The Tetra Pack RFR Run: Race Recap

I was still being annoyed by the slight pain that i felt on my right foot, a day before i was to run the Tetra Pack 21k yesterday. Although fully swollen the Sunday before after i had sprained it during the Rock and Road Trail marathon, the swelling subsided and the healing came very quickly after a series of hot and cold compress with massages thrown in for good measure.

I was able to run Thursday and Friday, though gingerly at first and seemed that the treatment responded well. The slight pain came early Saturday afternoon when i did some toe raises to strengthen the foot further. Sheesh..the things i do unnecessarily at times. Felt some slight twinges till evening so i had it iced again, pop an Ibuprofen (Alaxan FR) hoping it will be gone the next day for the race.

That morning, i managed to get up early, did the usual morning rituals and was about to put on my Brooks Trance when i suddenly became aware that the pain on the foot was gone, felt no discomfort whatsoever, nada! Very promising day and i hoped it would carry on like this in the actual race.

I arrived at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) at about 4am with still 30 minutes before gun time and noticed a large crowd who were also running the 21k race. It was a little past 4:30 when the gun sounded off and we were in for a roller-coaster ride around BGC.

I like the way they utilized roads that were seldom used around High Street and the course snaked through it before we were led to Kalayaan flyover leading to Buendia Avenue which was another smart move. The earlier we were sent to Buendia Ave., the less congestion and gridlocks for motorists, the better it was also for runners to avoid the heat.

I had no real plan for this race because i promised myself to treat this as an LSD run and was still wary that the foot wasn’t going to hold well enough. Miraculously, it did and i had an easy time running towards Kalayaan Flyover until we reached the turn-around point near Osmena Highway at the 8th km mark. Water station was well supplied and they even had coconut juice which i didn’t care to touch as it might just react with the Gatorade that i took along.

There were enough marshals on the course and even saw friends who volunteered at the water stations and gave encouragements while we sped along. The last 4 kilometers saw us run on the northern east-side of BGC where the foreign schools were located then down to 8th Avenue at the entrance near Lexus Motors before going back to the finish.

At the last 4km stretch

I saw all of the running photographers huddled at the last 300 meters before the finish and runners trying to make a go for it were trying to look their best (me included) while others completely stopped and posed! I nearly hit one runner when she suddenly applied the brakes in front of me to pose, slightly bumping her with my shoulder. She hardly moved when i bumped and i thought she was made of steel!

A few hundred meters before the finish line

I finished the race in 2:31:02 and was greeted by friends who finished the race earlier.

I have only good things to say about this race as it was well-organized by Hyper Sports, everybody was friendly at the booths were i got a finishers shirt and the fun part was the awarding ceremonies where Running host, Boy Ramos exchange goofy commentaries with actor-comedian Bearwin Meily to the amusement of their foreigner sponsor. Nice one guys!

At the awarding ceremonies

I hope Tetra Pack sponsors another run next year and this race is surely one that shouldn’t be missed!

With Noy and Dianne after the race

With the omnipresent Ms. Mars of PF

Thanks Running Fotogs for the pics!


8 responses to “The Tetra Pack RFR Run: Race Recap

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    • Thanks, Dianne. Lucky for me, the injury didn’t pose any problem during the run which was probably why i was smiling the whole time. 🙂 Great to see you too, although i didn’t notice if you were running barefoot again on this race. Oh yes, hope they repeat this race again next year! See you soon! 🙂

  2. yes sir, I will be doing my 42.195k in TBR by February 2013 🙂 barefoot from starting line to the finish line. I’ve tested the road at Nuvali last week from TBR Dream Run and done the 21k. small pebbles along the way, just consentrate. I conquered and finish the run without blisters on my feet. Proper training is a must 🙂

  3. hi, is there somebody could help me ? My husband name( Cornelio Tan) was’nt on the list of participants with official time, it was his 1st time so were so excited to see it on the record, my son also join and a friend , husband and friend run the 21k, my son Cornelio Caleb run for 10 k, hope we could hear feedback , masaya syempre pag nandun name la complete,thank and GOd bless, im planning to join the next run.


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