Ready For KOTR?

I haven’t ran a step since last Sunday’s Rexona 21k Run and here i am again on stand-by, not sure if i’ll be in shape for tomorrow’s Adidas King of the Road 16.8km run at the BGC. Like many occasions in the past, with late night-outs and parties lately, i feel some form of passivity and laziness after weeks of training and racing that started with the Run United3 32k race two Sundays ago, the Rexona half last Sunday, as mentioned and as many long week-end runs prior to these.

This week of inactivity, may be the signal my body wanted to convey on myself to take it easy and rest so it could re-generate. Problem is, i hate long breaks and it hard to adjust back to your pre-break fitness level as i would have to build up again for a few more days. It’s so easy to get into a rut after exposing yourself with rigorous running, again and again.

Taking these into consideration, i think i’ll just have to take tomorrow’s race at an easy pace, a no-pressure run and enjoy the whole vibe of the race. There will be other races to look forward to and oh…the RU Philippine Marathon is just a month away! Pressure once more…

For now, i’ll just have to content myself with this quote from the great tennis legend, Arthur Ashe:

See you tomorrow!

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