Run Rio Trilogy Awards Night

It wasn’t as glitzy and Hollywood-esq like last year but this year’s Runrio Trilogy Awards Night at the Decagon Theater in Silver City, Ortigas retained its classy and vibrant vibe to it, very well-attended as well, a greatly-organized gala dinner!

It had all the right ingredients to make the gala night not only meaningful and enjoyable but to give honor and prestige to the efforts of all the awardee-runners who painstakingly completed the Run United Trilogy Series in completing the 21k-21k and 32k trilogy runs. (I did the 10k-21k-32k but even if you ramble those numbers, it won’t count!)

Whether you were a speedster or a plodder didn’t matter as all completists were honored in the same stage which Coach Rio no less, giving the medallions and finishers shirts. There were huge smiles as photos of runners were taken on stage with a big screen on the back magnifying their well-deserved awards.

What more can you say when you run 3 fabulous races, be awarded for it and then get to eat and drink the night away with other runners! I’m starting anew for this year’s Trilogy! See you on Sunday for the first Run United 21k Race!

The stage

The evening's host Tricia Chiongbian and Anthony Suntay

The early birds

At our table

Coach Rio with runner awardee, Daves Espia

With the lovely Coach Zinnia of Multisports


We should be the ones hanging those medals on them, right Pedz?:-)

With L-R: Vener, Jet, moi, Bro J, BR and Baby

RunRio Blogger of the Year, Banjo Assidao (photo by Dennis, RunningPinoy)

Philippine All-Stars (Photo by RunningAtom)

With Nora (on my left) who we haven't seen for a while

The ladies goofin' around..L-R: Mommies Let, Vimz, Jaymie and Gigi

Group picture


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