Midnight Run: What Really Happened Inside The Haunted House

I didn’t expect it to be anything like this. There were probably about 500 runners mostly dressed-up in all sorts of wacky, colorful costumes…from the spooky scream ghost faces, the hilarious toilet bowl runner and the holy Vatican consorts that tried to exorcise the devil-looking vampires around them.

The Greentennial Midnight Run held last October 31 near the People’s Power Monument at the corner of White Plains Avenue and EDSA was one fun-filled Halloween midnight Run.

I didn’t have enough time to rummage for costumes to wear so i came as myself. Okay, you might think me boring but my intention was to win this race, actually! Hahah.. Even though this was purely a fun run, there were serious runners (with even 2 elite Kenyans) who were earnestly warming up trying to get their muscles limbered while most of us where getting our jaws and bellies shaking in laughter!

I was with team mate Chito Carreon, a die-hard ultra runner who i thought would never participate in this kind of runs but who un-masked his fondness for things bizarre, wacky and stinging! This run came just 3 days after we both finished the Run United Phil Marathon the Sunday before so we were doing this 10k run as a recovery run of sorts.

Except for the delay in the start as marshals were still trying to sort out traffic along EDSA, the run was nicely organized as we made our way along Temple Drive, Green Meadows and back all the way to Katipunan Road, Santolan then to EDSA for the finish. Some of the people lined-up on streets, specially the children were delighted seeing these creatures run in costumes.

Brides in their wedding dresses, an alligator dragging its 10-foot tail and the skeleton men never failed to amaze the bystanders with their occasional hoots and calls. A few meters before the finish line, we were made to enter a dark “haunted house” where marshals dressed up as spooky creatures were supposed to alight and scare you while you wandered inside. However, seeing their shadows looming, i sneaked slowly myself, turned my eyelids upside down and when they were about to make their move, i let out a shrill, loud bursts of booing shout in their faces that made them scream themselves! We almost died laughing together!

Twas a great race and a great time! A big thumbs-up to Rovic Canono, race organizer for this very successful initial midnight run. Many thanks also to Saul Navarro of  the Barefoot Runners for inviting us to this wonderful event.

A must repeat of this race is in order!


The religious sect was represented

Marka Demenyo was beside me!

Got stung by these beautiful bumble bees!

The General, Rovic Canono

Sexy ladies!

Ironman and…Cleopatra?

With Chito and a zombie…

With the Runaway Bride

Mr. White Tongue!

One more time for the Midnight Run

When not running ultras, Chito stings with the bees!

A cemetery along EDSA

(Thanks to the photographers for tagging our pics and for sharing these wonderful pictures to us.)


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