A Look At Timberland’s Trail System: The Merrell Adventure Route

During our test run of the Merrell Adventure Race route at the Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal last Friday, i was amazed and surprised to venture into trails that were new to me, routes that were not used in trail races that i had joined in the past. I was bewildered about the vastness of this area that probably only a few runners and bikers have ventured to and the experience of running in uncharted territory was awesome!

I would later learn from the developers of the Timberland Resorts nearby that the trail system itself consisted of about 42 kilometers of trails stretched inside Timberland Heights, long enough to stage a marathon on forest woods. Among these trails are bike trails dubbed as the Eco-trail which had been long popular to mountain bike enthusiasts.

Thumbie Remigio, Race Director of the Merrell Adventure Run which will be held on June 2, 2012 took us along the 10k route and he said that 60% of the trails have not been used in past races. The terrain at Timberland offers everything from flat, grassy meadows to long climbs and technical single-track and switch-backs.

In all, there will be 10 kilometers of running to explore, with several sections of single-track, double-track, dirt roads, river traverse and waterfalls. Runners of all abilities will enjoy the variety of terrain. And did i already say that there will be mud crawls on parts of the route?

The scenery alone would make this a very spectacular run. Our test-run was fun and challenging with others even taking a dive at a deep river pond. You can run the route slow and cautiously, or hard and fast if you are an expert trail runner. Whichever way you run, you are bound to have a blast!

Here are the pictures of the 10k and 21k trail route. Enjoy and see you on June 2!

Runners will have the option to cross the river through this bamboo bridge or…(see pictures below)

…dive into the river itself!

…and here! (that’s Thumbie’s wife who is also a runner)

Merrell Adventure Race Organizer, Thumbie Remigio

One long uphill climb

Where we came from

This part of the trail was covered with bamboo trees

A white lady appears with a bolo!

We stop at a crossroad. Even Thumbie forgot our way out!;-)

The Jazzrunner, 1.5 kms before the end of the run

The trail runners with the Merrell group and the race organizing team

With Jojo, Ed, Allan and Baves

33 responses to “A Look At Timberland’s Trail System: The Merrell Adventure Route

  1. sir, ask lng since i started running, i keep reading almost all your post.. Hehe.. kasama po pala kayo sa nag test run ng merrel, there are two waterfalls sa MAR (Merrel Adventure run), sabi sa akin, yung isa doon required mag dive. nakita po ba ninyo yung may 4.5 ft deep na falls. Paano kaya ung mga di marunong lumangoy, they said they will have ropes and flotation devices and marshalls, hehe but have any diea how they will do it?

    • Nah, you don’t have to dive if you don’t want to. There is a bamboo bridge that passes at the side of the river where you can cross. Those doing the 2nd loop of the 21k would be better washing off the grimes if they dive but that’s their prerogative. Ingat lang so rocks dahil madulas. If you do, lubog lang sapatos mo at di naman malalim sa sides.

  2. Hi po.. i have been a follower of your post since i became serious about running… Kuya, ask ko lng there’s two waterfalls according sa map, nadaanan ninyo both? sabi sa akin nung friend ko which happened to be part pf merrell team, need tumalon sa falls na ang lalim ay ung 4.5 ft, i am wondering sang part na yun. sa palagay ko malalim ung water na nasa picture ninyo, paano ung hindi marunong lumangoy.. hehe.. thanks po..

    • Just walk on the sides where there are rocks. Use the bamboo bridge. Tatalon ka lang kung gusto mo mag swim.

    • Hi Mhalot, you should have been there! Masaya sya, di masyado mahirap like Discover Run, Tanay. See you there!

  3. Hi Sir Good Evening. Thanks po sa post and pictures. First time ko po mag trail run and super excited n po ko. Sir ano po ma rerecommend nyo na Trail run shoes pra sa event n to? And bka po alam nyo pano pumunta sa timberland from marikina? thanks po in advance sir 🙂

    • Hi Marivic. New Balance have regular on-sale of Trail/ALL-TERRAIN shoes, available at Sports Warehouse outlets. If you can’t buy them just yet, your regular running shoes will do.:-)

  4. hi Sir, itanong ko lang po kung ganu kalalim yung lake? kasi may nagpost din po na 2 waterfalls and 1 lake daw ung dadaanan ng 10k and 21k.. thank you po..

    • Hi Jhoy. Around 6 feet yung pinakamalalim but why be concerned when you can just walk around the edges of the lake? Please see my comments earlier.:-)

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  6. “A white lady appears with a bolo!” << was that my Lola? =D

    Na-inggit naman ako! Dapat um-absent na lang ako sa office para lubos-lubos na yung mga undertime hehe.

  7. saya noh Sir! cant wait for the actual event…hope we’ll be blessed with the same weather as the recon on race day…=)

  8. aww just when they hold a test run and exciting pics of the route are published, the slots run out again… this seems to be becoming a trend haha

    Good thing I got myself one of the last-minute additional slots this time. Hoping to debut my NB 610 here if my Rapu-Rapu trail registration doesn’t push through. Good luck to us all!

  9. Thre trail was muddy because of constant rain on the night before the event. and that made the trail slippery and mud thick. I was able to finished 21km for 5 hours and 22 mins,with just relax pace and walking most of the time to avoid injury and slipped.

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