A Muddy Trail Run at Famy-Buruwisan, Laguna

The previous week-end was all about trail running.

After our breathtaking test run of the Salomon X-Trail route at Camilo Coast-Pico De Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas last Saturday, me and trail running buddy June Santiago did a subsequent visit to one of the more popular mountain trails in Laguna, the Famy mountain trails or what is actually Mt. Romelo located in the adjacent town of  Siniloan.

We had planned just to explore the trails and see where it would lead us although June has trekked the place several times in the past (including one with his wife and kids) that brought him to the Buruwisan Falls, one of several falls that can be accessed through the trails.

During our visit, most of the trails were very muddy, deeming it impossible to do straight runs or even power hike so we were threading the routes very slowly as there were several instances when we both slipped and fell off our arses.

The trails are not as easy to navigate as it looks, sculpting a path of sludge although the scenery was gorgeous, from barren windswept mountains to lush greeneries along the route. From the peaks of the Romelo mountains come wonderful views of  nearby towns and the magnificent Laguna Lake.

Due to time constraints and prior appointments, we did not push through with our trek to the Buruwisan Falls and had to turn back. It was a wet and wild experience which conjured some gasps, yell and laughter after slipping on mud several times. Definitely, a return is in the offing.

Leaving you some pictures of the trails we took. Enjoy!

Sign that leads to Buruwisan Trails and Falls

Entrance to the mountain trails

A river immediately greeted us just a few meters from where we started

Locals usually bathe here but didn’t see any as it was already late in the morning

Entering a small village

The one and only river that we had to cross

One crossing and just knee deep

The trail run-hike begins here

Power walking through the jungle

Just single-track trails usually beneath outgrown trees and ferns

An uphill climb

Nice views at the top of this hill

Laguna Lake and the Sierras

Plenty of coconut husks strewn at the side of trails

The farther we went, the muddier it got

Made a stop-over here to buy coconut/juice at P10.00 each

It was more of a hike at this point as we were forced to walk on the edges to avoid the sloppy mud

Hot as it was, the cool breeze was a blessing

This hill is an eye refresher

More trails at the top of mountains

Thanks to June for this shot

One of the rare moments when we were able to run

More trails on the top edge of this mountain

One of few vacant shacks over the forest

Jack-fruit trees were abundant along the route

Deep ravines along the edges of the trails

Descending a hill

Nice single-track path

Oh so muddy trail

Mud slush

Giving credit to these pair of Reebok Zigwild TR2 Trail Shoes which sheds mud very well on this sloppy terrain. The outsoles are designed to keep mud in and out of it. They are self cleaning so you’re not weighed down by gobs of mud.

A store in the middle of nowhere selling sodas, ice-candies and snacks. Rested here for about 10 minutes

Back to the trails

The trails were all ours

At this point, we could hear the gushing waterfalls nearby

Trails could be dry at one point then completely muddy after just a few meters

Just a hike near the falls

That’s the nearest we could take a picture of Buruwisan falls as almost knee-deep mud prevented us from reaching it further

The falls on my left

Downward run with those cement barriers to hold on

A duck with her siblings

Disappointed that we weren’t able to reach the falls but June vows to return back!

Back to where we started


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