Easy To Go Sandwich Spreads: McCormick Bread Spreads

In an ideal world, you’d love to sit down comfortably while enjoying a complete breakfast meal of eggs, sausages, bread or rice, coffee or fruit-juice and some fresh fruits to refuel yourself after your morning run just before going to work.

In the real world however, a hectic work schedule or leaving home early to beat the morning traffic leaves you with very little time to prepare or cook breakfast. Most often than not, we just grab a pandesal, spread it with whatever is available, take some sips of coffee and head out the door.

I’m not much of a breakfast eater so a piece or two of pandesal bread that i spread with either peanut butter, cheese whiz or butter plus a banana with my usual cup of coffee will sustain me for the whole morning.

Last week at a product launch of which i had been invited, i was introduced to a new bread spread in 3 flavors contained in squeeze tubes, the McCormick Bread Spreads. I was first intrigued by the containers which was similar to those of a tooth paste, shampoo, ointments or creams.

McCormick Bread Spreads

McCormick Bread Spreads in three (3) flavors

The bread spreads come in three delicious flavors: the Herb Parmesan (cheese), Pesto and Garlic. These are zero trans-fat spreads which you can just press off in a no mess squeezable tube. The Herb Parmesan is a great cheese flavored spread made with parmesan cheese, soybeans and other blend of spices and herbs. It’s great as a cheese-flavored dip for snack items such as crackers, potato chips and corn tortilla chips but i still like it as a bread spread with my hot pandesal!

The garlic spread tastes great too. I used it in combination with corned tuna and you have a very satisfying and filling sandwich. It’s good as a stand-alone spread too but if you have to use it often, you’ll have to stop talking to me after breakfast! The Pesto flavor has a very strong taste so i suggest taking it easy with it by spreading just enough in your slices of bread.

The bread spreads can also be used to enhance the flavor of dishes like this Carbonara

Comes in tubes

During the launch of these products, we were made to sample foods where these spreads were used and they tasted great on Carbonara, Chicken, Salads and many other pastas.

Sample dishes where spreads can also be used

The tubes are very handy, you can take them to the office and spread them on your bread or crackers for snacks and merienda. It costs about P75.00 per tube in your favorite supermarkets. A good idea for runners on the go!


7 responses to “Easy To Go Sandwich Spreads: McCormick Bread Spreads

  1. this is great news, spreads in a tube! some countries like australia have been carrying foods in a tube for years na – like condense milk in a tube!

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  3. Yay, sana lahat ng mga sandwhich spreads ganito na ang lagayan pero un nga lang baka mapagkamalang lotion. haha. Nagutom tuloy ako bigla nakita ko to. Hehe. Nice one Sir/Lakay Rene.

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