Rain United-3: A Race Recap

It’s been almost a week since this race last Sunday (too busy and constant traveling-around-couple-of-days) and i didn’t want you to think that i forgot all my experiences running in this superb 32k race.

With this final leg of  the Run United event, the race was awesome, soaking wet, rainy, well organized and as with most Runrio organized race, an all-around winner! Kudos to Runrio, you did it again! I was pleased over-all to have completed the TRilogy and connected all the 3 medals that came with finishing the 21k-21k-32k races. Finally, a looming march up the stage of the Runrio Awarding nights and get a recognition…hopefully, there will be an awarding nights this year!

The medal triad

Another good turn-out of about 6,000 plus 21k and 32 runners and it’s quite a good feeling knowing where you are on the pack, me…always in the middle, great seeing those faster runners in front of me, cheering them on but knowing you’re still in front of many other runners.

Some quick impressions:

  • Raining all through-out the 32k run, clothes all soaked-out, shoes came wet and floppy inside
  • Nice course, completing the first 10k inside BGC so that you won’t cover too much ground along Roxas Blvd which can be boring.
  • Paced with training partner Tita Betty from start up to the 27th km. Waited for her take a pee near Mercato which took some minutes off our time. Couldn’t keep up with her after the 27th km as she ran her own fast pace.
  • Undisciplined runners who threw their cups and banana peels on the road despite long trash chutes located near the water stations.
  • Suggest that large signs be placed ON TOP of these water chutes facing the runners (not just along the front and sides of the steel railings) where the runners can see them more.
  • Substantial hydration stations, plenty of water… plus rain-soaked POWERADE which gave it a diluted taste. Bananas galore!  Love these long races that offer bananas!
  • Great effort by organizers to light up Kalayaan bridge, the darkest part of many a races. They already did this during leg 2 and hope they continuously sustain this for the welfare of the runners.
  • Race distance seems to be longer than 32k. Some runners had 33k registered on their Garmin GPS while my Soleus’ reading stood at 32.76kms.
  • Very nice finishers shirt although this final edition T-s seems to be coarser than those of the first 2 legs. Never had a problem claiming my shirt which came with the right size although i heard of complaints from other runners not getting the size they were supposed to receive.
  • Great Pinoy bands (Imago, Sandwich) for the after-race programs!
  • Sumptuous breakfast at the Run United tent as guests of the RU Communications Team! Thanks, Run United!

So you may be wondering if i’m going to run the RUN United Philippine Marathon in 5 weeks time? Well, if my training turns out to still be consistent during the next few weeks and get another 32k long run sandwiched-in, i’ll be there at the starting line!

I’m sure this marathon event (October 28) will really give you something to rave about!

You can check the race results here:


Here are some of my RU3 pics. See you soon!

Pacing with Betty up to the 27th km.

A kilometer to go

Home at last!

We were guests of Raymund Santiago from Unilab’s Corporate Communication and husband to Tonette (left) at the Unilab tent after the run.

At the awarding ceremonies

Runners enjoying the activities

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