Coke Zero’s Toni Gonzaga

While starting to write this article, i was trying to find a connection between Coke and running and there is a link that shows Coke being used as a sports drink to provide that extra energy boost during the last stages of a prolonged endurance competition. And studies show that it works!

I am quoting an article from Jim Bledsoe of the Peak Performance website wherein he states:

“If Coke is diluted with other stuff, it appears to have the makings of a good sports beverage. Mixing it half-and-half with Gatorade will give you an 8.7-per cent sports drink which should work very well and taste very strange. Mixing two parts Coke with one part water will leave you with a 7.3-per cent drink which should help performance and won’t taste strange at all.

Another point to consider is that lots of athletes like the taste of Coke, which can be a very good thing, since athletes tend to drink more of things they find palatable. Thus, they might find it easier to gulp down six ounces of Coke every 15 minutes as they cycle or run, compared to a less-pleasing sports drink.

Almost finally, it is very possible that the caffeine in Coke may enhance performance, perhaps by increasing muscular power and/or enhancing muscle function during the late stages of very prolonged exercise.”

So there!

I myself is a testament to this when during the recent T2N 50k Ultramarathon, i was made to take soda drink by one of my great support team, (not sure if it was Coke though it sure tasted like it) during the last stages of the race and it was a great taste quencher that i asked for it every time my team would stop for me.

Which bring us to Ms. Toni Gonzaga, multi-media celebrity who is now Coke Zero’s new endorser. Does she run? I really don’t know although i hope she does. She was recently introduced as the new Ambassador for Coke Zero during the officially kick off with COKE ZERO’s friends from the media, top bloggers, fans and other special guests for a day to Have it All with Toni Gonzaga” last May 23, 2012 at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

Toni with Ms. Nikki Lee and Emcee, RJ Ledesma

She was presented by Ms. Nikki Lee, Brand manager for Coke Zero whose looks and intelligence would have easily made her another Coke Zero ambassador.

“Toni Gonzaga is just the perfect brand ambassador for COKE ZERO. We’ve practically watched her blossom before our eyes and we all admire her for really chasing after her dreams and making it,” says Ms. Lee

“She’s achieved remarkable things and at the same time, enjoys what she’s doing.. COKE ZERO is proud to have someone like her who does have it all, the same way the brand makes it possible for you to have all you want in a beverage – Great Taste and Zero Sugar,” she added.

Ms. Nikki Lee, Brand Manager of Coke Zero

Toni shares her excitement over the new endorsement: “I feel really blessed to be able to represent a brand like COKE ZERO because we stand for the same things: that you don’t have to compromise on the things that make you happy – that you can have it all, for as long as you put your heart into it.

Fortunately, when it comes to beverage choices, COKE ZERO gives just that, a chance to have it all: great taste na, zero sugar pa! Ano pang hahanapin mo?” says Toni.

While everyone were swarming around Toni, interviewing her, taking her pictures, i happen to chance upon Ms. Gretchen Pulido, showbiz news anchor of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol who was also at the venue covering the event. She looks lovelier and sexier in person and with her curves, she is one REAL Coke!:-)

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