One Goal One Nation: Takbo Para Sa Pagbabago 2012

Here’s one run for a cause to celebrate Earth Day! The venues are located in nine (9) cities which starts in Lipa City, Batangas on April 14, 2012 and ends in Manila on June 3, 2012.

ARE YOU READY? Nine cities…
One Goal. One Nation.

Plantacion Meridienne, Lipa City              –    April 14
Clark, Pampanga                                               –    April 21
Dagupan City Plaza                                           –    April 28
Vigan City Plaza                                                 –    May 5
Azienda Talisay City, Cebu City                   –   May 12
North Point, Ceritos Highway, Davao       –   May 19
Cagayan De Oro                                                  –    May 26
Savannah, Oton, Ilo-ilo                                   –   June 2
The Final Run (Manila)                                    –   June 3

The One Goal One Nation, Takbo Para Sa Pagbabago is a fun run open to all runners and co-incides with the celebration of EARTH DAY Foundation. The fun run is officially one of the events in celebration of Earth Day 2012. The aim is to promote social well-being and the social responsibility to take care of our environment.

The Fun Run is open to the public which will be conducted in Nine (9) key cities in the Philippines.

This event will be for the benefit of The Philippine Red Cross, the tale of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who devoted their time and resources to help the poorest of the poor and react positively to disasters, national concerns and other related issues.

The event aims to promote fitness and wellness among the participants. Aside from the fun run, a massive BLOOD LETTING ACTIVITY will be conducted.

Philippine Red Cross will facilitate the blood donation, and it aims to gather a minimum of 500 blood bags to be donated to the Red Cross Chapter in each location that would benefit those who are in need. This is a whole day event, run will start at 5am and the awarding follows. After the blood donation campaign in the afternoon, there will be a mini concert after sunset.

Race Singlet

Finisher's Shirt



At The Launch of One Goal One Nation in Makati, recently.

Run for FUN, Race for a Cause. Register NOW! For Registration Fees and other race details, check out this link: or

call 09278733834 or 02 5092728 or

email at:

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run At Tanay: May 27, 2012

From the organizers that brought us the highly successful Love A Tree-Tanay Trail Half-Marathon last February 26, Pimco Sporting Events is once again taking us back to Tanay, Rizal and enjoy the cool scenery by way of a 100% trail and dirt road paths covering four (4) barangays consisting of  San Andres, Sto. Nino, Cayabo and Tinukan.

The Nature Trail Discover Run will have a 10k, 16k and 21k distances which will include single track technical trails, dirt roads, river crossings, uphill climbs, forest trails and lots of cool breeze! According to the organizers, the first 7 kms for all categories will be a torturous climb up a peak at the western side of a mountain which will pass through forest trails then go long downhills only to prep you up for another long uphill up to the peak of the east side mountain.

There will be no highways, no concrete roads, so it is going to be a purely trail/dirt road race.

For the 21k runners, there will be four (4) river crossings so prepare to get those trail or road shoes wet!

An early bird registration is now ongoing at the Pimco Offices so register early before you run out of slots!

Here are some more details of this race:

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run
May 27, 2012 (1st Leg)
San Andres, Tanay, Rizal

Registration Fee:

Early Bird Rate:
March 15 – April 1, 2012
10K – PHP 650
16K – PHP 750
21K – PHP 850

Regular Rate:
April 2– May 15, 2012
10K (Open to all Filipino) – PHP 750
16K (Open to all Filipino) – PHP 850
21K (Open to all Nationalities) – PHP 950

Official Closing of Registration: May 15, 2012

-Additional PHP 200 for Transportation
-Free Camping (bring your own camping gear and tent, a day before / during the event)

Inclusion: Race Bib, Finisher Shirts and Medal all category

Registration Partners:
Early Bird Registration: Direct with Pimco Office
For Inquiries, Please contact: Pimco Sporting Events
Tel Nos: 532-1645 / 571-0524 or check-out their website at:

Organized by : Pimco Sporting Events

Trail Running 101

There is a certain romanticism attached when i try to describe or read the pleasures of trail running. I always get to absorb the high and tranquility of the trails for fresh air leaving behind the chaos and pollution of urban running behind.

To quietly reflect on the beauty of the natural world is a given to those who take their time exploring the trails but for others, it serves as another challenge as we keep our hearts pumping when we join a trail race, no different from the usual grind of a road race.

I’ve been running trails for the past 3 years and the joys of experiencing the change of scenery and the excitement of racing on these parts add to the over-all enjoyment of running. If you’re new to the sport and would like to experience the exhilaration of running in this new environs, there are certainly many ways to enjoy it and it’s best to be prepared to know the ins and outs of trail running.

Last Wednesday, i attended Salomon’s Trail Running 101 lecture at ROX at Bonifacio High Street, conducted by Coach and multi-sport athlete, Miguel “Ige” Lopez and the Philippine Sky Runners. This was a great refresher course for me and whatever romanticism trail running stamped on my consciousness was replaced by wit and humor as Ige Lopez  discussed his travails, victorious conquests and funny anecdotes from his trail running experiences.

This refresher is in conjunction with the upcoming Salomon Trail race happening on the 31st which he endorses as he gave pointers on the basics: what gears to wear, running form, hydration, techniques, trail etiquette and stories of his racing experiences, locally and abroad.

Ms. Janice Tanada, Salomon Brand Manager and Ige Lopez at the lecture

Ige Lopez talks on uphill running

Trails come in different shapes and sizes, that’s the beauty of trail running — every trail is different so its important to learn some basics like trail running form and how to work trails into your normal running regiment.

Here are some tips on the basics of trail running:

What to ExpectWhen You Hit the Trail for an Off-Road Race

By: Martin Dugard

As you might think, a trail race can be quite different from a road race, both tactically and physically. Some words of wisdom regarding race day:

First of all, wear those trail shoes. They’re light enough for racing, but offer the lateral support you need to keep your feet and ankles more stable. Also, a trail shoe has a heavier tread pattern than a road shoe, and offers a toe “bumper” to protect you from bruising.

Start slowly. In essence, a trail race is a whole bunch of people trying to squeeze onto a skinny trail. Which may make you want to start out fast to beat the crowds. Don’t. This will only send you into oxygen debt and sap the energy you’ll need later in the race when everyone else is tiring.

Stay loose. As the race progresses, you’ll find a rhythm. Imagine yourself as nimble and light-footed as Fred Astaire. In this relaxed state, you’ll be less likely to fall and more apt to maintain speed.

Above all, have fun. Trail racing is the most natural form of racing. Indeed, we feel like children as we run through the forest. It’s playtime, and we’re called to it.

Sprint towards the end!

Trail Techniques and Tactics

Whether you are training or racing on trails, think about staying light on your feet. Run as if on eggshells. Also, resist the tendency to favor one leg over the other. A lot of runners start using one leg as the “plant” leg to land heavily on and the other as the “drive” or “push-off” leg. Each leg should do these actions interchangeably. Some other tactics to remember:

Downhills: Run on the balls of your feet, not on your heels. This means less pounding, more speed and greater control.

Uphills: Shorten your stride, and keep your head up and chest forward. Run relaxed and try to find a rhythm that will take you up and over each hill with relative ease.

Corners: To a greater extent than on the roads, trails offer the chance to round a corner and “hide.” Practice bursts of speed when turning corners. Competitors won’t see you accelerate, and will experience a mental letdown when they see you’ve “gapped” them. Include this maneuver as a regular part of your fartlek workout.

Streams: It’s possible to cross a stream while barely wetting your feet. All you have to do is high-step across as quickly as possible, allowing your feet to touch down only for a fraction of a second. Try it. And don’t be afraid to run right through a stream. Too many competitors lose time by halting at the edge of a stream midrace.

Entering the trail

7 Steps to Your First Trail Run

By: Matthew Frazier

1. Find a trail. By far the best way to start trail running is to find a local group of trail junkies and run with them. They’ll know the best trails in your area and help you get started.  Be sure to distinguish between non-technical and technical trails. Non-technical trails are paved, gravel, or dirt roads that are generally easy to negotiate. Technical trails are narrow, dirt or rocky paths offering every variety of challenge that most people associate with trail running.

2. Slow down and take short, quick strides. You can expect to run about 20 percent slower on trails for a given level of exertion than you would on roads. You’ll find steeper hills, more side-to-side movement, and lots of obstacles to deal with. Trail running is most fun when you forget about pace and do what feels good. Shorten your stride so that your weight is over your feet most of the time; this allows you to react quickly and maintain balance. You’ll find that trail running works your core and stabilizer muscles more than road running, so it may help to focus on keeping your core engaged.

3. Don’t be afraid to walk the hills. The surest way to identify a road runner on the trails is to look for the guy who runs past everybody on the uphills, only to be passed again on the downhills. Trail runners know that it’s usually more efficient to walk up the steep hills and conserve energy to make up time on the way down.

4. Scan the ground five to ten feet in front of you as you run. When you’re running trails, you need to pay extra attention to where you step. But you certainly don’t want to be staring straight down at your feet the whole time. Continuously scan the ground a few yards ahead of you while you’re running. As you notice an approaching obstacle, shift your attention to your feet to do whatever is necessary to clear the obstacle. And don’t be lazy—pick up your feet just a little higher than you think is necessary to avoid a root or rock. Too many falls happen due to simple complacency.

5. Keep a distance of ten feet from other runners. If you’re going to pay attention the ground in front of you, it helps if you can actually see it. If that’s not enough reason to keep your distance, trail runners are required to change speeds all the time, rarely with warning. Nobody likes getting rear-ended.

6. Watch out for slippery roots and rocks. If you can step over a fallen tree, root, or large rock, rather than on it, do it. Lots of them are more slippery than they look. And when crossing streams, it’s often safer to walk directly through the water than to try to tiptoe across wet rocks. (You’ll avoid being called names, too.) It’s trail running; you’re supposed to get muddy and wet!

7. Be safe. It’s not called “the wild” for nothing. You know, the common-sense stuff. Whenever possible, run with a friend. Bring a map if you’re running a new trail for the first time. Have a first aid kit in the car, and carry extra food with you for emergencies. Bring along a cell phone if you’re running alone. And know the area you’re running—how to deal with the wildlife, when and where hunting takes place, when the sun goes down, and anything else that might pose a danger.

A Sneak Peek: The Trails Of The Salomon Run 2012

Tagaytay Highlands Resort in Tagaytay City seems like the sort of runners’ paradise that you just put-on a running shoe, venture outside and run anywhere your eyes (and feet) will take you. I most specially love its peaceful ambiance with its slightly cool weather and soft breeze. The roads are wide and open and its hard to get lost even when you venture on long distances.

My experience running on these roads are still vivid, if not spectacular and last November’s Nathan Ridge Run was one of the best road races of 2011! Read my experiences here–>  part-1, part-2 and race.

Yesterday was my first time to set on their trails and they offer a different story as they’re mostly un-tapped, isolated and far removed from any activity, except perhaps as an exit route for the isolated dwellers who venture out for their needs in the city.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Primer Group led by Janice Tanada (Brand Manager), Mariel Flores and Laira Legazpi, the same group that staged the Nathan Ridge Run last November to test run the new trails they have mapped for the forthcoming Salomon Trail Run this coming March 31, 2012. The test run was done yesterday, March 17.

I was with about 12 other running bloggers together with some members of the Philippine Skyrunning Association and we were led into some of the roughest terrain, mainly dirt and gravel trails with 
some overgrown bushes and grassy sections. The route was mostly technical, with a lot of challenging rocky, single-track trails, and 
rolling asphalt paths for a change of pace.

The conditions on the trails can be a little more harsh if it would rain and get muddy as some of the sections were at the time but otherwise, the trails are just lovely. We were only made to run the first 6kms of the route which were mostly on trails but if you’re running the 24k race, trails will comprise about 80% of the route.

The actual race is will start and end at the amphitheater of Tagaytay Highlands and according to Janice, the 24 km race course is the toughest race course ever set up in Tagaytay Highlands.

The magnet for this particular trail run on March 31 must have been so overwhelming that all 1,000 slots for the 6k, 12k and 24k have been sold out, as revealed to us by Janice! So if you’re one of those fortunate runners to register early and are running on these trails on the 31st, here’s a sneak peak for what’s in store for you. I’ll see you there!

On the way to the trails

Passing by one of the last rest houses before our descent began

The trail starts here

Voyage unto the wilderness

Run! That's what we did in the beginning and CJ shows how

The Running Atom (Pedz) moving in his short-shorts

Bob and Banjo watching their steps on a series of downhills

Nice to have those shades when runners most need it. It was blazing hot outside

Most of the trails were single-tracks, from soft ground to the very technical surfaces

On one of the open spaces somewhere along the mountain ridges

Nice way to commune with nature

Janice (r) of Salomon Philippines with teammate enjoying a break

Philippine Skyrunners Assoc.

A narrow path just covered with leaves. Don't run if you're not sure where your threading

Taking some pics just before tackling those uphills

Taking a break with a view of the village below

Another view over-looking another residential village

Past coconut husks

The Salomon recon team

No end to those rolling trails

Banjo leading the charge

Another rough road to pass

Among the mostly single-track trails

You won't miss this view at KM3.5

A break before heading home

The Running Atom wears his Salomon shirt proudly. Team Diadora, take note!:-)

Lunch waiting for us at the Club House

With our charming tour guide at Tagaytay Midlands

24k Race Route

Riovana’s Grand Launch!

Finally, Coach Rio’s Riovana Running store had a grand launch and its fixture at the Bonifacio High Street will be one runners will be visiting often in the years to come!

I’ve blogged about Riovana before, here and here–> recovery center and it was time for Coach Rio dela Cruz to have a grand send-off of his two stores (the other located along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City). The grand inaugural was held last February 17 and the BHS store showcased its line of footwear and accessories in a fashion show-like setting replete with the latest gadgets and live ramp models showing them off.

Within the four walls of Coach Rio’s store lies an impressive inventory of running shoes with even newer models expected to come in very soon. His stock includes some of the newer models from Saucony, Brooks and Nike. The store also carries the latest on GPS watches, apparels like jog bras, tops and shorts, compression gear, socks and even cellfone/mp3 cases.

With a whole gamut of independent and chain sports retailers vying for the loyalty of the running community, Riovana has to do a better job than its competitors to keep its sales receipts up. To that end, the store offers special services like running clinics and coaching from its team of coaches, handles registration for numerous races and most importantly, it has set up a sports recovery clinic with several sports doctors on hand or by appointment to treat runners help manage their injuries or get a sports massage by their able therapists.

Here are some pictures and a press release from the event:

The party/launch just in front of the BHS store

Coach Rio on hand to welcome the guests

Fashion models showcasing sports apparels sold at Riovana

Nice models but do they run?:-)

One of the attractions wearing a Zoot tank and shorts

Men have their own fashion too


A heightened experience welcomed the members of the media and other guests during the grand launch of Riovana held last February  17, 2012. Owned by the running industry’s frontliner Coach Rio De La Cruz, the event demarcated the formal unveiling of this one-stop-shop that provides a different high to runners and enthusiasts alike by enlightening them about the right tools, techniques and other know-hows regarding running so they can transcend from being ordinary to extraordinary runners.

Guests were given a tour of Riovana to introduce them to the various areas within: Sole Running, where the perfect pair of shoes for an individual depending on his fitness level: gold-for speed work, interval trainings and the race day, silver – for intermediate training and bronze for beginners, are determined via the Gait Analysis – the shoes; Sole Searching, the lounge area where members can interact with other runners as they build lasting friendships over races and Sole Healing, a revolutionary recovery center that focuses on pre and post running treatments.

Apart from the tour, there were also raffle draws which paved way for lucky guests to win exclusive items from Riovana. Another highlight of the evening was the fashion show which featured the 2012 collection of some of the brands which Riovana carries.

Visit Riovana at the Ground Floor of Active Fun Building 9th avenue corner 28th street at the Bonifacio Global City, near Honda BGC and at the 3rd Floor of  Regis Center Building, Loyola Heights, Quezon City in front of Ateneo De Manila University.

For more details, please visit Like us on facebook: RiovanaPhilippines and follow us on twitter RiovanaPH for the latest updates.                                                     

For more information visit and

Goofin' with the runningfitmom, Gigi

With Runrio boss, Angelo and blogger Banjo

Rio and fiancee, Nicole with Vimz Mendoza and bloggers inside Riovana BHS

Riovana Katipunan Branch

Xterra-Tesla Compression Sportswear

The only time i got to wear compression tights was when RUNNR opened up its BHS store way back 2009 when they offered the CW-X tights at a promotional price of less than P1,000.00. It was the “fad” way back then when many runners, specially the men of were wearing them during races. I used them only about twice and gave them away to a friend who was going to live in Colorado.

It did help soothe my calf muscles and thighs to a certain degree that it eliminated the cramps on my left calf and reduced the muscle pains on my thighs on those 2 races that i wore them. But nothing more. Two reasons why i wasn’t so keen using them were because of the time it took just putting them on and getting them off and secondly, the stares i got from non-running friends who think that i am Shakespeare’s resurrection!

Nowadays, i seldom see men wearing them like it has become suddenly out-of-style but compression tops are very popular than ever, specially with triathletes.

Adding to the popular compression sportswear available here in the country like CW-X, 2XU, Skins, SLS3, Adidas, among many others is TESLA and Xterra Compression Sportswears. Both these products have been available locally for some time now and we were recently introduced to these products when Mevez Business Ventures Inc., distributors of these sportswear conducted a launch for bloggers 2 weeks ago.

Here is their Press Release:

Xterra and Tesla Sportswear now in the Philippines

Mevez Business Ventures Inc. (MBVI) recently introduced in the Philippine market an extensive line of compression sportswear products of Xterra, a global brand in premier technical sportswear used by top triathletes around the world. MBVI also launched the European brand, Tesla, with both compression products and high quality running shoes. Tesla sportswear is named after Nicholas Tesla, a designer of customized sportscars, whose name is synonymous with creativity, style and quality.

Compression wear are used by top athletes in virtually every sport today such as triathlon, biking, running, water sports, track and field, baseball, golf, badminton and even as exercise wear. Compression wear applies the principle of compression bands used in medicine to promote and enhance optimum blood flow and conserve the energy of muscles in a person’s body. It is also used to prevent the tightening of muscles during cold weather conditions that could lead to muscle cramps. It is thus used by football, ice hockey and basketball players underneath their jersey uniforms for this purpose.

Because of the technical nature of compression wear and their prohibitively high costs, as well as limited stores offering the products in the Philippines, very few Filipinos use the product in their sports activities. As a result, the benefits of compression technology have not reached many Filipinos even with the popularity of running, biking and triathlon events in the country today.

MBVI’s aim was therefore to introduce quality, global compression brands at prices that most Filipinos can now afford. While other products of comparable quality were previously available at prices ranging from P4,500 to P7,000, MBVI is currently offering its extensive line of Xterra and Tesla compression wear at prices from P1,600 for sleeveless triathlon wear to only P2300 for the long tights preferred by runners. Short sleeve styles are priced at P1,700, long tops at P2,100, long tops with neckband at P2,200 and short tights at P2,100. 

Xterra and Tesla compression wear are lightweight, keep the wearer always dry as sweat evaporates quickly, has anti-bacterial properties to protect the user from harmful bacteria that attack an athlete during strenuous physical activities(when the immune system is low), provides ultraviolet protection(it has a UPF factor of 50), and is semi waterproof to keep the skin dry such as during the swimming leg of triathlons.

Xterra and Tesla compression wear have become so popular even among non-athletes that the company recently released a new line of casual fit designs to cater to people who wish to wear compression shirts as casual wear to avail of the benefits of the many properties of the products. The casual fits are priced from P1, 500 to P2, 000.

Xterra recently sponsored triathlon events in Cebu and Laguna (Nuvali) and in the first quarter of 2012, another triathlon event in Cebu. MBVI is coordinating with the organizers of the upcoming event for Xterra products to be awarded to winners.

Xterra and Tesla compression wear are currently available at select stores of Olympic Village in Metro Manila, Cebu and Bacolod, R.O.X-Bonifacio High Street and Outside of these areas, direct orders are also accepted.

Bloggers attending the Tesla launch

For channels partnership details and product information, the company contact numbers are (02) 5779298, 09178323341 and email at Also, like our Facebook page: Xterra Tesla PH and follow us on Twitter: xterratesla.

Rogin-E Last Man Running 2012 Is Back!

Another round on March 24
One of the most unique races held last year is back and i remember this as the time i was running through an injury, my first race of the year 2011 and suffering with a very debilitating nemesis, Plantar Fasciitis. Ugh! That 10k run went rough and queasy although the discomfort was tolerable during the run, the pain geared its ugly head after the race when i could barely walk and was limping towards home. Story here.
Treated after several weeks of rehabilitation, i really was lucky to have overcome this so it’s been a year of continuous running uninjured. Now this race is back and for those ultra runners who has both endurance and speed, this is their race and a trip to China for the world-renowned Great Wall Marathon awaits the winner.
Here are the details:
  • The Rogin-E Last Man Running 2 event is on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
  • The event will be divided into 3 categories:  5 + 2k Race, 10 + 4k Race, and the centerpiece event –The Rogin-E’s Last Man Running (LMR), a 7-hour marathon. Each race has a limited number of slots.
  • To register for any of these races, entrants may register online at, or visit Last Man Running 2 registration booths at the following venues:

Olympic Village Trinoma

Olympic Village ATC

Olympic Village Robinsons Pioneer

Olympic Village Robinsons Ermita

R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street

From last year's race. No, I didn't podium or anything. Just getting the feel of holding the prized cup!

  • Walk-in participants are also welcome to register on the day of the event,   provided they register at least one hour before gun start of their chosen race category.
  • Participants must fill out the registration form which covers a waiver of liability and pay the corresponding race fee :

LMR – P1,200

5+2k Race – P600

10+4k Race – P800

Registration is inclusive of a singlet, timing chip, race bib and meal stub (meal can be claimed at the breakfast banchetto).

Gun start is as follows:

  • LMR:  2:00 am
  • 10+4k: 5:30 am
  • 5+2k:  6:00 am

Race Official giving the details and mechanics of LMR during last week's launch at the TGIF, Boni High Street

Finger-lickin' dinner!

5+ 2k and 10 + 4k Races

  1. These categories will have separate race courses, several convergent points with LMR, particularly near the finishing stretch. Furthermore, these two races will end at the finish arch.
  2. Runners can stop at the 5k/10k mark, but they can also take on the challenge of a further 2k or 4k.
  3. The top male and female finishers per race will receive cash prizes as follows:

5+2k Race- P5,000.00 each

10+4K Race – P10,000 each


  1. Rogin- E’s Last Man Running will be capped at about 7 hours. One lap is approximately 10km.
  2. Those who wish to register for LMR must submit (in addition to the other requirements) proof of participation in a full marathon (42.195km or longer) within 6 months prior to LMR, OR a medical certificate from a physician indicating participant’s fitness to participate in such a competition.
  3. Participants must check in 30 minutes before gun start. Those who fail to check in will be disqualified.
  4. All LMR participants will be given two race bibs with identical numbers. These must be pinned at the front and back of the runner’s singlet.
  5. The male and female runners who sustain the nominated pace throughout the marathon and run the furthest distance will be declared as the Last Man and Woman Running.
  6. In case there are no more runners during the 7th hour, the male and female runners who stopped running last will be declared as the LMR and LWR. Runners should sustain the nominated pace throughout the race to be qualified.
  7. There will be markers every 100m along the perimeter of the route to help runners determine the distance they’ve ran.
  8. All LMR participants will be handed colored strings for every hour they successfully complete.
  9. ALL LMR participants must maintain the nominated pace:
Hour Time LMR/Pace/KM Distance
1st 2:00am-3:00am 7.5 mins 8km
2nd 3:00am-4:00am 6 mins 10km
3rd 4:00am-5:00am 5 mins 12km
4th 5:00am-6:00am 4.5 mins 13km
5th 6:00am-7:00am 7.5 mins 8km
6th 7:00am-8:00am 6 mins 10km
7th 8:00am-9:00am *Runners own pace terminating at the finish line
  1. LMR runners must maintain the nominated pace per hour, as guided by the Rogin- E pacers. Runners who fail to maintain the minimum pace will be swept off the course by roving or stationed race marshals.
  2. At no time during the run are LMR runners allowed to stop, except for the following cases: lavatory break, to hyrdrate at hydration stations, to eat at carboloading stations, sponge bath, or to fix running gear. They MUST rejoin the RUNNING GROUP and maintain the current nominated pace. Any other reason for stopping will subject the LMR contender to disqualification.
  3. LMR Runners may withdraw from the race at any time during the 7-hour period. Upon withdrawal, all colored strings given during his/her participation in the run will be collected by the nearest race marshal. Likewise, all runners who were swept off by race marshals must surrender their strings.
  4. The organizers of LMR and its appointed race officials reserve the right to declare any LMR contender unfit to continue with the run upon recommendation of the race medical team.
  5. There will be water aid stations every 2kms. along the race route.

Sports drink (if any) will be made available to runners every 5kms. along the race route.

Carboloading stations, located 5kms. apart will open after the third hour of the race.

Cold sponge stations will be available after the fifth hour.

Portalets will be stationed along the race course.

  • At exactly 7 hours after gun start, all race marshals will simultaneously blow their whistles to signal the end of the endurance race. All participants of LMR who are still in competition will be assisted right away by the most proximate race marshal. His/her race bib number and exact location (from the nearest distance marker) will then be recorded and subsequently submitted to the chief race judge to determine LMR and LWR winners.
  • The Last Man Running will be awarded a trip to Beijing, China and entry to the Great Wall Marathon worth P150,000. The Last Woman Running will receive a cash award of P20,000.

Last Man Running Route

10+4k Route

5+2k Route

RUNNR: Now Open In Alabang!

Located at the 2nd Level, Garden Wing, Alabang Town Center

This is going to be one great news for runners living in the south, particularly those from Alabang, Muntinlupa; Sucat in Paranaque; San Pedro, Laguna, Las Pinas City, Zapote and other outlying towns within the area. RUNNR Running store has just opened its doors at the Alabang Town Center (ATC) to cater the needs of these runners living near the area which saves them time from going further north at their store in The Fort, Taguig City.

Mr. Toby Claudio, RUNNR Founder and President located his store at the Garden Wing of ATC. It’s in a very good location, well within an affluent residential area (Ayala Alabang) and Mr. Claudio expects about 30 to 50% of business will be from standard mall traffic but will continue to be a destination store for runners looking for more specialized shoes and accessories.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to their launching last week and their store opening was marked by a running clinic they themselves organized with lectures coming from head, Jinoe Gavan and a lecture on running technique by US-certified running coach Jay Valencia.

RUNNR President and Founder Toby Claudio giving the opening remarks during the store's launching's Jinoe Gavan giving his lecture on the basics of running

With shops firmly established at their Bonifacio High Street Main Branch, Trinoma and Ayala Center in Cebu which i had recently visited, RUNNR Alabang will continue to provide outstanding service and merchandize knowledge, the works in technical clothing and accessories and a hard to beat shoe selection at competitive prices.

Clearly, this new shop in Alabang Town Center is worth a run to the mall!

Certified U.S. running coach, Jay Valencia on proper running techniques

At the store's opening

A sizable crowd inside

Press Release:


THE footrace fever in the country remains high as all roads lead to the south of the metro with RUNNR formally opening its doors in Alabang Town Center on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

RUNNR, the country’s first world-class running specialty store, and Ayala Mall’s Store of the Year in 2010,  brings state-of-the-art technology and a complete selection of  running brands to the premier business and residential area south of Manila, which has recently become the new favorite venue for running and other endurance events.

The revolutionary Footworx system –a combination of Footprint Analysis, High-speed Video Gait Analysis and Custom Insole Moulding services–has benefited a huge number of athletes since RUNNR brought the technology to the Philippines three years ago. Now with the new RUNNR at ATC, more running enthusiasts will get the help they need for improved performance and injury prevention.

The custom-fitting system helps runners identify the best shoe to match their foot type and stride, which helps them run longer and more comfortably. RUNNR carries several topnotch brands including Newton shoes–the choice of some of the world’s best triathletes–and CW-X compression wear.

RUNNR also offers other world-class brands such as Brooks, Adidas, Nike, Vibram Five Fingers, and New Balance. All the guesswork in picking and fitting the proper shoes are eliminated by the Footworx system and RUNNR’s highly-trained staff. Another huge plus is that everything that a runner needs, from sophisticated heart rate monitors to hydration equipment, are available at all RUNNR outlets.

“We want to inspire people to get into the running lifestyle by helping them find the right gear and teaching them the basics that will help them become better runners.” RUNNR is staffed by dedicated and skilled staffs who are runners themselves. They can help find the right shoe for each person’s specific Footype and even teach proper running form and training methods. Also available at RUNNR are world-class running gear and accessories from Polar, Smith Optics, Fuelbelt, Nathan, GU, CEP, Spenco, and Equipe.

The formal launch of RUNNR ATC was highlighted by an inspirational talk from Jineo Gavan of and a lecture on running technique by US-certified running coach Jay Valencia. Also present at the event were radio and television host Sam YG, actor JC De Vera, RUNNR Founder and President Toby Claudio and COO Jojo Claudio.

This March, RUNNR offers a special P1000 pesos off on footwear priced P4,995 and above when donating running singlets of any brand and from any fun run to RUNNR stores at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, Ayala Center Cebu, and RUNNR corners in Toby’s Arena stores in Shangri-la Plaza, SM Mall of Asia and Abreeza Davao.

Donated running singlets, which will be given to the communities of Smokey Mountain, should be in good running condition. The RUNNR Alabang Town Center launch is presented by RUNNR and Alabang Town Center in cooperation with Newton, Brooks, CW-X, Smith Optics, Moving Comfort, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Zoot.

The newly opened RUNNR is located at the second level of The Garden in Alabang Town Center. For more on running and world-class running gear, visit, facebookcom/RUNNRPhils or or follow RUNNR on

23rd Yakult 10 Miler: April 1, 2012

This race is one of the most enduring running events in the local scene and one i’ve attended several times in the past. This year’s edition is expected to attract about 3,000 runners that starts and end at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex. If this is your first time running this event, expect one enjoyable race.

23RD YAKULT 10 Miler Run
April 1, 2012
Cultural Center Complex

Registration Fee:
Same Registration Fee of PHP450 for all distances (3k/5k and 16k)

– Fees include race singlet, finisher’s shirt, Yakult products
– With Bibtag system

Registration Venues at the following MIZUNO Stores:
– Mizuno Trinoma Mall
– Mizuno SM Megamall
– Mizuno Bonifacio High Street
– Mizuno Festival Mall

Run United 1: A Great Opening Salvo!

I’m not one who wears his finishers’ shirt immediately after a race as i usually save the shirt to wear on a week-end visit to the movies or go out with friends on out-of-town trips. However, after last Sunday’s Run United-1 21k race, the spanking white and blue color combination shirt was so enticing that i immediately put it on after replacing my singlet and freshening-up. Seems i wasn’t alone who wore his prized shirt! Many others, specially the newbie runners were proudly wearing theirs and it showed in their faces, the thrill of finishing their first half-mary!

This probably would sum-up how worth it was running Run United’s first leg!

So here i am, 4 days late for this review and removed from all the excitement that was, i can now sit back and give my thoughts. This is the first Runrio Events trilogy and i have to give Rio and his staff 4.5 stars out of 5 on their level of organization.

I love that the start time was moved back to 4:30am, a little sacrifice for waking up early but a great way to avoid the heat of the sun now that summer has emerged. Me and my group of Betty, Tonet, Leo, Sylvia and Chito arrived at  about 4:00am so there was enough time for us to attend to last minute details, warm-up and have our laces tied-up with these small reflectorized tags which hardly made an effect in running the dark stretch of Kalayaan flyover and beyond.

The idea of a point to point course seems to be overdue and i was glad that they decided to trek-out a route that would finish 21k away from where you started. So BHS to MOA was a nice start…and finish! The route is one i have ran many times in the past although the still dark streets was a little bit restraining as runners were careful not to bump or step on anything that might cause them to trip. Buendia Extension was a bit chaotic as both runners and vehicles ran side by side with each other. I had to run outside the cones designated for runners as there was an ambulance blocking our path and hindered our paces.

The water tables were evenly spaced and all supplied ice cold water and Powerade sports drinks. The group supplied the first salvo of large bananas at Buendia Ext. just before Taft Avenue and even went as far as providing “taho” for whoever cared to get one. One drawback to these hydration stations in Buendia was that it lacked manpower as runners were made to wait for a few seconds to have their cups filled. A lady manning the station admitted that they were understaffed.

At the last 2 kms, i could already feel the heat setting in and boy was i glad that we started as early as we did or we would have been baked had this race started at 5am. At the finish, i got my medal and had no problem getting my swag of sports drinks and Finisher’s T-shirt although i would find out later that the shirts  have run-out specially for those who finished the race in 3 hours or more.

Over-all, RU1 was well-planned out, well worth the run and the hype that went to it. I’m all geared up to finish the trilogy and the marathon this October! See you at Run United-2!

Wearing our finishers shirt with pride as if we were wearing one for the first time.

The world of running is like one spinning wheel. We experience our high ones and dread being at the low end. But we were all feeling "high" after this race!

Celebration after the race! No pulling back this time!

Taken at Leo and Sylvia's condo near MOA