Race Recap: World Vision Run 2013

A short race recap…

I’m back on the roads running this race last Sunday, the World Vision 21k Run! Strange that i quite miss the urban jungle that is Bonifacio Global City and i can’t remember when i raced here the last time.

Since my last road race, the Run United 2, 32k at the MOA-Roxas Blvd. grounds a few weeks ago, my feet have been immersed mostly on trails, feeling the highs of running on single tracks and dirt roads with the scenic views that goes with it.

So the chance to run again at BGC comes for a re-visit to an old race and training venue and traversing the only uphill of the course, the Kalayaan Overpass plus a chance to greet many runner friends on that long stretch of Buendia Avenue.

Wearing the World Vision Medal at the finish line

The World Vision Run 2013 is a nice 21k ย race if you’re looking for a medium sized race, not overcrowded with the kind of positive support Runrio always provide its runners. The run through the north side streets of BGC covered a wide area before hitting the south streets near the international schools then up to the Kalayaan overpass.

With Blas and Patrick just before the gun start

Having suffered from a bad case of cough and colds the week before, i didn’t feel like going on an all out running spree but i did enjoy some moments of pacing with the speedier runners and slowed down to my normal cruise control pace as soon as i struggled to catch my breath.

The water stations were copious, all providing ICE COLD water and Gatorade and it was so refreshing to pour your head with unlimited cold water. Nice!

With 2 kms to go

I felt some sort of a wall during the last 4 kilometers that my legs felt dead, so heavy that i could hardly get them to shuffle forward specially on the return to the Kalayaan over-pass. I took the remaining half of my Booster-C Energy Shot ย and that kind of helped me get through the remaining 3 1/2 kilometers.

Feeling bored…and spent!

Last 200 meters

I struggled to finish in 2:31:47 on that 21.5 race route and i was good with that.

All in all, the race was very well organized and in my mind, even better than the 21k RU1 organized also by Runrio staged a few months ago.

With some running blogger friends

You can check out the race results here:ย http://runrio.com/2013/06/world-vision-run-2013-results/

Thanks to all my photographer friends for the photos above!


9 responses to “Race Recap: World Vision Run 2013

  1. You’re right, Sir. Road running in BGC and MOA are becoming monotonous. This is one of two major factors that made me limit my races nowadays, the other one is the high cost of joining fees although I can still afford it. I want some new venues that’s why instead of joining these weekend races, I just run my own route in the Rizal areas where the feeling is really rewarding. Anyway we cannot blame the organizers to hold races in BGC, MOA, Roxas BLVD areas, because these are accessible to many.

    • Exactly my sentiments. There are ways to beat the rut and running on roads less frequented seems to be the alternative. For me, the trails are a great way to invigorate our need to run like you do in Rizal. I’m still yearning for the roads though, pag may time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes Nora, miss it when you haven’t done it for the longest time! Hows the training? Let’s run once at BGC! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. my last road race was RU’s 32k, too, sir rene… last year! haha and yes, i have to admit, i missed the road and the BGC route, especially the kalayaan flyover stretch ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yes, BGC’s showcase, the Kalayaan flyover and i love it here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Try the trails again, Mit! I think you’ve run several before d ba? (Pimco, Merrell?)

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