My Trail Run Pic at ‘Run The Edge’

“Be present in your runs. Let your mind wander, but appreciate each stride as a gift. It is the culmination of every stride that came before it, and a promise of every stride yet to come.“–Run The Edge

Last night when i returned home from our usual Tuesday Adidas Adination of Runners session at U.P., i was pleasantly surprised to see that my trail run picture at Daraitan in Tanay was picked to grace the Facebook page of “Run The Edge”, an inspirational and  motivational site that caters to runners, how they could apply running’s philosophies into their actual lives and enhance their quality of living.

Its mission is to have fun, to build a healthy and positive community of runners while tapping into lessons learned from running and apply them directly to our other life stories to find greater success.

Run The Edge was created by Tim Catalano, a well-known American Coach and top runner in his heydays and Adam Goucher, also a top runner and now better known as husband to US Olympian and marathoner, Kara Goucher.

The two have collaborated on a book called “Running The Edge: Discovering The Secrets to Better Running and A Better Life“, a motivational book that inspires runners to achieve excellence not only through running but through the other aspects of our lives which we sometimes take for granted.

I have always loved their motivational quotes written on run posters  (like mine above) and have always shared them on my Facebook page for their wit, inspiration and sometimes, humor. You can find their FB page here—>

Like the page if you’re into running. Their inspirational quotes are something to ponder on your long runs! And oh, you can visit their their website at

2 responses to “My Trail Run Pic at ‘Run The Edge’

  1. wow sir, your blog has some heavyweight international attention! We can segue this to foreign runners: Trailrunning, more fun in the Philippines!

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