RU3: A Quest For The Last Piece

On September 16, over 4,500 runners will congregate at the starting line at 28th Street and strut their wares up on still dark roads towards the finish line at Mall of Asia. I’ll be one of them, together with the 32k runners and followed shortly by the 21k’ers.

I’ll be running side by side with my buddies, hopefully in sync with them in less than 4 hours (fingers crossed) and get that last piece of the medal puzzle of the Run United Trilogy.

My RU3 32k bib, singlet and visor

Thanks to Alfred, the Running Atom for getting me registered during the last hours when the 32k slots were down to its last dozen. So now, i’m in the final stretch of this Afroman distance (32k) training and will be doing my final long run tomorrow, with Team 90% at UP.

After tomorrow’s run, we’ll be heading to Tonet’s home where she’ll prepare a simple breakfast of eggs, pande-manila bread and brewed coffee.

All i want is the last piece!

Here’s hoping that all of you too are gearing towards a good run tomorrow and the rest of the week. Let’s all taper well to make sure the legs are well rested and rarin’ to go come RU3 race day!


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