Mayon 360 50 Mile Ultramarathon: The Legend of Darang Magayon

There is a legend to this world famous Mayon Volcano citing that the grounds where the volcano now stands is the grave of two lovers, those of Darang Magayon who lives on the volcano, and her lover, Panganoron who lives on the clouds, kissing her every time he passes by.

To those running (or planning to run) the Mayon Volcano 360, 50 Mile Ultramarathon this coming April 21, 2012, you will be running around a great legend of a love story which resembles the immortal love stories of Romeo and Juliet or Anthony and Cleopatra.

Here is the story:

A long time ago, there lived a young woman named Daragang Magayon. She had many suitors because of her beautiful face and fair skin. Her father, Rajah Makusog had consented to Magayon marrying someone. Afterall his daughter was already of right age, he says. But Magayon was quite picky as she said she would only marry someone whom she surely loved.

One day, while Magayon was bathing in the river, she suddenly slipped and fell into the deep part. She didn’t know how to swim and would have drowned if not for Panganoron who saw her fell. Panganoron, the brave son of Rajah Karilaya, was hunting that day when he heard the cries of Magayon. He hurriedly jumped into the water to save her.

Panganoron was smitten by Magayon’s beauty that he courted her and the woman also fell for the brave man who rescued her from drowning. Soon, the engagement of Magayon and Panganoron was announced all over the kingdom and the date for marriage was set.

However, Pagtuga, a suitor of Magayon heard the news and devised of a plan to stop the wedding. He kidnapped Magayon’s father, Rajah Makusog, and refused to let him go unless she agrees to marry him. Magayon loved her father very much and could do nothing but agree to Pagtuga’s conditions.

She went to Pagtuga’s place to give herself in exchange for her father. Panganoron heard of what Magayon did. He gathered all of his brave warriors and went after Pagtuga. 

A great battle happened between the two camps. Pagtuga was no match for Panganoron; he was killed by the great warrior. When Magayon saw that her sweetheart had killed her captor, she rushed to Panganoron. But before they could even get close to each other, a stray spear struck Magayon’s back. As Magayon fell down lifeless, Panganoron was also struck down with a machete by Pagtuga’s trusted warrior. Rajah Makusog saw what happened. The Rajah ensued the person who struck Panganoron and killed him. 

After the battle, the rajah took home Magayon and Panganoron’s lifeless bodies. He buried the lovers together in a grave he himself had dug. 

A few days after, the people noticed that the grave of the lovers had risen up. It grew high and turned into a huge land form with a shape of a cone. The people named the beautiful new land form Mayon after their beautiful princess Magayon. At times when the Mayon roared and shook, the people says it shows the love that Magayon ang Panganoron had for each other. 

Press Release:

The race around Mayon Volcano is back

The Province of Albay, home of Mayon Volcano, will be hosting its second edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon this coming April 21, 2012. This world-class race is an 80km ultramarathon around Mayon Volcano, also known internationally as “A 50-Mile Run around the World’s Most Perfect Coned Volcano”. It is the first ultramarathon event in the Bicol Region, wherein an ultramarathon means a running distance of more than the traditional marathon of 26miles (42.195 kms).

Mayon 360° Ultramarathon began its concept in the Junior Chamber International-Legazpi City Chapter and it was only through the partnership with Liga ng mga Barangay-Albay Chapter, Philippine Association of Ultrarunners and the leadership of Governor Joey Sarte Salceda that the project was funded and successfully implemented. The event was held in support of the various tourism programs of the Provincial Government of Albay and featured as one of the highlight events of the Magayon Festival celebration every month of April.

In its second edition, the event will be dubbed as MAGNOLIA PUREWATER MAYON 360° ALBAY ULTRAMARATHON. The change of event name reflects the entry of a major corporate sponsor – Magnolia Purewater, signifying that Magayon Festival events are gaining market traction!

Runners will be taken across the circumferential scenic mountain side of the Mayon Volcano, through the Pan-Philippine Highway, Sabluyun Road, Karangahan Blvd., and Tabaco-Legazpi Highway, crossing 7 municipalities, 3 cities and 77 barangays of the province of Albay.

Through the efforts of the local barangays, runners will be welcomed with aid stations every five kilometers of the race. Local folks along the route will showcase their local hospitality, tourist related info about their barangay, and provide much needed encouragement and support as the runners challenge themselves to finish. This same support at the grassroots barangay level, with close to 700 volunteers, helped the 1st edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon won the Philippine’s Best Sports Tourism Event, awarded by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP).

Magnolia Purewater Mayon 360° Albay Ultramarathon will be giving cash prizes of more than P230,000.00 with separate categories for local and international runners. The event is currently the cheapest ultramarathon in the country, with a registration fee of only 850 pesos. Said race is sanctioned by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners  (PAU) as one its official races.

A pre-race briefing will be held on April 20, 2012 at 5:00PM at the Albay Provincial Capitol Building, where the participants will be treated to a carbo-loading party. The race, with a 15-hour cut-off, will start at 4:00AM on April 21, 2012 at the Peñaranda Park, Legazpi City. For more information, please visit

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  1. Thanks Sir Rene. That legend story will be brought up during the Magayon Festival (opening today), specifically on one of the events, the Dance of 3 Mountains.

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