Taking A Look At The Tagaytay To Nasugbu Route

Three long runs in a row and i think i’m getting back into the groove and enjoying what we refer to as the week-end long runs or the long, slow distance (LSD) runs. The craziness started 3 Saturdays ago at the ridiculous route called “Shotgun” where Team 90% and i had to run through hilly villages, scale up a monstrous mountain pass then traverse inside jungle trails then loop back to where we started that took me and my buddies 7 hours to finish covering 38 kms under the heat of the sun!

The following week, we contented ourselves to just running within the confines of Quezon City and completed 32k and again, we were drenched in sweat under searing heat!

Yesterday, our long run took a giant leap further as we ventured into an out of town trip, this time travelling into cooler territory as we arrived in Tagaytay City at about 4:30am. The weather wasn’t as cool as i had expected and the winds from Manila must have rubbed off its heat to Tagaytay although there were some burst of cool winds that blew into our faces during the few miles after our start.

We began our run from People’s Park, a reference point borrowed from the Tagaytay to Nasugbu (T2N) 50k Ultra Race which will be held next month and i’m not really sure if these long runs will eventually lead us to the actual race itself.

We’ll see.

The roads were silent and we witnessed the calm, the picturesque views and the dangers one should expect in running this route. Here goes:

L-R: Betty, Tonet, Leo, Sylvia, Mel, Elaine and me. (Absent: Chito)

Approaching the Tagaytay rotunda

Not too many vehicles that early morning

The one major splendor of running this route is the view of Taal Lake and its volcano at the break of dawn

A small shopping center that should be teeming with customers in a few hours time

It was too early for breakfast and we had to run first

Large housing projects mushrooming in the area

A closer look. Once occupancy starts, expect Tagaytay City's population to rise!

Just a lone biker to witness our run

Pollution-free road for the most part

The Summit Ridge Hotel

One of Tagaytay City's old-time hotels

Approaching Tagaytay's famous radar stations

Another view of Taal Lake

With Tonet taking a break

A farm view on our right

The empty road ahead. However, one has to watch out motorists over-taking cars at your back as they'll zoom past you about less than a meter away!

Approaching Nasugbu, Batangas at about the 9th km

A refreshing welcome

Inside Nasugbu territory

Local townfolks call this housing estate, "Sandara Park".

After completing another 32k run at the T2N route, a well deserved breakfast at Bag of Beans, back in Tagaytay

Team 90%: See you in our next long run!

6 responses to “Taking A Look At The Tagaytay To Nasugbu Route

  1. Hi Sir Rene!

    Thank you for a great heads up regarding the T2N route. I will be joining my first ultra in about a month’s time. I am also trying to dabble into blogging as a way to record my running. Hope I can ask you for pointers from time to time & also feel free to share your knowledge in blogging.

    I would also like to attend bloggers nights as a way to improve on my blogging.

    Thank you once again!

    Francis Chua
    aka RecklessRunner

    • Hi Francis! Thanks for dropping by.

      Good for you to start a blog as it’s a great way to keep track of your running.

      I may be able to recommend you for race launchings/bloggers night, just be consistent with your posts.:-)

      Hope to see you soon.:-)

    • Thanks Cecil! We will surely anticipate your great trail race stories when you come home!:-) See you soon!

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