ValuCare 2012 Run: June 16, 2012

When running host Boy Ramos emcees a running event, you can be sure that it is a running event worth joining in. Boy adds prestige to every running event he hosts, like the mega races of Runrio, particularly the Run United Series, the Quezon City International Marathon, Nike Run Manila, Runew and many more.

He has this cool irrepressible energy and presence on stage.  As a runner himself, he understands the crowd and knows how to make them react so when the boom in his voice is transported to the runners on the starting line, rest assure that all have been pumped up and ready to rumble on the roads!

Running host, Boy Ramos introduces the race proponents of the Valu Care Run

On June 16, 2012, Boy will again be hosting another anticipated run, the Valu Care Run 2012, a 3k, 5k and 10k run at the Bonifacio Global City under the sponsorship of the Value Care Health Care System. Greet Boy if you see him after the race and he’ll be more than glad to take his picture with you!

And before i forget, proceeds of this event will go to Bantay Bata 163 and Plastic Ni Juan Project.

Registration fees are reasonable and a lot of goodies await the runners so register now. Registration is at Chris Sports Shops. Below are the details of the race:

Race Director Jinoe Gavan presents the race routes at the BGC

Bloggers and media friends of the Value Care Run

Review: Nature’s Trail Discovery Run

Coming into the race yesterday, i was doubtful if i would be able to run the 21k Tanay Discovery Trail Run. My left knee was giving me some problems right after my T2N Ultra race the week before and i was still under medication to ease the dull pain and was reduced to a few long walks before yesterday’s race.

I had almost considered the advise of some well-meaning friends just to  forego the race, take another week’s rest to avoid aggravating the pain into a full-blown, long term injury. But this trail run was too good to miss-out so i promised just to do this one race and assured them that i’ll downgrade to just running the 10k.

Part of the Tanay Discovery Trail route

I arrived at the race site in San Andres, Tanay with running buddies June and Darryl in a convoy with Vener and Pedz (Running Atom) who were just right behind. I then requested the race organizers for a downgrade of my 21k race category into the shorter 10k and luckily, they acceded my request. As part of the Norphl Team, the main trail shoe sponsors of the event, i donned the Team singlet and was wearing the Viking Anaconda Trail shoe provided by Norphl.

There is really no simple way to describe the Tanay Nature’s Trail Discovery Run. It is just something you have to experience for yourself:

For me it was:

  • An out-of-town trail run that is very accessible to Metro Manila runners
  • Complete change of scenery with rustic views, cool breeze, laid-down feeling and the breath-taking vistas along the route
  • One of the most engaging trail courses i’ve ever done and the climb to its highest mountain peak (1,960 feet) was heart pounding that you have to stop several times to catch your breath
  • The view of the runners on top, lined-up to summit was awesome!
  • Reaching the top of the mountain rewards you with stunning views of clouds and fogs, mountain fauna, broad valleys and the final section offers sweeping views of the Sierra Madre mountains
  • Water and eat-all-you-can bananas were provided at the mountain top
  • Bits and whole pieces of some shoes’ outsoles, midsoles were scattered along the trails
  • The rivers and streams were crystal clear, refreshing and shallow enough to run over it
  • Running on rocky dirt roads is never too easy
  • The descent down the mountain was made into a playground. Runners sat down and slided on the slippery and muddy trails, crawled with their hands touching the ground for support or made monkey bars out of tree branches to avoid falls
  • Witnessed a lot of runners slid down uncontrollably, slipped down and fell, bumped into each other because of the gridlock. All movements were in “slow-motion”
  • Newly cut grasses along the path were not removed which caused you to slip.  Ropes should have been provided to provide a safety harness on the steepest downhills. Safety here was compromised. If one careless runner decided to run through the muds and fell, he would have put the other runners at risk and the scene would be something like falling dominoes.
  • Runners were shouting, screaming and cursing during this down-ward episode. Some were laughing at the slip-ups!
  • Race marshals that gave you the WRONG directions! Some 10k runners were led to the 21k route!
  • Runners greeting other runners “good morning” along the route
  • Picture-taking galore along the rivers
  • A swaying wooden bridge which felt like an intensity 8 earthquake when 2 or more runners cross it together
  • Hearing Jared announce my name when i was about to cross the finish line in his supladong twang-twang Irish accent. Thanks, bro!
  • Your white shirt turned into golden brown and runners’ shorts and tights bear mud markings on the rear
  • Waiting endlessly for June to arrive at the finish who arrived after 4:30+ to finish the 21k. Whew! Almost sent an ambulance to search you, buddy!
  • Freebies on paper bags
  • Photo-op with the town mayor at the finish line
  • Raffle prizes for 3 Viking trail shoes (worth about P8k each) and no surprise for one winner Pedz, the Running Atom who almost always win in raffle draws!
  • Lots of eats at the Team Norphl table
As i had hoped, i had finished the race comfortably without any hint of pain in my knee. This is indeed one of the best experiences in my running life.
Here are some of the pictures i took during the run. Hope you enjoy them.
I’ll be at the Merrell Trail Run next week! See you there!

The 21k start

Start of the mountain climb

Just above the clouds, Nette is ready to summit

Newly trimmed trail

The part of the trail where you have to sit and “slide” to go downwards

Capt. Arlene Trillanes (in blue) and her sister, Carol who i ran with during the sliding episodes of the trail.

We were on tiptoe mode during this trail. One false move on this muddy parts and off you slip on all fours!

The rough road going to the rivers

Running along these streams was a pleasure

The trail leading to a hanging bridge

You would never know what lies ahead as you get lost running in these routes

And here are the scenes that will take your breath away…

The Sierra Madre mountains at the background

Crystal clear water

My favorite scene when i was in the middle of this shallow river, water gushing inside my shoes

One of the many teams that i belong to. Norphy is the sole distributor of the Viking trail shoe in the country

The hanging bridge. It sways vigoruously when 2 or more people try to cross it together

One of the lowland scenery in the area

The trail near the finish

With Team Norphyl

Vener, June and Darryl

Alaska Iron Kids 2012: Aquathlon, Triathlon All Set

The recent Alaska Iron Kids Run Race which was held last April 29, 2012 at the Mall of Asia had around 200 participants of between 6 to 14 years old. The Iron Kids’ next event is the Aquathlon and is scheduled next May 27. Check out the new schedules below to give your kids adequate time to train.

This is the revised Alaska Iron Kids Race Schedule


Videogame characters may get their speed, strength and agility from power ups but in real life, children develop these qualities through a combination of nutritious diet, active lifestyle and healthy competition.

Open to children 6 to 14 years old, Alaska IronKids Philippines is the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman. Triathlon is a race that features three sporting events: running, swimming and biking.The competition is open to kids who are new to the sport and those who have already joined other triathlon events.

Alaska Ironkids aims to promote a well-balanced lifestyle for kids of today, who are used to staying indoors with TV, videogame console and the Internet as companions. Ironkids is also the perfect venue for families to bond and for parents to demonstrate in “real-time” that being HEALTHY can also be fun.

For more info you can check out their webpage:

My T2N 50K Ultra Marathon Finish

It’s been two days since i ran my first 50k ultra-marathon but i’m still savoring the ride after such a wonderful experience! Although i’ve been feeling pretty sore specially my calf muscles and left heel, i can’t help but smile and shake my head in disbelief every time i think about all that i went through last Sunday.

At the finish line

So now, i’m sitting here icing the sore legs, trying not to over-fantasize last Sunday’s events in my head but it’s hard not to do so. The T2N (Tagaytay To Nasugbu) 50k was a great humbling, learning experience. I had trained with my very supportive group, Team 90% and went through with all the hard work like doing 35k+ Sunday runs, hill training, mountain trekking, the works…so i thought i was well trained for handling the distance. Apparently not so.

I was fighting off cramps on my left calf muscles and hamstrings from kilometer 25 and had to stop several times just to stretch and have it massaged. The heat was almost killing, specially during the last 10k. I had to forgo taking in some food (except for bit-sized bites) and had to pay for it at the latter stages. My whole legs went dead specially in the last 3 kms and if not for the prodding of my aNR co-Team Leader, KB Runner and my support team (HBK-UP) i would have walked out those last 3 long kilometers. My foregoing of food eventually got to me and what missing-out on foods didn’t do, the heat sure did!

I even kept cursing on that Jolibee Arc sign which was the marker indicating that i was nearing the finish because the more i ran nearer to it, the farther it seemed to be as if someone has been pulling it away from me!  Talking about being delirious!:-)

That said, the experience was all worthwhile. I had the best support group in the world, the UP Heartbreakers Team and our own Team 90% Support group.

In summary, i finished in a modest time of 7:18:42 coming in at 182 out of 275 finishers. Even though running T2N was a struggle, i’m very glad and satisfied that i ran it. The route was refreshingly scenic, the race wasn’t the least bit crowded, it had a great friendly vibe to it, was very well organized and the party atmosphere at the finish line was awesome.

I’m looking forward to running more ultras in the future!

Here are some photos before, during and after the event:

A pit stop somewhere in Laguna on our way to Tagaytay

The view from our hotel room

Last carbo-loading dinner with Team 90%

The morning of the race at the hotel lobby

Foggy start at People’s Park, Tagaytay

With Race Director Gen. BR (r), Ninang Tonet and Tita Betty

With the Maybankers, Darryl, Alexis, Chips

Somewhere near Alfonso, Cavite

Near Taal Vista Lodge

Pacing with Leo and Chito (photo by Running Atom)

One of my two support teams. Simply the best! L-R: KB, Ai, Glo and May (Photo by Running Atom)

The typical Race Director BR’s handshake at the finish!

Happy! (Photo by Yet Severino)

Team 90%. Eight for eight finish! L-R: Betty, Leo, Mel, Chito, Sylvia , Tonet and Jazzrunner. (Elaine not in photo as she had to leave early)

Other Photo Credits: J. Avellanosa Photography

The OROFOLS Run: June 10, 2012

Don’t let the title of the run intrigue you! This is actually the One Run, One Family, One La Salle Run, the 3rd edition of the De La Salle Alumni Association’s (DLSAA) advocacy run to benefit the Green For Life, an environmental foundation and for poor but deserving scholars of the DLSAA.

Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond is a project for the environment driven by the Lasallian Family through the Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE). The project aims to plant and nurture one million trees by the year 2011 and beyond as a response to the environmental challenges that the country faces today.

Funds  generated from the run will support the cost of seedlings, site preparation, handling, transportation, and other logistics. Planting sites are located in Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao in uplands, urban areas, riversides and mangroves.

Let’s help them plant more trees and help these poor scholars by joining this race. Venue will be at the Mall of Asia on June 10, 2012. The run is open to all thus everyone is invited to join this event!



P100.00 discount will be given to DLSAA Lifetime and AQB Members, La Salle Admins, La Salle Faculty, La Salle Employees and La Salle Students.

  • De La Salle University – DLSAA Office
  • De La Salle Lipa (Lipa City, Batangas)
  • De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (Dasmariñas City, Cavite)
  • De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (Dasmariñas City, Cavite)
  • De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School (Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila)
  • De La Salle Canlubang (Biñan City, Laguna)
  • La Salle College Antipolo (Antipolo City, Rizal)
  • La Salle Green Hills (Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila)
  • De La Salle Araneta University (Malabon City, Metro Manila)


P100.00 discount will be given to DLSAA Lifetime and AQB Members, La Salle Admins, La Salle Faculty, La Salle Employees and La Salle Students.

  • R.O.X. – Taguig – Bonifacio High Street, B1 ROX Bldg. Taguig
  • A RUNNER’S CIRCLE – Unit H, Aloha Hotel, 2150 Roxas Blvd.
  • OLYMPIC WORLD – Alabang – G/F Alabang Town Center
  • OLYMPIC WORLD – 4/F Trinoma Q.C. (Timezone)
  • Laguna Area: 171 Bel Air Drive, Laguna Bel Air 1, Sta Rosa Laguna (Look for Pablo Cay)


Discount not applicable on Online Registration

Download Registration Form (PDF) or fill up the form below.

Run Category

3k (Php400.00)
5k (Php500.00)
10k (Php600.00)
16k (Php700.00)

With the race proponents of De La Salle Alumni Association

Group picture with the bloggers and Race Director (Gay Madella, seated left)

See you on June 10!

16k Route

10k Route

My Trail Run Pic at ‘Run The Edge’

“Be present in your runs. Let your mind wander, but appreciate each stride as a gift. It is the culmination of every stride that came before it, and a promise of every stride yet to come.“–Run The Edge

Last night when i returned home from our usual Tuesday Adidas Adination of Runners session at U.P., i was pleasantly surprised to see that my trail run picture at Daraitan in Tanay was picked to grace the Facebook page of “Run The Edge”, an inspirational and  motivational site that caters to runners, how they could apply running’s philosophies into their actual lives and enhance their quality of living.

Its mission is to have fun, to build a healthy and positive community of runners while tapping into lessons learned from running and apply them directly to our other life stories to find greater success.

Run The Edge was created by Tim Catalano, a well-known American Coach and top runner in his heydays and Adam Goucher, also a top runner and now better known as husband to US Olympian and marathoner, Kara Goucher.

The two have collaborated on a book called “Running The Edge: Discovering The Secrets to Better Running and A Better Life“, a motivational book that inspires runners to achieve excellence not only through running but through the other aspects of our lives which we sometimes take for granted.

I have always loved their motivational quotes written on run posters  (like mine above) and have always shared them on my Facebook page for their wit, inspiration and sometimes, humor. You can find their FB page here—>

Like the page if you’re into running. Their inspirational quotes are something to ponder on your long runs! And oh, you can visit their their website at

Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2012: May 27, 2012

At The Pramana Homes with Greenfield test runners

Don’t miss the much awaited and the MOST EXCITING HALF MARATHON in the booming Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa Laguna – The GREENFIELD CITY CLEAN AIR RUN!

“Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2012” will happen on May 27, 2012 at Greenfield City, Paseo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Organized by the most creative and dynamic race organizer in the country today, The Greentennial Run, this event features four (4) race categories: 5km, 10km, and 21km & 500m run (for children 5 to 12 years old).

GREENFIELD CITY CLEAN AIR RUN is the ONLY RUNNING EVENT in the Philippines with 3 Distinct and Exciting MEDAL designs in The Half Marathon Category — 21K Barefoot Runner’s Medal, MY 1st 21K Medal and the Veteran Half Marathoner Medal. Three 21K Medals Designs in one category! EXCLUSIVE! EXCITING! EXPLOSIVE!


FRESH 300 slots of 21K will be available starting Wednesday, May 16, 2012!

Early registration period starts April 8 at the following venues:

  • THE SPORTS OUTLET (beside Levi’s & Pancake House) – Paseo de Sta. Rosa (Tel # 049-541-1099)
  • A Runner’s Circle – Aloha Hotel, Unit H, 2150 Roxas Boulevard Cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila (Tel # (632) 567-4786)
  • Secondwind Running Stores
    • Teacher’s Village, QC branch – (Tel # (632) 238-4005)
    • Ortigas Home Depot branch – (Tel # (632) 914-0283)
    • Greenhills branch (G-Strip across KFC & Mister Donut)

Free shuttle for the first 250 early registrants.

At the Greenfield Race Route

Greenfield Development Corporation

Regular registration will start on April 20 at the following venues:

  • THE SPORTS OUTLET (beside Levi’s & Pancake House) – Paseo de Sta. Rosa (Tel # 049-541-1099)
  • G Force Paseo 4 (Near Mizuno)
  • Mizuno Paseo – 09158770347
  • Mizuno MOA
  • Mizuno Shangri-La – 5848656
  • Mizuno Bonifacio High Street – 8561432
  • Mizuno Festival Mall- 8503959
  • Mizuno ATC – 8466872
  • Mizuno Eastwood – 4704549
  • Mizuno Trinoma – 9166495
  • Toby’s Park Square – 8938237
  • Toby’s Southmall – 8069248
  • Toby’s SM Sta. Rosa – (49)5344325
  • Toby’s SM Lipa – (43)9812366
  • Toby’s SM Calamba – (49)3060367
  • Toby’s SM Molino – (46)4897449
  • Toby’s SM Bacoor – (46)4171271
  • Toby’s SM Dasmarinas – (46)4817460
  • A Runner’s Circle – Aloha Hotel, Unit H, 2150 Roxas Boulevard Cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila (Tel # (632) 567-4786)
  • Secondwind Running Stores
    • Teacher’s Village, QC branch – (Tel # (632) 238-4005)
    • Ortigas Home Depot branch – (Tel # (632) 914-0283)
    • Greenhills branch (G-Strip across KFC & Mister Donut) – 09239121385


A Look At Timberland’s Trail System: The Merrell Adventure Route

During our test run of the Merrell Adventure Race route at the Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal last Friday, i was amazed and surprised to venture into trails that were new to me, routes that were not used in trail races that i had joined in the past. I was bewildered about the vastness of this area that probably only a few runners and bikers have ventured to and the experience of running in uncharted territory was awesome!

I would later learn from the developers of the Timberland Resorts nearby that the trail system itself consisted of about 42 kilometers of trails stretched inside Timberland Heights, long enough to stage a marathon on forest woods. Among these trails are bike trails dubbed as the Eco-trail which had been long popular to mountain bike enthusiasts.

Thumbie Remigio, Race Director of the Merrell Adventure Run which will be held on June 2, 2012 took us along the 10k route and he said that 60% of the trails have not been used in past races. The terrain at Timberland offers everything from flat, grassy meadows to long climbs and technical single-track and switch-backs.

In all, there will be 10 kilometers of running to explore, with several sections of single-track, double-track, dirt roads, river traverse and waterfalls. Runners of all abilities will enjoy the variety of terrain. And did i already say that there will be mud crawls on parts of the route?

The scenery alone would make this a very spectacular run. Our test-run was fun and challenging with others even taking a dive at a deep river pond. You can run the route slow and cautiously, or hard and fast if you are an expert trail runner. Whichever way you run, you are bound to have a blast!

Here are the pictures of the 10k and 21k trail route. Enjoy and see you on June 2!

Runners will have the option to cross the river through this bamboo bridge or…(see pictures below)

…dive into the river itself!

…and here! (that’s Thumbie’s wife who is also a runner)

Merrell Adventure Race Organizer, Thumbie Remigio

One long uphill climb

Where we came from

This part of the trail was covered with bamboo trees

A white lady appears with a bolo!

We stop at a crossroad. Even Thumbie forgot our way out!;-)

The Jazzrunner, 1.5 kms before the end of the run

The trail runners with the Merrell group and the race organizing team

With Jojo, Ed, Allan and Baves

Shoe Review: Viking Anaconda Boa II GTX



  • Recommended for hikers, trekkers and the occasional trail runner
  • Excellent traction on any trail condition. Plenty of upper support
  • Fitted with the BOA lacing technology
  • Weight: 15 oz.

Many of our present trail shoes are generally made to look like real trail shoes with hard rubber outsoles, over-sized lugs, toe bumpers, etc. But European-designed trail shoes such as the Viking from Norway are specifically made for the trails because of the greater tradition of hiking, trekking and running in Europe.

The Anaconda Boa II GTX has every technical bell and whistle, from the upper to the outsole. No cost was spared and this trail shoe is made with high-tech materials and innovations a European company has to offer.


This model has a nice water-resistant synthetic leather that works well to keep feet dry in wet conditions. The inside lining is made of GORE-TEX membranes which keeps the shoe waterproof that doesn’t allow the water to sip-in. Although the outer fabric is water resistant, the pores of the membranes lets heat and moisture out keeping the interior breathable and comfortable.

The outsoles are fairly aggressive as Viking use their own unique technology called the “Ultimate Grip Concept” (UGC) and i have personally felt the excellent traction while running on technical trails, rocky paths and slippery surfaces. The rubber studs are set in different directions to guarantee an excellent traction to almost any terrain.

The UGC outsoles

Like some of North Face trail shoes, the Viking uses the BOA lacing system into their shoes. It’s a round piece of knob (the size of a 5 Peso coin) located on the sides and is connected to ultra-thin steel wires that serves as the laces.

When loosening the laces, you just pull out the knob and push the tongue of the shoe forward. Then to tighten it, push-in back the knob and rotate it clockwise and adjust its tightness. Pretty cool and simple.


I didn’t have a clue on how to unlock the BOA laces when i first tried it on. But once i got the gist of it, it was so simple to slip your foot on and out of the shoe and a lot convenient when adjusting the tightness of the lacing.

The fit is snug because of the exactness of the closure. There was no pressure points at all and the adjustments of the foot was even and secure.


The Anaconda was developed by one of Norway’s oldest “outdoor” shoe company—and it shows. It’s an excellent hiking/trail walking shoe but not purposely for running fast paces or long intervals.

However, it’s performance on every technical trail imaginable is above par! I was able to test run/walk this shoe on a recent trail and mountain run to Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan a few weeks ago (my story here). The trek up and down the trails was about 10kms and it was a cinch stepping up on rocky terrain, over large tree roots and rough roads.

The traction was superb and even if it was heavy, the shoe was responsive enough when stepping up and down slippery stones and other wet surfaces that you never worry of sliding out of balance.

The grip was good and the BOA laces stayed firmly as it was intended to be. It was water resistant when the shoe was half-submerged in the river and when it was totally submerged when wading across  the river, it dried out quickly in a few minutes.


The weakness of the Anaconda is this shoe was way too heavy, a little booty and because of its weight, it was hard to sustain a continuous run.

However, the traction was phenomenal, it had a decent fit and adaptable to any off-road terrain.

This shoe should be more than adequate for mountaineers, hikers, trekkers, trail walkers or peak-baggers.

I would not discount this shoe for runners as it can be used for occasional trail runs, as a recovery or cross training shoe to run on non-technical trails. But then,  i would not recommend this shoe for serious trail runners or for those wanting to race on trails.

I’ll still give the Anaconda plenty of credit. While most trail shoes are geared to for running and having this ‘trail look’, Viking builds trail shoes for function.

The Anaconda has the makings of a good running trail shoe but Viking simply didn’t have lightness and racing in their minds yet.

Hopefully, soon!

The Trails of San Andres, Tanay: The Nature’s Trail Discovery Route

Every trail has its own unique characteristics… it has its magnet of charms, its allure speaking at you to discover it. It is sometimes gentle, letting you savor its calm terrain and green scenery. But it can also be harsh, forcing you to climb its steepest hills and stumble when you cross its gushing rivers.

Its sternness however reminds us that for every route that we take, there will be gale winds to blow our faces, higher mountains to trek until we are out of breath,  more rivers to slip into its cold waters until we reach the other end and only then would we be rewarded and discover who we truly are.

Yesterday, i was one of those fortunate to be invited to test-run the newly discovered trails inside the inner sanctum of Tanay, Rizal.

It’s in a remote village called San Andres where two Sundays from now on May 27, hundreds or may be a thousand trail runners will be running the Discover Tanay Trail Run to test their mettle in this scenic but harsh route laid out by the organizers of last February’s Love A Tree Trail Run, also in Tanay.

We arrived at the site at about 6:00am with surprisingly cool weather and some morning fog enveloping the area. I was with about 16 other runners and we were greeted by the race organizers themselves led by Sir Manny of PIMCO Sports and the race’s shoe sponsor, Norphyl-Connect, sole Asian distributor of the Viking Trail Shoe represented by its CEO, Mr.  Ceasar Valmadrid.

We did a short 10k run but felt that we finished a 21k because of the arduous mountain climb on its earlier stages.

Highlights of this run will be the 2.3 km long single-track mountain climb (from KM 2.7 to Km 5.0) where i experienced some kind of oxygen debt just trying to put one feet over the other in bagging its peak. Another highlight others would either love or hate are the various river crossings that for sure will get your shoes submerged as you wade in its cold waters. Well, that’s part of trail running.

A surprise was waiting for us in the middle of the run when a small waterfall suddenly appeared  near the trails which provided a cool respite from the sun.

This will be the 1st Leg of several trail runs being hatched by the organizers to culminate in a 50k Ultramarathon Trail run by 2013. The Natures Trail Discovery Run will have a 10k, and 21k distances and promises to be a very exciting trail run as it has everything nature has to offer…cool winds, farm lands, mountain ranges, rivers, wooded forests, waterfalls, a friendly neighborhood and a lot more.

Here are some pictures of the route and trails. Enjoy!

A group picture

Preparing to start for the trail and mountain run

Mountain mists greeted the runners at the start

The front runners that will lead the group on the trails and mountains

It was muddy on most parts of the trails yet tolerable for all to run through

Parts in the open area

One of the views during the run

An outdoor panorama

Entering a small cave resort. The owner was one of the local runners

The small underground cave

One of the many rivers that we had to cross

and another one…

They didn’t want to wet their shoes this early

From single trail tracks…

…to rice paddies

We are the first runners to run these trails

Runner in red is the Running Mhalot

Into a more wooded area

It was still foggy and misty during the late morning

A thin slab of stone was the only way to get thru the ravine. One slip and down you go.

It was all uphill from here

It was a zigzag maze to the top

The view emerges from the top

We were like above the clouds

A few more steps…

Now over the top

The high and mighty!

Our descent…

It took us about 40 minutes to scale up the mountain and just a fraction of that to reach level ground

Back on the rough roads

Another river to cross

Nice place to rest and take a picture

Ed Escueta continues…

Reaching one of several waterfalls

Doing a duathlon?

Breakfast at the end of the run

Great way to end the run!

Thanks to Ed Escueta and Jojo Paulino for some of the pictures used.