Runners World Philippines: A Feature Inside

Triathletes Noy and Amale Jopson graces the latest issue

I’ve been a reader of this magazine since the 80s when this was being sold out at small magazine stands along Rizal Avenue near C.M. Recto and can be had for about P40.00 to P50.00 for the new issues. Of course, the only available edition then was the U.S. edition and getting a subscription to it was still new during that time.

Runners World (RW) is probably the premier source of running news, shoe reviews, training tips and an all go-to source of information for all levels of runners. It’s a very well-rounded magazine that touches on all bases including personal stories that inspires you to keep up with the sport and the tons of gear reviews which i can only drool and dream of having it in my closet.

Due to running’s popularity here in the country, Runners World has now opened a Philippine edition, one of 16 international editions available worldwide and is the very first in Asia. This is one great additional welcome for the local running community which complements the locally publicized Frontrunner and The Bullrunner Magazines.

The latest issue of RW-Philippines (Jan.-Mar 2012 issue) is well-packed with information that includes a training program for first time marathoners and a feature of the top running bloggers in the country which includes…ehem (clears throat), me! Cover photo are top triathlete couple, Noy and Amale Jopson.

Other bloggers featured are all friends in the running community and includes, Jaymie Pizarro (The Bullrunner), Dennis Ravanzo (Runningpinoy), Raul Patrick Concepcion (Runningshield), Noelle De Guzman (Kikayrunner), Vima Mendoza (Kulitrunner), Ginoe and Que Gavan ( and Cheryl Golangco (littlerunningteacher). The photo shoot was done by Photo-Journalist Monica Barretto and make-up by Kats Del Rosario.

I was a bit nervous and apprehensive doing the photo-shoot as this would be the first time i’d be doing one. The presence of Bernice and Lorraine of Skechers (i wore their Skechers shoes) didn’t do much help to ease my tension but once i talked with Monica who was most re-assuring, it made things very smooth and relaxed.

Kats Del Rosario

Monica Baretto

At the end of this experience, i was a bit overwhelmed but grateful nevertheless to Monica, Kats and Team Runners World for the opportunity in gracing their pages. Thanks to Bernice also for the Skechers Liv and to all my partners in Rundezvous!

So buy your copies now!:-)

Giving an autograph to one of my friends.


24 responses to “Runners World Philippines: A Feature Inside

  1. Wow!
    Congrats Sir Rene!
    Ikaw na talaga! Wala na akong masasabi pa!
    I’ll surely grab a copy of this issue and keep it, so if ever we meet again in Vigan I’ll let you put your autograph on it! 🙂

    • Haha..thanks Zaldy. Hope you can give me na the details of your race so we can post it already.:-)

      • Zalds, though not on the same dates, i think you’ll be competing with TNF100. Bombahin mo na ng press releases itong syo!:-)

      • It’s ok Sir Rene, yung sasali sa TNF 100, kagustuhan at plano talaga nila yun. Yung mga undecided naman at namimili, reg fee pa lang namin, panalo na kami 😉

    • OMG! Here comes my *stalker* again! Stop following me Mars or i might call the General! Hahah…I’d rather have an electric fan!:-)

  2. Wow, congratz sir for being featured in the magazine! I’m also a runner from Cebu but is currently exciled in Boracay. Work is a crime. hahaha. I’ll certainly go check out the magazine when I visit Kalibo next week (i’m an avid RW runner).

    If you have some plans to visit Boracay this summer pls contact me. It will be an honor to run with you here in the island.

      • Your welcome sir. I hope I can pull off an RW appearance myself too someday. haha. Yours is really an inspiration. Yeah its already starting to be fun again in Boracay now that Summer is Coming. I should stay away from the office more often, and get intimate with my Adidas. I’m your flowerette, I mean follower now!

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