Mizuno Run Academy at BHS

While having a break after trying to scramble a series of difficult burpees,  crunches and squats during the early series of the FILFIT Camp with Jim Saret 3 Mondays ago at BHS, i  was able to squeeze myself in at the Mizuno Run Academy which was being held simultaneously on the other end of the sprawling High Street where Coach Patrick Joson was lecturing on the POSE Running method.

Lectures inside the Mizuno Store at BHS

Coach Patrick Joson

The Mizuno Run Academy is actually a beginners course on the science of running called “Discovering the Key to High Endurance” but its main attraction is learning the basics of POSE Running.  I’ve been to lectures of the Chi Running method conducted by Coach Lit Onrubia and i’ve always been intrigued how it compared to the POSE method and found varying similarities and differences within them.

While Coach Lit is a US Certified Chi Running instructor, we’re fortunate enough to also have the first Filipino US Certified Pose Method instructor in Coach Patrick who is also a certified International Triathlon Union Level 2 coach.

Although the basics is geared on the Pose Running method, the Mizuno Run academy also emphasizes on another training method of a low-stress fitness running program which can be tailored based on each individual needs. This is a holistic approach to racing and training and its basis is the aerobic system.  This system is called the Maffetone Training method which improves the aerobic system at using fat for fuel in the most efficient way.

The Maffetone tries to manage your stress, find the ideal nutrition and optimize your potentials by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses for improved performance. Easier said than done but based on the lectures and initial drills conducted by Coach Patrick, the concept here is building a foundation of aerobic fitness via Long Slow Distance runs and build slowly upwards in doing anaerobic and racing while being injury free.

Reminds me a lot of our old running clinic days at Runnex during the 80’s when we were doing the Arthur Lydiard way of training based mostly on controlled phases of running like base building/aerobic training, speed or hill training, sharpening and rest/tapering.

I’m not going into explaining about the differences/similarities of the POSE and Chi methods (there’s a lot of them on-line) but from the first impressions about the POSE, here’s what i surmised:

  • Your strides should be kept short, staccato-like with your leading foot under your body, not ahead or before  it.
  • Using the hamstrings more when raising your ankle straight up positioning underneath your hip.
  • Head, shoulders, hips, and ankles are kept in vertical alignment
  • Pull up, don’t push off the ground
  • With shorter strides, you should land on the ball of your foot and not your heels.
  • Mimic what Coach Patrick does (and ask how he does it, after!)

So there! We’re still on the learning stages of the POSE running method and the Maffetone Training method and i’ll be back again to report more on these after i do more body twisters at the FILFIT Camp! See you!

Running mates at the Academy

3 responses to “Mizuno Run Academy at BHS

  1. Hmmnn.. thanks for sharing what you learned Sir Rene. We should’ve been classmates here if time would’ve permitted. I read some articles online about the POSE method but I dunno why I can’t understand it that much unlike with this concise blog post of yours. 🙂

    • Pedz, Allan E is also attending the class. Still getting the feel of the POSE method and it does have many similarities with Chi Running and the run clinics of Jojo Mac!:-)

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