TIKTAKBO-5 Race Recap and Results

I was able to pile up some more mileage last Sunday, capped with my running the TIKTAKBO 15k Fun Run at the UP Academic Oval. Woke up early so i could run from home to UP which is just 3k away.  Upon arriving at UP, i went directly at their registration table to get my race packet. It was just a little past 4am but runners began to crowd the starting area where booths of sponsors were being set-up.

At the start with the icon of UP races, Zorro!

The people manning the registration table, members of the UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UP-JPIA) who are also the organizers of the race were so cool and accommodating, giving out the race packets in orderly fashion to those who came to claim them without the rush and tension specially on the morning of the race itself.

So i got my race bib in a breeze and with still about 40 minutes before gun start, i was able to squeeze in another 3k around the area. So that’s a total of 6k to prep me up before my 15k race which was coming up shortly.

We were fired off at exactly 5:10am and barely had we ran 300 meters from the start when i saw Betty, Tonet and Chito of Team 90% waiving on the sides having just arrived and immediately joined me in the race.

There had been a last minute change on the route when the organizers announced of street restrictions around the UP Campus so the whole race route was now confined around the academic oval. And that’s 6 1/2 loops for us 15k runners!

You could just imagine how tedious and boring that should be but the well-planned race logistics, adequate hydration stations (3 water stations for one loop of 2.2km) plus having Betty pace with me throughout the entire run all made up for this “challenging” route.

Knowing this route even with our eyes closed, we were just running on a moderate pace, stepping on the gas a bit when we hit the College of Law down to the College of Music which was majorly downhill and stop on our tracks and walk when we got to a water station. Mel joined us on the last 5.5 kms so the three of us would now alternately lead the pace and trade jokes with other runner friends we encountered on the route. It was all fun!

I finished in about 1:52 for the 14.75k distance according to my Soleus GPS, too slow i thought, but considering that i did 6k already prior to the race, time didn’t matter much anyway.

For the race itself, had it been held outside the peripheral of the Acad oval, i would have rated it a perfect 10! Nevertheless, i’ll still give this very high marks as the organizers were able to contain the crowd of runners all over the route.


  • Race route was well-marshaled, guiding the runners on what color straw to take for every loop
  • Easy claiming of race packets
  • Adequate hydration stations, 1 station every 700 meters  (that’s a total of 16 water stations for the 15k run) using paper cups instead of plastics
  • Orderly start/finish as you end-up on your respective finish line shutes
  • Energetic and courteous race staff and marshals who handed out water themselves
  • A cute and simple medal as large as a 10.00 peso coin.


  • You share the route with other non-registered runners
  • Multiple loops.
  • 15k runners were not led to turn-around the Oblation which was part of the route thereby explaining the shortage of about 250 meters on this distance.

A great race at any rate and i commend the UP-JPIA for a job well done!

Runners on the way to the finish line

After the race, we were all starving so we hurried to Tonet’s house who prepared a hearty breakfast to celebrate and cap another 10 weeks of training for the RU3 32k this coming Sunday.

See you at RU3!

Breakfast with Team 90%

Here are the race results for the various distances of this race!


All race photo credits to KIKO SALINAS. Thanks Kiko!


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