Immuvit Nuvali Trail Run: The Last Leg Experience

Oh my, this review is already 1 week delayed. The past week has been full of unexpected events and i had to take care of many personal issues, not the least of them was my mom’s on and off health problems. Although she is coping well right now, she needs more of our attention from time to time.

Last October 6 (Saturday), i expected a muddy but hot and humid trail run at Nuvali but expectations do change and it came in chunks of surprises! This trail run in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna is the culmination of Immuvit’s Race Challenge which started with a trail run with obstacles at La Mesa Eco Reserve in Quezon City, the second one which was more of a Metafit sprint exercise challenge and now this last leg race, a 16k trail run with more obstacles to hurdle.

This run also reunites me with the now popular and familiar Nuvali trails which i had ran so many times before. Highlights of this final race was a torturous river crossing and wading on a mammoth swamp with chest-deep waters.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the trails and obstacles i took during the run. Congratulations to Immuvit, the race organizers Without Limits, Sherleen Ricafort of Outbound Communications and all people behind this successful race for a job well done!

Some of the runners before the race

An oil wall obstacle that got many runners sliding back when they were about to reach the top, including myself

Natural obstacle

Views along the way

Wood planks which served as a bridge

Newly cut grasses

The all too familiar “perimeter trail” in Nuvali

The tire dump obstacle

Sand Bag Station

Carrying a 2-kilo sand bag while running is never too easy

Log hurdles

In a forested area

Somewhere along km8

Another wooden plank

Noel (Team Diadora) and his lady friend pause on the stairway before heading for the river

Going down to the river

the 10k and 16k runners converge

The river crossing begins

The thread on the river was slow and endless

No river crossing would be complete without some picture taking!

Depth of the river would range from ankle deep to waist deep

The boulders were an alternative way in getting across from the deep and rushing water of the river

The final stretch of the river

It was back to the trails after the river crossing

Somewhere at the 13k mark

Out in the fields once more

Last hurdle before the final, major assault!

This is the giant swamp that wrought havoc to many! The deepest part submerged me up to my neck (i’m 5’7″) and many who were below 5’4″ had to swim or were carried by their friends to stay afloat. It was the most challenging obstacle along the course!:-)

Knee-deep at first until it got deeper…

Those ahead emerging from the water

These 2 behind me were egging me to take their pictures! Cheers!

And finally, a picture with my long, lost friend, Jaymie!:-)

Thanks to the Running Photographers for some of the pics here!