Hamilo Coast Trails: A Peek At The Salomon Trail Run Route

One characteristic that The Salomon X-Trail races have lately is its unique locations, often on exclusive residential mountain resorts with stunning views of mountain ranges, lakes or oceans. Last year’s venue, the Tagaytay Midlands and Highlands offered lush mountain ranges with its cool climate, high peaks and great running trails.

This year, the venue will be at the mountains of the Pico de Loro Cove, part of the Hamilo Coast situated in Nasugbu, Batangas where i, together with several runners had the chance to discover and run parts of its trails that will form part of this year’s Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2013 race.

The venue is an exclusive country club and beach resort with fine white sand, condominium housing units, hotel and restaurants and all the amenities you’ll find in an upscale resort. However, we were here for the trails and what it has to offer runners for their upcoming road to trail run on March 23, 2013.

Me and about a dozen other runner-bloggers and the media left before daybreak from ROX at the Fort and arrived at the Hamilo Coast-Pico de Loro Cove 2 hours later. After some light breakfast, we were given a brief background on the event led by Salomon Brand Manager Janice Tanada and apprised on the route for the race by Pen Nepomuceno, one of the event’s race directors. Thereafter, we were led outside for the actual trail run and did parts of the 6k route.

Since it was only going to be a short run, i didn’t bother to bring my hydration vest any more and instead, opted with my trusted water bottle waist pack which could carry about 26 oz of water. The starting area is just at the  mouth of the residential condominium units. The first 400 meters was immediately on an uphill going to a rotunda where we would turn around and go straight to the beach shores. Then, we were on to the trails.

The Pico de Loro Cove mountains are lush and green, have challenging hills in the form of stair paths which are quite slippery when wet. The old-growth forest possess some tall trees and are quite peaceful. The 6k route forms part of the other 12k and 24k distances and is the only spot where the range dips down to greet the ocean via its view-deck.

The trails are mostly single tracks, gnarly and has undulating climbs with views of the South Philippine Sea.

Here are some pictures i took in sequence the moment we were sent-off up to the end of our run. I hope this will give runners who will be joining this race a good idea of what the trails look like. Enjoy!

(For more details of the race or on how to register, you can check out my previous blog here: (details/registration at salomon-x-trail-run-2013-now-set-at-hamilo-coast-batangas)

Mariel Flores leading the runners to the starting line

This is where the race starts, just a few meters away from the Pico de Loro club house

The starting line view, at the mouth of the Pico De Loro cove

No wasting time, first 400 meters was uphill!

The Running Atom (Alfred) leads the way

From the road, a view of the Pico de Loro Cove

We make a u-turn at the small rotunda

The pathway to the ocean-side then to the trails

Nearing the shores of the cove

I could just imagine runners making a stop at this berth and taking pictures. That’s Christine, Mars and Blas

Trail to the sea shore

Ms. Pen, one of the race directors guiding us to the entrance of the trails

A sign mark of the Eco Trail route

The trails begins here

Dried leaves and small roots take stage

Runners can still speed-up here before the uphills occur

Nearing the foot of the mountains

The start of the dreaded “stairs”. It’s all uphill from here!

Didn’t know that Ms. Mars is an excellent climber!

Surging up non-stop

A break from the stairs on the way to the peak

The views of the ocean are on the left

A nice teaser leading to more uphills…

The trails seem not to have been affected by the rains the previous days. It was dry but windy

More of the stair trail here

More uphills to the peak

My 2 friends seem to be nearing the peak

And there’s the peak with some guides waiting for us

The signs that says, “Highest Peak” at 115 meters but not so high for regular mountain/trail runners. Higher elevation will be encountered by the runners in this route.

The views along the peak

Birds eye-view of the Pico De Loro Cove

At the left side of the peak

More of the trails going to the view deck

With Ms. Pen, one of the race RD

With runners from the media

An ascend to the view-deck

150 meters away before the view deck and turn-around point

Turn-around point


The south Philippine Sea

More views from the deck

On the way back (photo by Rodel/Blas)

Return up to the trails

Some scenes on the way back

Met CJ and Laira on my way down

Taken at about 11:30am, the sun was right above us

Running back to the beach club

Our group at the Pico De Loro Beach club

Finally, a sumptuous lunch of the middle eastern cuisine


PhilHealth Run Manila: Race Recap

I ran the PhilHealth 18k run last Sunday to get my usual week-end long run fix as i wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this race. It was going to be one of those long, relaxed runs to gear up for my upcoming Run United 21k next month.

However, i knew this was going to be one of those mega runs where you get to jostle with thousands who have registered for this race, many of them joggers and week-end runners who would crowd on the narrow east lane of Roxas Boulevard.

As expected, the route became very crowded, specially when the 3k, 5k and 10k runners were sent off one after the other. The scene was like of ants coming from the north and south bound lanes and bumping into each other during the turn-around points!

I had to stop and walk several times to find a way how i could pass through without encroaching into the opposite lane! Despite the mayhem, the race went on without any major hitch as marshals courageously directed traffic as they urged runners to move, move, move! (Imagine groups of 3k runners stopping at the 3k turn-around sign-board just to take pictures!) The crowd would later thin out once you get pass through these turn-around choke points.

These odds were all stacked against the organizers but surprisingly, the event was well-run, very organized with very well placed hydration stations that you would never worry about getting a drink on your next stop as the tables were well-stocked! Oh, they were even passing out bananas at around the 6th and 8th km marks and these was a boon to us running the longer distances.

The only real kink to this race was that the route got too tiresome as the 18k runners, starting from Km Zero had to turn around at the foot of the EDSA flyover on the way back to Luneta only to turn-around again upon reaching Pedro Gil so we were en route back to Edsa to make the second and final turn-around before heading straight back to the Quirino grandstand at Luneta for the finish line.

I wish they would have extended the run towards MOA then to Macapagal Avenue, get the extra distance there then turn back towards the finish line.

With PhilHealth as the main proponents of this race with the Philippine Children’s Medical Center and the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital as beneficiaries, this run was held in 18 other major sites throughout the country so major support was given to assure the success of this run.

Over-all, the energy put into this race was tops and kudos to race Director Edward Kho for directing such an extra ordinary event. Our heartfelt thanks to to Ms. Claire Papa of RiteMed-Unilab, major sponsors of the race who provided us media and bloggers breakfast and refreshments after the race.

There’s not much pictures in here, just mementos before and after the race.

With running buddy Jun moments before the start

A medal at the finish line

With Claire of Unilab, Jun, Pedz and Ped’z friend at the Manila Hotel

I probably lost 2 lbs after our 18k run but gained it back (and more) a few minutes later after this hearty breakfast! 😦

Salomon X-Trail Run 2013 Now Set at Hamilo Coast, Batangas

After my debacle in March of last year to finish the Salomon 24k Trail Run at the Tagaytay Highlands due to severe pain in my Plantar, i am now looking forward to joining this race again in a few weeks, this time at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. The pain of my heel was pretty bad that it didn’t allow me to make another step without wincing in pain at about the half-way mark. Tough luck!

It was a little upsetting of not being able to finish but i always embrace this set- back as something you work on to get stronger and better so this is something to look forward to, kind of a score to settle.

But this will not be an easy one. Any run which starts from the Hamilo Coast and dubs itself a mountain run will surely scale the mountain trails of Mt. Palay-palay enroute to the famous Pico De Loro. I’m not sure though if this will be part of the route. We shall know the exact path after we do a test run this coming Saturday.

The annual Salomon X-trail Run will be held on March 23, 2013. This year’s race will be held in the beautiful Hamilo Coast with the back drop of the Pico De Loro mountains in Nasugbu, Batangas City. New trail routes will be created exclusively for the event, with the Salomon team projecting to attract more trail running enthusiasts and trail runners hailing from different levels.

Moreover, runners will surely enjoy the breath-taking view around Hamilo Coast. The trail sections overlooking the cove are steep and technical, with sharp and loose rocks, as well as roots and thick foliage. The view also boasts of hills, mountains, valleys, and lush greeneries – an overall perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind adventure.


Salomon X-Trail Pilipinas 2013

  • Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas
  • March 23, 2013
  • 6k / 12k / 24k

– Race Day Schedule

Gun Start

24 km : 5:00am

12 km : 6:00am

6km : 7:00am

Registration Fees:

6km –  P850.00 :  with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey. All finishers of this distance receive a Salomon Finishers’ bag which includes freebies).  Post race meal will also be served.

12km – P1,100 :  with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey. All finishers of this distance receive a Salomon Finishers’ bag which includes a Salomon arm pouch, and other freebies.  Post race meal will also be served.

24km – P1,300 :  with race bib, timing chip, Salomon Xtrail technical jersey. All finishers of this distance receive finisher’s medal & a Salomon Finishers’ bag which includes a Salomon arm pouch, and other freebies.  Post race meal will also be served.


  • Add Php 500 – get a Nathan handheld bottle (worth P990), till supplies last.

Cut-off times

24km –  5 hours

12km –  2.5 hours

  6km –   1.5 hours



Registration starts on Feb 1, 2013 until March 20, 2013. You may register via the ff:

1)      Online registration via credit card – http://www.salomonxtrailpilipinas.com

2)      Online registration via bank deposit – Fill up the online form & deposit payment to (Runner’s Runner Bank details at above link).

3)      Registration Centers :

1)       R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street , Fort Bonifacio Taguig, 3/F, Runner’s Runner Booth

2)      Salomon Store – Glorietta 3, 2/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

Wishing the route takes us here

The trails above the mountains of Hamilo Coast

Hamilo Coast trails towards Pico De Loro (Photo credits to Jackie Gutierrez and her friends from her FB photos)


  • Add Php 450.00 –Bus slots from R.O.X. to Hamilo Coast & back will be available to the first 300 participants, for an additional Php450. To avail, please click on the tickbox in the registration form & include payment with the race registration fee.
  • Each registrant may avail of ONLY 1 additional seat in the bus (maximum of 2 seats per race participant). Please save the Bus Stub in your registration form/waiver. This will be surrendered upon boarding the bus on race day.


Special Rates at Pico Sands Hotel at Hamilo Coast, exclusively for Xtrail Participants range from  P6,500 to P7,000.

For accommodations inquiries & reservations, please email accommodations@salomonxtrailpilipinas.com. Leave your contact number  & We will call you the soonest.



Salomon Philippines holds X-Trail Run 2013 at Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas City.

It is once again time to push the boundaries as the world’s number one trail running brand, Salomon, holds this year’s X-Trail Run. Held annually since 2008, the gut-wrenching event has been held in different countries around the globe including Southeast-Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

On March 23, 2013, the Salomon X-Trail Run is slated to present its annual event in a yet another premiere location. Participants can expect the trail to have a combination of different terrain surfaces including dirt, rocks, sands, and concrete paths. The 2013 race aims to set a new record as one of the most-attended trail run races in the country.

This year’s race will be held in the beautiful Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas City. New trail routes will be created exclusively for the event, with the Salomon team projecting to attract more trail running enthusiasts and trail runners hailing from different levels.

Moreover, runners will surely enjoy the breath-taking view around Hamilo Coast. The trail sections overlooking the cove are steep and technical, with sharp and loose rocks, as well as roots and thick foliage. The view also boasts of hills, mountains, valleys, and lush greeneries – an overall perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The Salomon Xtrail Event has 3 categories: 6km, 12km, and 24km—all with a “Road-to-Trail” nature. The 6km category welcomes beginners to explore the world of trail running. The 12km category invites runners with basic trail running experience to level-up their game with the inclusion of technical terrain.

Finishers of these 2 categories will receive a finisher’s bag with freebies. For experienced runners who are bent on exceeding their boundaries, the 24km Mountain Run will present technical ascents and varying terrains. The category will simulate ascents of Skyrunning races – an arena wherein Salomon dominates. Finishers will receive a medal, a Salomon Finishers’ bag with freebies.

The registration fee for 6km is P850, 12km for P1, 100, and 24km at P1, 300. All the runners will be given an event jersey, race bib, timing chip, and post-race meal. 12km and 24km participants get a limited Salomon Arm Band. For an additional P450, first 300 registrants get a bus slot from R.O.X. to Hamilo Coast and back.

For another P500, registrants will receive a Nathan handheld bottle until supplies last. Accommodations with special rates are also available for participants in Pico Sands Hotel at Hamilo Coast exclusive for X-Trail participants.

Merrell Adventure Run 2013 At Pintong Bucawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Merrell could not have selected a better venue to stage its next trail/adventure run as Pintong Bukawe has been a haven for trail runners and bikers for quite some time now.

Baranggay Pintong Bukawe in San Mateo, Rizal is just about 3.7 kilometers away from the Timberland Heights trails and close to 10kms away from Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal. The roads and trails between these places are just georgeous…panoramas of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the trails are lush and green, challenging hills and some river crossings.

"Christmas trees" on the sides

Mini pine trees at Pintong Bukawe

Merrell’s next Adventure Race will be held this coming April 27, 2013 and will feature a 5k, 10k and its showcase, the half-marathon distance. Registration has started yesterday so register early as slots are very limited.

Shuttle buses are available for those who want to avail them!

Here are the details of the race:


Date: April 27, 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Mt. Sinai, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal

Race Distances: 5km (Men’s & Women’s), 10km (Men’s & Women’s), 21km (Men’s & Women’s)


Race kits and singlets can be claimed starting April 1, 2013 to April 21, 2013 ONLY in respective registration areas. Singlet sizes will be subject to availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


Distance: Gunstart:

21km 6:00am

10km 6:10am

5km 6:20am

*cut-off time of 5 hours for the whole race will be implemented


•Timing Chip, Race Bib No., Singlet, safety pins

•Rules and regulations

•Directions to venue

•Shuttle option (optional for participants, with extra charge)


Submit filled-out registration form with your fee from February 15, 2013 to April 7, 2013 at the MERRELL CONCEPT SHOPS listed below.

Here’s a link to the downloadable Registration Form: http://on.fb.me/X94gfF


G/F Space 23-24 Phase 8, Gaisano Market Market                  

Taguig City 

Tel. no. (02) 836-1560


Space 2128 M2, Quezon City

 Tel. No. (02) 915-0197        


Level 3, The Annex, EDSA, North Avenue 

Quezon City

 Tel. no. (02) 352-2737


 2/F Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

 Tel. no. (02) 659-3284 


Nepo Ave. Angeles City, Pampanga 

Tel. no (045) 304-0654


Ground Floor, Olongapo-Gapan Road

San Fernando, Pampanga


2nd Floor, Rizal Highway 

Olongapo City

 Tel. no.(02) 542-2235


Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing, Governor’s Drive

 Dasmariñas City, Cavite

*Singlet sizes will be subject to availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


Hydration stations will be provided at the finish line and along the race route.

This is an eco-friendly event; each participant is required to bring his/her own hydration pack/bottle. Organizers will only provide refilling stations along the race course; there will be no cups to avoid littering.

Medical aid will be available at certain points along the way and at the finish line.


1. In the event of heavy rain, lightning, haze, fog and other inclement weather or adverse weather condition, the event may be delayed or cancelled.

2. Should bad weather persist beyond 7:00AM or the condition deemed unsuitable, the event will be cancelled.

3. If rain occurs after the race has started, you may continue unless otherwise advised by the designated race official or marshall.

*All Top 3 finishers for each race category for both Male and Female categories each get the cash prize along with a gift bag from our sponsors.

FINISHERS MEDAL All 21km finishers will receive a finisher’s medal. Medals will also be given to the first50 finishers for 5km and 10km categories respectively.

CERTIFICATES will be sent through email within two weeks after the race date to those who finish the course in their specific categories.


Trail running shoes, hydration pack/bottle belt, cap, running gaiters and energy bar or gel, head lamp especially for the 21K runners.

Views inside Pintong Bukawe:

June is way out front

Road towards Timberland Heights

The view on our right

Views from Pintong Bukawe

Entering the trail

Some of the trails inside PB

Wet and windy

Cemented trails inside PB

Going inside the trail

Typical trail inside


General Rules

1. All participants below 18 years old must have their registration forms signed by either a parent or a guardian.

2. Registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. Multiple category registration for one person is prohibited for safety purposes and as this may affect or disrupt race results.

4. Participants who choose not to take part in the event after having registered can decide to withdraw. However, please note that there will not be any registration fee refund. Race slots are also strictly non-transferable.

5. Race bib numbers and electronic timing chips must be worn at all times during the race. Official time will be based on the disposable timing chip provided in the race kit. No chip, no time. Without the timing chip, participants are not entitled to win any of the top prizes.

6. Organizers maintain the right to remove any participants from the race. Injuries and medical emergencies are the utmost priority.

7. No late runners will be allowed to run 15 minutes after the gun start of their respective races.

8. All runners are required to have the proper loop band when they cross the finish line; no loop band means disqualification from the race.

9. A cut off time of 5 hours for the whole race will be implemented. Runners on the course after the cut off time will be pulled out by the Race Marshalls.

10. Time penalties and disqualification may be imposed by the race organizers on runners who do not follow race rules.

11. All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners.

12. The organizers reserve the right to make changes at its discretion without prior notice. The organizers’ decision is final.


In the event that a participant will not be able to personally register and sign the liability waiver form at the designated registration areas; their representatives must bring the following: (1) downloaded form with signature of participant, (2) authorization letter, and (3) valid ID of the participant and representative.


Place & Time

Market!Market!, BGC 3:00 am

TriNoma, North Edsa 3:30 am

Php300 round trip, first come-first served basis (payment to be settled only at Merrell Concept Shops)

Love A Tree Ultra Trail Run: A Trail Showcase!

On my way home last Sunday, resting my aching thigh  muscles after the pounding it went through during the Love a Tree 24k (plus 2.75k) run at Tanay, i was still trying not to over-embellish my exhilaration over this event. But it’s hard not to, Pimco Sports really put on a “trail showcase”.

This is probably the most scenic and varied 26.75k trail course Pimco has ever laid-out in its Tanay Trail running series. I don’t know if they can ever duplicate or surpass the sheer beauty of the trail route of changing vistas to another.

The start. (Pic taken from Pimco FB page)

At about 500 to 600 meters of changing elevation, it’s not an easy course but the top of every ascent rewards you with stunning views of the Sierra Madre mountains. The mountains are peppered with scenic byway trails, a wilderness area of old-growth forest which is incredibly peaceful. I nearly got lost here but one rule of thumb when you’re not sure where you’re headed is…stick to the main trail, the yellow ribbon will appear!

There’s an abundance of rocks that i thought could build a whole barrio of stone houses. This is the May Sawa Trails and i’m just talking about the first half here. I really couldn’t get my momentum going as i can’t help but stop and take pictures whenever i see a beautiful scenery and this is what my entire run mostly consisted of. Run, stop then shoot and repeat!

From navigating the peak of May Sawa, the downward spiral to Laiban was dizzying as i sometimes experienced some “lost” moments. If you don’t have somebody to stick with, you’ll be running by yourself for most of the time. On occasions, i couldn’t figure out where the yellow ribbon marks where but they were there if you really looked hard.

Laiban is a small Baranggay at ground level and it’s an area where the trails are mostly single-track, lush and sometimes open. You see the imposing green mountains on your left but just a few meters on your right, you hear the gently flowing river that is truly mesmerizing on the senses.

Where there are trails, there were also rivers to cross but these are gentle river crossings that added color into the run and thank God there were none of those “buwis buhay” (life-threatening, one-missed-step-and-you-plunge-into-the-river-rocks-below) river crossings we had experienced back during the Daranak Trail Run!

The last section of the run was a surprise of sorts as this was not in the original route. We headed into Baranggay Mamuyao, a quaint picturesque town with trails on the edge of a mountain, a valley curved by scenic river views. The view of the valley with the mountains as backdrop and the gently flowing river below is a stunner! And perhaps the most important thing you’ll also discover is its very accommodating town folks.

The route covered 26 kms+ of a surprising amount of variety that covered Barangays San Andres, May Sawa, Laiban,  Mamuyao,  Sto. Nino, and back to San Andres.

During our test runs that were held weeks prior to this race, we were not shown many of the the trails that we went through during this run, and its not clear whether the organizers, Manny Santos and Alvin Balderama had changed the route in the last minute or wanted to surprise us. But still there were lapses that needs to be addressed that i hope the organizers wouldn’t mind me saying:

Firstly, the utter lack of water that has been an issue for so long. Lucky for the runners who heeded their call to be self-supportive and bring their own hydration but that wouldn’t have been enough for runners who were running the 50k ultra event. I think the organizers should invest in buying these 5- gallon blue water containers with built-in faucets, get these filled up and bring them to strategic areas.

Second, the lack of marshals during the last stages of the race. We had to ask some kids for directions and luckily, they knew where to point us at. Or placing some more markers would have sufficed and lead us to the right route. Many of the runners had to backtrack to find their way. Some, simply got lost.

Lastly, whoever was assigned to man the junction at the corner of Marcos Highway and the entrance to San Andres  should be horsewhipped for not being there to guide arriving runners on their vehicles to the venue. Many of those not familiar with the starting venue over-shot that left-turn mark thus, went straight all the way to Pranjetto Hotel, a good four kilometers off the beat!

🙂 Still, despite these minor mishaps, the race went generally well, the route was well-planned (thanks for the extra 2.7kms), and the vistas all fascinating.

The scenery presented to us was like a great painting and that is exactly what Tanay represents. The landscape were like outdoor masterpieces, some jagged terrain, surreal climbs and others like a file of fascinating sketches. Truly, an Amorsolo on trail running!

The story in pictures:

Start of the May Sawa trail, beginning with gnarly tracks then ending with rocky terrain

Couldn’t resist stopping and taking some pics on this rocky trail

Even this runner couldn’t resist to stop and take a picture of the mountain view

Some trails criss-crossed along the foot of mountains

A lone thatched hut blending with the mountains

An open field replete with fresh air

Small fish ponds offered a refreshing views a midst the harsh landscape

A closer look at the meadows

Wild ornamental plants and shrubbery were abundant on some parts of the route

Part of the old-growth forest where bamboo trees abound

The downhill trails going to Laiban

A small stream that you had to pass over

There were a few streams to cross and bounce-off to get to the next trail

One of the ascents. Finding the yellow ribbon marks here is key to not getting lost

This downhill trail took us in the middle of the forest

The views would appear then dissapear and emerge again all throughout the route

Growing pineapples were seen along the trails

Friendly children smiling at our craziness

Another view above the trails

Trails at the sides of mountains

All those downhills during this part was hurting my quads!

Downwards to Brgy Laiban

The 50k ultra runners laughed at the “fun run” sign! Fresh coconut juice all you can!

Back to the low-lands

This will bring us along the rivers of Tanay

The Sto. Nino river trail

My shadow taking a pic

I almost missed this mark

Another river crossing

Shaded trails towards the river

Now running along side it

Into another wooded area

Finally, an open space

The trails in a mountain on one side and the river on the other side

Views were all blue and green

This trail goes to a river crossing

Poster from Viking Trail Shoe, one of the race’s major sponsors

A break at the end of the trail

My turn to cross

The view from the other end

I remember this from our test run weeks ago

Rivers here are crystal clear as you could see my NB610 trail shoe submerged

Rough road at the side of a mountain

These trails lead to one of the best scenes along the route

View of the shallow river from atop the trail

Runners approaching the river

Then wading through it

Meanwhile, the trails continues

Another view from the top as a runner makes her way back

One of the great scenes on this route

A closer view which leads to the river below

Entering Brgy. Mamuyao

The last river crossing

On my way back

The now familiar hanging bridge

A few meters away

Crossing the finish line. (Credits to Jose Ramizares, thanks!)

Glad to be done! 26.75k in 5:22. Ugh!

Friend June Santiago approaching the finish line minutes after

Jackie offering me a bagful of Alaxan FR! 🙂

With Coach Jackie and Trail Princess Goldy

With ultra running friends, Wilnar, Ronald and Doc Toto

With Nonoy, Manny (Pimco Pres), Daryl, Iris and Nikki

BDO Race For Life 2013

The typhoon season may not be in our midst yet but the road to recovery for the many victims of typhoons Pablo and Sendong that hit Mindanao last December is coming off slow and wanting. Presently, more than 800,000 people “remain displaced” and living typically in flimsy, temporary shelters.


It is with this urgency that Banco De Oro (BDO) Unibank, in coordination with the BDO Foundation, will hold its 5th annual fund raising run dubbed as “Race for Life”. It will be held on April 7, 2013 (Sunday), from 3:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Marathon Route of Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Proceeds will help fund the housing projects of BDO Foundation, Inc. for these typhoon victims.

Here are the race details:

Race for Life 2013
April 7, 2013 @ 3:30am
SM MOA , Pasay City

Registration Fees:
3K – P450.00
5K – P550.00
10K – P700
21K – P900

Gun Start:

  • 21k  –  4:00am
  • 10k –   5:30am
  • 5k   –    5:35am
  • 3k   –    5:45am

Runners shall be issued with one (1) Race Kit, consisting of  singlet, B-tag, race bib, race map and race guidelines.

Registration Venues:
Online registration will begin on February 18 to March 8, 2013.
List of Registration centers to follow.


21k Race Route

10k Route

5k Route

3k Route

Our brothers and sisters from the south will need our help. So runners, be one in helping out make their lives easier. Register now!

For more info, please visit their website: https://www.bdo.com.ph/raceforlife or call BDO Foundation at 840-7000 locals 6046, 2520 and 7056.

Conquer Philippines 2013: Urban Adventure (May 5, 2013)

NOTE: This race has been moved to MAY 5, 2013 (Sunday).
The organizers deeply apologizes for the inconvenience this will cause the participants who already registered.
Want a grueling, challenging, and rewarding event? This race takes the best of a traditional road race and combines it with the excitement and thrill of an obstacle course!
Fitness Supplements Phils. Inc(FSPI), exclusive distributor of OPTIMUM NUTRITION (ON), nutrition and exercise supplements like Whey, Glucosamine and Fish Oil for body builders and athletes, together with Without Limits and Pro Active will be presenting CONQUER Philippines 2013, An Urban Adventure!
Conquer Philippines is an obstacle race of 3k, 6k and 12k distances to be held at the Bonifacio Global City on MAY 5, 2013.
WithoutLimits and ProActive has been bringing us “themed” races which proved to be exciting and challenging and all out fun. Not only will CONQUER bring us a challenging obstacle run race, but one of the special categories of this race is the TANDEM or COUPLE race category.
Here are more details of the race:
CONQUER 2013: Urban Adventure
May 5, 2013 @ 5 AM
Bonifacio Global City
Organizer: Without Limits Philippines
Registration Fees:
3K – Php 500
6K – Php 700
12K Individual – Php 900
12K Couple – Php 1,600
Distance    Assembly Time    Gun Start
12K                       5:00am                      5:30am
6K                         5:00am                       5:35am
3K                          5:00am                      5:40am
Registration Centers:
Chris Sports:           
SM North Annex, SM Manila, Glorietta 3, Sm Megamall
Fitness & Athletics BGC: 9th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Couple registration is ONLY available at Fitness and Athletics and SM North Annex. First 100 registrants will receive a sachet of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein!
(Registration Period: January 20 to March 07, 2013)
Last day of Registration will be on MARCH 07 2013 (THURSDAY) and Pull out/inventory: MARCH 07, 2013- STORE CLOSING to March 08, 2013 so be sure to REGISTER NOW.
Medals will be awarded to All 3k, 6k and 12k finishers!

Singlet Design:
3K Green
6K Blue
12K Gray
Couples Red

This new challenging race for 2013 will be so much fun,  have a challenging course in a great venue and family-friendly environment! So register now!

My Condura Skyway 2013 Experience

I have been posting on other topics this week, mostly on upcoming races (and there’s a lot of them in the following weeks) but I didn’t want you to think that I had given up writing about my experience in last Sunday’s Condura Skyway Marathon (CSM).

In fact, i had just up-loaded some pics of mine taken during the race which surprisingly were just a few when i remember hollering every time i came upon photographer-friends who were snapping shots relentlessly. 🙂

Last Sunday’s run was only my third up there in the Skyway, having ran the inaugural half-marathon during its first edition and doing the full the following year, 2010.

Having registered for the full marathon last Sunday, i didn’t really have any serious training the weeks prior to it, not even running more than 10k on occasions that i had time to run so a week prior to Sunday’s event, i swapped race packets with team-mate Leo and downgraded myself to running the half instead.

There are a lot of ways to describe the Condura Skyway Marathon and you just have to be there to experience it yourself:


  • Logistically, the race was flawless and i think the race organizers did an incredible job in planning and preparing for security and the well-being of all runners atop the Skyway.
  • Adequate parking spaces near the start. Arriving at the venue at 2:45 am with my team-mate Betty, we were able to get a parking space inside the Festival mall although had we driven nearer the starting area, there were still parking spaces on many vacant lots.
  • Well organized race-start. Corrals were adequately marked as we found our way to Wave A. However, wave A was further cut into half even though it wasn’t too crowded so we found ourselves in A2 and had to wait for another 5 minutes before our turn to start.

At the start. We were on Wave A-2. Wave A-1 (below underpass) just started their race.

  • Adequate hydration stations were present, manned by uniformed marshals that offered an abundance of cold water.
  • Individual medics were stationed in strategic points all through out the course to give first-aid to those who need it.
  • Presence of portalets after every water station which were heaven-sent to those runners who used it.
  • Bananas were offered during the last part of the race which was just fine.
  • Ambulances were at key areas to ensure immediate medical attention was provided when needed.

21k Wave A-1 started at exactly 3:30. Our wave would start at 3:35

Wave A-2 starts


  • While CSM was high in organization, the route was low in scenery be it dark or daybreak.  Although no fault of the organizers here, i wish that the Skyway route be spruced up with more entertainment as it got to the point of being monotonous, specially for those running the half and full marathons.
  • Those marching bands and percussion ensembles that were playing near the finish line should have been sent up there and provide some color and excitement at the tedious route. Also, the pom-pom girls cheering 150 meters away before the finish line should be a boost if they were stationed just before going down the skyway.
  • The 100 Plus carbonated drinks should be a welcome treat for runners *after* finishing the race and not while racing. Again and again, i’ve heard runners complaining about doing unscheduled pit stops at the portalets because of these drinks. For me, i know what it does so i just limit myself to a sip or two near the end of a race to avoid making a no.2 or 3.

Photo credit to ARC (Thanks!)

  • Activity area was overcrowded after the race so they should have spread out the booths farther away from each other.

If you are after setting a PR, no route can top this course because you can be assured that you can run uninterrupted, no street intersections to deal with. Even with those slight long and tricky uphills, you can adjust your pace without losing much ground and attack those downhills easily.

I was able to manage the boredom that was setting in by “zoning-out” during the run, pretending that the lamp posts on the middle and both sides of the Skyway were pine-trees or any tall tree giving light from the darkness. Also, i would sometimes peak over the railings and look down, pretending that i was seeing ravines and rivers below, imagining that i was on a mountain trail. 🙂

Heading towards the finish (Credits to Soleus)

Was able to manage a 2:36 for the half, satisfied enough even with the lack of training!

Over-all, i say this race is one of the most satisfying running event to join every year, specially those who have not ran the Skyway yet.  The race organization was spotless and well supported and as drab as the course might be, once you conquer it, you’ll be patting at each other’s back forever.

Thank you Condura Skyway Marathon!

Check-out race results here: www.conduraskywaymarathon.com

With Betty

With teamate Alex too

Team 90% with Cong. Leo (left)

Drinking time after the race

Pulutan to go with the drinks!

Race Against Raze 2: March 17, 2013

For the second year in a row, the The Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association (PIQCAA) and St. Peter the Apostle School Alumni Association (SPASAA)  present, Race Against Raze 2 (RAR2) on March 17, 2013 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

This race is a fund racer that will benefit the Philippine Children’s Medical Center’s “Child Neuro Science Center” and the alumni associations’ scholarship funds.

This race is to promote fire safety and awareness under the directorship of PEP Squad, one of the top race organizer in the local scene. It will feature a 3km, 5km, 10km and 16km distances. Top 100 runners of the 3k, 5k and 10k distance events get Finisher Medals while all participants of the 16k category get Finisher Medals and Shirts.

Those who will register on or before February 14, 2013 through www.pepsquadevents.com will get P100 OFF on registration fees! Registration sites is open from February 15 to March 10, 2013 in select Toby’s and Runnr branches.

For inquiries and registration, please contact Pep Squad Events through 804-2646 to 27 or info@pepsquadevents.com. For updates, you may log on to facebook.com/raceagainstraze.

Vaseline Men XTERRA Off Road Triathlon Philippines

The scenic, resort town of Liloan, Cebu will once again be the site of the 2013 Vaseline Men, Xterra Off-Road Triathlon and Trail Run to be held on March 2 and 3, 2013.

Known for its pristine beaches, historical structures and its famous local cookies called Rosquillos, triathletes all over the world will again savor its beaches, scenic trails and the delectable dishes Liloan has to offer to its world-class competing athletes.

Defending champions Renata Bucher of Switzerland and Ben Allen of Australia are expected to return and defend their titles as world champions of last year’s Xterra Philippines. I sure wish time and finances weren’t issues for me to join this event…the trail run, i mean. 😉

Here are details of the event:

MARCH 2, 2013 (Liloan, Cebu)

XTERRA Light Triathlon:

  • 500 m – swim
  • 20km – bike
  • 5 km – run

Individual – P 4,500.00 (US$ 100.00)

Relay – P 6,750.00 ( US$ 150.00)

XTERRA Philippine Championships

  • 1.5 km – swim
  • 35 km – bike
  • 10 km – run

Individual – P 6,750.00 (US$ 150.00)

Relay – P 9,000.00 (US$ 200.00)

MARCH 3, 2013 (Liloan, Cebu)

Trail Run:

  • 21k – P 1,800.00 (inclusive of finisher’s shirt/medal/slot
  • 10k – p 1,250.00 (inclusive of finisher’s shirt)
  •  5k  –  P    750.00 (inclusive of finisher’s shirt)

Conquer your limits with 2013 Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series

Press Release

After staging successful series of off-road action events last year, Vaseline Men, the fastest growing men’s skin care brand in the Philippines again challenges you to conquer your limits in the 2013 Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series.

Dubbed as the world’s premier off-road triathlon event, the Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series will kick off this year with the Vaseline Men XTERRA Championship Weekend.

Slated on March 2-3, the event features exhilarating trail run and triathlon races that will challenge even the most seasoned athletes. On its second year, Vaseline Men will again bring triathletes to the pristine waters and rough but picturesque terrains of Liloan, Cebu for a more exciting set of challenges.

Mr. Fred Uytengsu, Chairman of Sunrise Events and CEO of Alaska Milk Corp. giving his welcome address to friends from the media

The Vaseline Men XTERRA Championship Weekend in Cebu will commence with two triathlon events on March 2: the XTERRA Lite and the XTERRA Philippines Championship. The XTERRA Lite involves a 500-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and a 5-kilometer run.

On the other hand, the XTERRA Philippines Championship involves a more grueling challenge with a 1.5-kilometer swim, 35-kilometer bike and a 10-kilometer run.  All of these will take place in scenic Liloan, Cebu.

Actor Jericho Rosales, product endorser of Vaseline Men and at left is Jonathan Pua, the product’s Brand Manager

Aside from winning exciting cash prizes (total pro prize money is US$15,000), the top age group finishers will vie for 40 slots to the XTERRA World Championships in Maui, Hawaii.  Registration for the March 2 triathlon events is ongoing in the Vaseline Men XTERRA Philippines website (www.xterraphil.com).

In the middle (in black) is Princess Galura, General Manager of Sunrise Events

Capping off the Vaseline Men XTERRA Weekend is a trail run on March 3, which will feature demanding courses in 21, 10 and 5-kilometer distances for both the male and female categories.

More importantly, top age group finishers for the 21K trail run will qualify for the world championships for the XTERRA Trail Run slated in Hawaii this year. Registration for the March 3 trail run is ongoing at http://www.xterraphil.com and in all Runner Stores nationwide.

Vaseline’s jonathan Pua, Fred Uytengsu of Alaska and actor Jericho Rosales

Interested parties may also register for the trail run at selected Watson’s branches. Moreover, for every purchase of Vaseline Men 100g Facial Wash, they will also get a discount for the race registration fee. Just visit Watson’s at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and SM North EDSA from February 9-10, 15-17 and 22-24, and buy Vaseline Men 100g Facial Wash to enjoy this discount.

Do you notice something here?

A proud supporter of the Philippine athletic community, Vaseline Men sent a five-man Philippine team to compete in the XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series Global Championship last October 2012.

Vaseline Men also offers a wide range of skin care products which are perfect for men who engage in physically demanding activities including triathlons as they help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and wash away dirt, dust and pollution.

Included in its range are Facial Washes, Face Moisturizers, Body Lotion and Body Wash. Now, Filipino men can continue to enjoy doing their physical activities outdoors and still get their skin protected from harsh elements from nature. Vaseline Men is now available in all leading men’s zones in major supermarkets, drugstore and department stores nationwide.

So this year, prepare to conquer it all at the Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series.  To know more, log on to www.xterraphil.com or visit www.facebook.com/vaselinemenph.   You can also visit ROX and Runnr stores for more details.

The Vaseline Men XTERRA Off-road Triathlon Series is also sponsored by Alaska, Summit Water, LBC, The Philippine Star, Multisport, Studio 23, Gatorade, Canon, Aqua Sphere, David’s Salon, Intercare, Rocktape, Timex, Municipality of Liloan, Cebu and Smart.