Shoe Review: Diadora Mythos Samurai III


Neutral Lightweight Shoe:

  • Recommended for about any type of runner who needs medial support and stability
  • Good second shoe for long-slow distance runs, fast-paced training and short to mid-distance racing
  • Geared towards heel strikers that offers propulsion from heel transition to toe-off
  • Weight: 10.5 oz.

I’ve been using this Diadora model for the past 5 months now and i seem to be holding off its review in favor of other running shoes which are more recent. This is not to say that this ain’t worthy enough to be given its due credit. Fact is, the Mythos Samurai III would be able to compete with other top running shoes in the market, technically and functionally.


The first thing you’ll notice about this model is its flashy color combination of gray, blue and orange which gives it an attractive appeal. However, more than aesthetics, the shoe seems to be well-constructed–the design, stitching, quality of materials are all top-notch!

The upper is made of nylon airmesh, the midsole is of molded Elaston, a kind of EVA foam. The outsole is of blown Flexoft rubber located in the forefoot while the heel area is made out of Duratech waterproof compound.


This shoe has had 80 to 100kms of running into it and i’ve tried it in all surfaces like asphalt, concrete, oval track, soft and technical trails and it has complemented perfectly well to all these surfaces.

Getting into the shoe posed no problem–once you’re in, you’re locked in. There’s enough room for your feet to breathe inside. However, even with their so called Elaston Eva midsole and the Flexoft/Duratech rubber and air outsole, i didn’t find that the Mythos Samurai III has a particularly cushioned feel.

Even the removable insole which is made of thin plastic Eva foam didn’t do much to cushion the shoe. Nevertheless, it still had enough bounce to make the ride more comfortable.


Performance wise, the Samurai III has a lot to offer. Being light, the shoe is very responsive specially on fast-paced running. Surprising too was how well it adapted to trails as the outsoles were aggressive enough to take those off-road surfaces.  I’ve used them also on a couple of 10k races and the shoes responded very well to steady-paced running and sprints with no discomforts, whatsoever.


Though the Mythos Samurai III is a light, responsive and flexible shoe, it has a sturdy medial post making it surprisingly stable–enough for a wide range of runners. Even if it’s not cushioned enough, it’s still an agile and versatile shoe and good enough for racing. Its ideal for 10k to 21k distances for just about any level or type of runner. Moreover, it’s readily available locally at Royal Sporting House branches at a sale price of no more than P2,700.00/pair,  a very good deal if i may add!

3 responses to “Shoe Review: Diadora Mythos Samurai III

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  2. Yay! I’ve taken these out to all but the first Run Uniteds this year and I never had any problems with them so you just verified what I’ve known all along though I hope you’d start reviewing trail-running shoes soon, sir. Its still an underappreciated market here and I see road shoes in trail-running events hugely outnumbering trail shoes.

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