Dragging You Out Of Bed..To Run!

The alarm sounded off on my cellphone at exactly 3:45 early this morning and i’m supposed to get up already. But i was still groggy, very light-headed and wanted to sleep more as i had come home late from a race launching held last night at BHS. I had promised Betty to join the group run at Meralco so i forced myself to sit up but that was all i could do. I was like brain dead, legs couldn’t move and all i wanted to do was lie down again, get back to sleep because that’s what normal people do, right?

With eyes almost closed, i texted Betty and told her that i was suffering from “tamaditis” so i’ll have to pass-up the run.

I went back to bed but felt a little guilty and my thoughts were these:

Betty has arrived and is doing her warm-up jog. Leo is probably chasing Sylvia again who is as usual, doing her 5 min/km warm-up at the Maligno Road. Chito is once more doing his unique horse-like leg kick to rev and warm-up the muscles for his usual 25k short run. Ninang Tonet is probably whining again for all the reasons you could imagine (bum stomach, noisy neighbors which made her awake all night, plantar fasciitis in the knee, etc.) Mel is now on his 6th show-off move to impress us of his running form. Elaine is now probably on her 4th 200-meter uphill sprint.

And here i am, in the warmth of my bed, curling beneath my blanket, imagining that it’s raining outside just to come up with an excuse and make me feel less guilty. Just as i was about to reach my second wind into dreamland, my phone suddenly buzzes, the shrill sound of an incoming text message. It was Betty. She had read my excuse. And i was expecting the worst:

“WAKE UP YOU LAZY, #@&x<!!. No excuses! Come here asap, now na!

Ftw! Being training buddies for a long time, that’s how we jolt each other out of bed, she and the rest of the team. It was about 4:30am by then, a full 45 minutes since the first alarm so being the kind-hearted and ever loyal friend that i am, i hurriedly did my morning ritual, changed to my running gear and proceeded to the Meralco compound in Ortigas.

Good to see Chito just arriving the same time that i did. So we started together slowly and played  catch up with the rest of the group as they were already on their way to White Plains for the dreaded hills. We found each other and merged just near the Saranggaya entrance and the group was complete.

The hill runs this morning was a bit of a tough one. We did about 4×250 meter on those steepest uphill streets and we were all really gasping for breath after each ascend. All the 8 streets inside go uphill so we took on the four up and the alternating streets we jogged downhill.

While the rest may have ran a total of 13kms, Chito and i were content just to do 10k this morning so after the uphill sessions, we went straight to Jolibee Greenmeadows to fill up our hydration bottles and jogged back to Meralco.

Betty (L) and Tonet


We ended with some stretching exercises led by Betty who has become the self-appointed stretching guru!

We’re nearing some of the most important races starting this month and to sustain my motivation to keep on training will surely depend on how your training partners push and encourage you for each success!

Thanks to my running buddies and sleep tormentors for the push!


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