My FOX International Channel Race Highlights

I had been posting on race schedules this past few days that I had forgotten to write about last Sunday’s FOX International Channel 10k Race. That morning, I woke up at 3am to a drizzling, cool wet and dark morning and had overwhelming thoughts of just curling deeper into my blanket because that’s the most normal thing to do, right?

I ditched my running team’s (Team 90%) invitation to do a long run as I had already committed to do this race weeks ago  and the FOX race was going to be my first 10k in as many races since January so I was just going to relish this short distance and get this over with. So I rose up and got moving!

KC with her younger sister and I took a cab for the Fort and arrived at BGC at about 4:50am, still plenty of time to warm-up before the 5:30 10k event. KC was doing the 5k and she was all hyped up to do her first run at this distance. I would later learn that she did a pretty good time and was ecstatic with her run.

Wasn’t able to do much warm-up as I was bumping into friends and having some small talk from mundane things of where to take a pee and the bizarre thought of joining a 3-day 200km ultra marathon. Things I get to listen from different runners!

At The FIC grounds, The BGC

We were off to a good start and I see that blogger friend Wilbert who was with me at the starting line took off flying like a wild goose and I was like playing goose chase in the early goings. He was definitely on a sub-6 min/km pace and I had to back off a little bit at about the 2.5km mark when I saw that he was moving so fast. I had settled into a more relaxed 6:45-7:00 min pace coming off until the 6th km when cramps on my lower left thigh (just below the back of the knee) started to tighten up and I could feel the pain stretch to my upper thigh and that was a major hassle!

I had to slow down considerably and would start to walk whenever I approach a water station to ease the tightness a bit. The walking breaks seem to help and I was back running at a comfortable speed again. It was nice seeing a new route at the BGC for once and going around Burgos Circle was eerily serene in the early morning as this area bustles with activities during the night. At this point, I even saw some runners wearing tutu costumes and one short lady was even clutching a guitar and was strumming it while running!

Over-all, this race was well-organized (a usual with Runrio races) and one thing that caught my attention was the enormous number of marshals deployed along the race route so traffic was smooth flowing, the routes were well marked and the sufficient hydration was all runners could ask for.

The dougie contest with little Batman winning before the awarding ceremony

With cramps and the walking parts slowing me down during the race, the finish was haggard as expected at 1:06. Didn’t feel tired or beat up or anything, just a little bit disappointed because the cramps came at an inappropriate time when i didn’t experience this during long or fast training runs.

I stayed a little while after the race and was invited by Vima for breakfast at the Runrio tent together with other bloggers. Wilbert, the other blogger who flew away at the start of the run did have his own problems during the race and even arrived slower than me at the finish.

Overflowing bananas after the race

A well fun event that I’m sure everybody enjoyed!