Michelle’s 2nd Fundraising Run

Thank you so much Leo for bringing us to the venue at Ultra even if you had some emergency errands to do. But then, you should have arrived earlier so we would have not been late for our 16k race. Hahah. 🙂

Just an aside to our team-mate Leo who brought us over to this fun race, the Michelle Estuar 2nd FUNd Racing Ultralympics at the ULTRA Sports Complex. When Tonette and i were dropped off at the back entrance of the complex along Capt. Javier Street, the 16k runners were already running beside us so we hurriedly pinned our race bibs, unsure whether to follow their tails.

However, we didn’t see any of our team-mates run along the course and figured that they might still be inside the Sports complex waiting for the race bibs that Tonette and i both carried with us. True enough, Betty, Chito and Raquel were still inside waiting. Since the 16k runners were already about 15 minutes away after the gun start, we all decided just to run the next race, the 8k run which was going to start in a few minutes.

After a brief warm-ups led by the fabulous Running Divas, we were off.

Rikki Suarez of the Running Divas

This is a nice running route in Pasig if ever you’re familiar with the roads surrounding the Utra Sports Complex. It’s hilly, some shaded parts and not too much cars during the early part of the morning. Weather wise, i found it just perfect, over-cast and cool to start the run.

The run itself was easy, no over crowding and except for the uphills that went our way along Julia Vargas Ave. and during the final stretch along St. Martin Road, everything went smooth sailing. What made this race nice was the amount of support the volunteers gave while handing out water and sliced bananas. There were some stations that ran out of water but there would be adequate supplies once you reached the next one which were not far in between.

Inside Ultra during the last stretch

Go Run!

The finish line was great, akin to one big family of happy runners having a party. It was nice to make a sprint (for once) while on the tartan tracks of Ultra amidst the frenzy and cameras clicking at you!

This was one great fun run and since it benefits the children of Silay City, a very good cause too! One should not miss this run next year!

Congrats to my good friend, Michelle Estuar!

(Thanks to ASP, Spongebob Runner, RJM for the photos)