful to all our sponsors who have made this race possible, to the various running clubs who either ran the race or supported it by being volunteers… our heartfelt thanks!

The UNOFFICIAL race results are now available at www.runningmate.ph

All race time inquiries should be addressed to racetime@runningmate.ph so they can take up your concerns immediately.

We hope to see you again in Rundezvous Events’ future race, coming soon!

22 responses to “Race Results: Race For The Orphans

  1. Loved the terrain–wasn’t expecting it to be slightly uphill in some parts but it’s great training. Loved the plentiful and well-stocked water stations. I enjoyed the run immensely. Great job, organizers! 🙂

    • Hi MJ! Almost missed your post! Thank you, thank you! Yes, the slight uphills really places you off-guard but we’re glad that you enjoyed your run! See you soon!:-)

  2. is there a way to know if the route is really 5k? in comparison with my other runs, my time here was slower, but the efforts were just the same.

    • Hi Cate. The 5k route was measured several times via google map, Gps watch. The actual measurement is about 5.07 kms although feedback from some of the runners’ wearing garmins read measurements ranging from 5.09 to 5.18 depending on whether tangents were skipped or not. We have also noted that some have achieved PRs not only in the 5k but also in the 10k category while others did not. Efforts should vary from course to course depending on the level of terrain and your own physical condition. Even if you were wearing a heart rate monitor during the race, we assure you that you were running on an acceptable measured distance.

  3. Congrats, Rene! and to Rundezvous. Regardless of the time (run time), I liked the route best. 🙂 It’s a good training ground. More races to come!

  4. hi! ask ko lang if may result po ba sa race for the orphan? thank you and happy valentines sa lahat…. God bless

    • Dave, the link to the race results is actually written near the end of this topic. Please check above again.:-)

  5. Thanks for a good race! I ran slower here too. But it was still fun. No results yet because the link keeps going back. Anyway, will wait. Thanks again!

    • Thanks, Eric! We were told that the site will be up soon as some details have to be updated.

      Thanks too for dropping by!:-)

  6. Hi,

    I thank you (very much) for giving me the opportunity to help the orphaned children of our fallen soldiers. I really enjoyed the run. You have the friendliest marshalls I have ever met. The best terrain (for me) as well as the best place (Camp Aguinaldo rocks) to run. Everybody was just nice last Sunday so me and my partner (the lone barefooter 😛 ) were all-smiles during the run. I’m looking forward to join a run like this again 😀

    • Hi Karen! Thank you for the kind words! We did see to it that all runners were well taken cared of and i hope you and your barefoot partner will be back once we stage our next race. We’ll make sure to improve on what was presented last Sunday. We’ll, he might have been the lone barefoot runner and hoping that he found the road surface to his liking. Thanks for dropping by!:-)

    • Hi Sherwin! We’re still trying to contact those fotogs who took the pictures. They seem to be MIA!

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