Great Service Center For My Soleus GPS Watch!

I’ve been using my SOLEUS GPS 1.0 for the past 7 months now and i’m very satisfied with its performance. I got the watch from Soleus Philippines to review its features for this blog as an alternative of the Garmin GPS watches i had previously been using.

The Soleus is easy to use, very reliable with fast GPS connectivity and it delivers the features that are essential to me, the distance traveled, time covered and the pace details.

Two weeks ago however, i was having trouble pressing the start/lap button on the upper right side portion of the watch as when you begin your run and after pressing the start, the timer wouldn’t move or start. This had me worried for a while as i didn’t have any idea if there was any repair service for the Soleus GPS watch locally.

Then by co-incidence, i bumped into Judith Staples, Sales & Marketing Manager of True Gears Marketing  (distributors of the Soleus GPS watch) at the World Vision Half-Marathon two Sundays ago where she also ran the half. I asked if there was a service repair shop for the Soleus here in Metro Manila. Surprised that i didn’t know, she pointed me out to the TIMECHECK Service Center, Soleus’ official service center located at Ground Floor of the 6750 Building in Ayala Avenue, Makati.

The Timecheck Service Center at the G/F, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

I went there two days after, got entertained by a very gracious lady who told me to wait while my watch was being fixed inside. In less than 15 minutes of waiting, my watch arrived and the lady rep told me that the problem was caused by a dis-alignment of the button so they just had it re-aligned and cleaned. The watch is as good as new!

I didn’t pay any cent as the Soleus was still under warranty (1 year).

Thank you Timecheck for the fast and efficient service and to Mam Judith for supporting us Soleus users!


7 responses to “Great Service Center For My Soleus GPS Watch!

    • Might be so, Joseph. They just re-aligned the knob and cleaned the interior parts. Go and have it checked already.:-)

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  2. sir i charged my soleus gps 1.0 then after fully charged, after one hour the watch shut down, what’s wrong with my watch? pls reply, thank you

    • Same thing that happened with mine. You can bring it to the Service Center with all receipts and warranty.

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