Runners World Magazine Philippines: A Special Beginner’s Guide

From the streets of Metro Manila to the Ilocos region all the way down to the southern Philippines, running has now reached a dizzying peak. In a movement described as the third running boom, the sport has reached a wider base of participants in various distances, from the 5k to ultra-marathons and with varying reasons for getting involved.

Apart from the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction you gain from running, just about every aspect of a person’s physical and mental health benefits from it. For a beginner, it will take time for your body to adapt to the unique stress of this sport, so you need to ease in gently, build your fitness gradually and learn the basics to build on a foundation for more advance running later on.

Runner’s World Philippines latest (July-September 2012) issue has come out with a special beginner’s issue and provides practical advice from clothing and equipment, warm-up routines, nutrition, exercises to build up strength to training plans for the marathon as well as mental strategies.

It’s the perfect introduction to running for newbies, full of tips to help one stay motivated and keep running. It also features a crop of elite runners, past and present including Triathlete king Arland Macasieb, Lydia De Vega, Olympians Eduardo Buenavista and Rene Herrera.

Here’s the gist to this issue (Summit Media’s press release):


Runner’s World Philippines recognizes how perfectly normal it is for a dedicated runner to eventually switch to a path completely unrelated to running – returning to old sports, taking a break due to heavy workloads or injuries, or even raising a new pet. The July-September issue of Runner’s World Philippines will serve as a guide for both newbie runners and running returnees.

The latest edition of Runner’s World Philippines dubbed as the Special Beginner’s Guide features a head-to-toe manual to answer FAQs and provide other essential information to gear you up for your first marathon. Plus, get tips from leading experts and running legends on how to be race-ready, achieve longer distances, and find out the details and intricacies about CrossFit training, ultrarunning, and high altitude trainings.

As the London Olympics is coming up, Runner’s World Philippines gives credit to the Philippine running legend Lydia de Vega in an exclusive feature as she recalls how hard work and dedication pushed her to the top. In the interview, Lydia shares a truly inspiring advice for running athletes: “There are days when you just can’t give your all. There’s always tomorrow. Take this day as a lesson, a stepping stone for something better. Then next time, work harder to give your 100%. We’re humans, not machines.”

Also in this issue is a feature on our very own Olympians like Eduardo Buenavista, David Nepomuceno, Miguel White, Isidro del Prado, Hector Begeo, and this year’s London Olympics representative for the 5,000 meters event Rene Herrera.

Triathlon King Arland Macasieb headlines the cover of the July-September issue of Runner’s World  Philippines , now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for P150.00. For more of Runner’s World online, become a fan on Facebook via and on Twitter via



4 responses to “Runners World Magazine Philippines: A Special Beginner’s Guide

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    • Hi Lester! It’s a good read, something that might stoke your interest back to running again!

      • Oo nga sir, i bloated a few inches na tuloy. hehe. I think kakayanin ko pang makabalik in shape in time for the Ceb Leg of Milo Marathon. nawili kasi ako sa arts these time.

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