A Sneak Peek Of The Epic Camp Trails: Pimco’s NTDR Leg-2

After the successful staging of their scenic NTDR Daraitan Trail Run (Leg 1) last June 9, PIMCO’s next Nature’s Trail Discovery Run-Leg 2 (2nL) will be held at the Epic Park Rainforest Camp also in Tanay, Rizal. The race has been re-set for October 13, 2013.

I have not seen the place but heard about it but from the organizers and from what i’ve gathered so far, Epic Park, which means Ecological Playground Integrated Commune for Prayer, Adventure, Recreation and Culture is 200 hectares of rain-forest nestled in Sampaloc, Tanay with large pine trees, mountainous slopes, greeneries and breathtaking views of diverse landscapes.

The area is actually one of the few least known bird sanctuaries in the country, with more than 70 different rare species sighted and documented in this area. The rain forest has countless century-old trees with wild and exotic plants that surrounds it.

The EPIC PARK Rainforest Park has several unique nature trails. Some are for relaxing and peaceful strolls during which campers can appreciate the beauty of the forest. Other trails offer rugged terrain for the thrill seekers.

Durianan & Dagat-Dagatan Trails  are the main trails of this place winding through evergreen forests, rough roads that go all the way to Batlag in Tanay with stunning views of the high peaks. These trails are appropriate for trekking and ultra-running as the ruggedness and wilderness of the forest challenges the runners journey from Epic Park to Batlag and back.

Minor trails within the camp include Rosary Trail,  a place for reflection and meditation and  Elma’s trail  a 700 meter trail which is narrow, steep and muddy.

Early Bird Registration is now being accepted on Pimco’s Official Web site at www.pimcosportingevents.net. Early Birds will only be opened June 30, 2013. Regular registration will start on July 1, 2013.

There will be a Familiarization Run which is tentatively set on August 4, 2013. The Familiarization run is free to join for registered runners only.

At the entrance of the Epic Park in Sampaloc, Tanay


The Trilogy Championship Series Leg 2

Race:               NTDR 2nd Leg

Date:               October 13, 2013

Venue:             Epic Park Reinforest Camp, Tanay, Rizal

Trail Route:      Epic Park – Batlag – Epic Park


For Online Registration please ensure to fill up information required such as valid contact number and email address. Registration shall not be automatically accepted instead you will be contacted on your mobile phone or email address to verify if you are the one registering for yourself. Use of other names for registration is strictly prohibited.

Regular Registration

Start of Regular Registration shall be on July 1, 2013

Registration may close anytime as soon as the Limited Slots are filled up.

Late Registration

Late Registration shall be on August 26-30. Late registrants shall have to redeem their Finishers kit after the 2nd Leg race or on or before the 3rd Leg Race Event. Any Finishers kit available in case regular registrants failed to attend the race shall be on first come, first serve basis. A redemption voucher shall be given to finishers who are late registrants.


Newbies (5k) ; Advanced (10k); Seasoned (21k); Masters (50k)

Foreign nationals are welcome to compete in any category.

Registration Fees for Leg 2:

Newbies (5k)                 – P    550.00

Advanced (10k)           – P   750.00

Seasoned (21k)            – P    950.00

Masters (50k)              – P 1,750.00

Awards and Prizes: (No Cash Prize in the Leg Winners but Gift Packages to Top Winners)

Legs Winners, 1st Leg, 2nd Leg, and 3rd Leg winners shall be the runners who will come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fastest time for Men and Women Division. Each will received Winners Medals and Winners Gift Package from Sponsors.

  1. Finishers for 5k will receive Finisher Medals and Loot Bag
  2. Finishers for 10k, 21k, and 50k will receive Finishers Medals, Finishers Shirts, Loot Bags

2nd Leg Newbies Awards and Prizes

Leg Winner 1st Place – Gift Package + 1st Place Medal + Winner Shirt

Leg Winner 2nd Place – Gift Package + 2nd Place Medal + Winner Shirt

Leg Winner 3rd Place – Gift Package + 3rd Place Medal + Winner Shirt

Finishers Awards – Finishers Medal + Loot Bag

2nd Leg Awards and Prizes Advanced (10k); Seasoned (21k); Masters (50k)

Leg Winner 1st Place – Gift Package + 1st Place Medal + Winners’ Shirt

Leg Winner 2nd Place – Gift Package + 2nd Place Medal + Winners’ Shirt

Leg Winner 3rd Place – Gift Package + 3rd Place Medal + Winners’ Shirt

Finishers Awards – Finishers Medal + Finishers Shirt + Loot Bag

Note: Cash Prizes are given only to Trilogy Champions and runners up on conclusion of the Championship or Final Leg for the Categories – Advance (10k), Seasoned (21k), Masters (50k)

Assembly and Gun Start

2:00 am           Assembly Time at the Start & Finish at Epic Park, Tanay, Rizal

4:00 am           Gun Start of Masters (50k) Ultraman

5:00 am           Gun Start of Seasoned (21k)

5:15 am           Gun Start of Advanced (10k) and Newbies (5k)

Cut-Off Time

Masters (50k) shall have a cut-off time of 11 hours so that runners should be at the Finish Line by 3:00 pm. At 3:00 pm sweeper will bring the runners still at the trails back to the venue hall and shall not be allowed to cross finish line.

Seasoned (21k), Advanced (10k), and Newbies (5k) all have the same cut off of 7 hours so that runners should all be at the finish line by 12:00 noon. Sweeper shall bring the runners back to the venue hall and shall not be allowed to cross finish line.

Awarding of Winners

Awarding of Winners shall commence at 11:00 am or when all the winners of all categories have already crossed finish line whichever comes first. Should winners in each category are not yet complete and identified, Awarding may be delayed to allow winners to be completed.

Provisions and Miscellaneous Services

Shuttle bus services is available for all categories. Master (50k) participants may avail of a separate shuttle services considering they are to start ahead of others and possibly will arrive later than others. Shuttle service fee is P300 per passenger back and forth. Pick-up points are the following:

Makati Shell Station at the crossing of Ayala, Mackinley, and Edsa near MRT Station

Mandaluyong Boni Ave. Circle in front of Jollibee

Quezon City Circle in front of City Hall

Masinag in front of Mercury Drug Store

Only riders with confirmed reservation or with bus stub, shall be allowed to ride the shuttle bus.

Hydration  – Runners are provided with “refilling stations” for free hydration. Please bring at least 20 oz hydration bottle. In observance of Environmental laws, we will not serve cups in the stations along the race route not more than 5 kilometers apart.

Banana – Free banana for the runners are available in designated stations and at the Finish Line for the needed potassium supply of the body.

Runners should bring their own energy drinks and replenishment. Some sponsors may at times provide sampling of their products but this is not guaranteed.

Food Services – There will be food available at Epic Park at affordable prices for the runners, you may buy your own food. There are also food services outlets near the venue the choices are varied but prices affordable. Runners may avail anytime of the day.

Accommodation – There will be available spaces for overnight camping at the venue for those in budget while there are available resorts and hotels around the area near the venue such as Ten Cents To Heaven, Sierra Madre Hotel, and Sampaloc Inn to name a few.

Public Transportation – There are available public transportation however for those not taking the shuttle. You can take Jeeps and shuttle from Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong going to Tanay and then take tricyle going to Sampaloc. There are Jeeps available at Cubao going Cogeo from there you can take Jeep going Sampaloc. The Cogeo jeep is available only from 5 am to 7 pm so it is suggested to take this only if runners plan to take resorts hotels or camp at the venue from June 8.

Here are some pictures of Epic Camp:

One of the structures in side the rain-forest park

One of the many trails going inside the rain forest

More of the views inside the camp

The forest camp which is also a bird sanctuary

Over looking the rain-forest

Thick foliage inside the forest

A tree house inside the sanctuary

Scene from the view deck. This may well be the starting line

How To Get There:

Take Marcos Highway going towards Masinag Market via Aurora blvd. passing below the Katipunan overpass. Cross Sumulong highway (Masinag Center is at the corner on the left) heading straight which becomes the Marikina Infanta Road towards Tanay.

Upon reaching the Sierra Madre Resort go straight where you will pass by the Pranjetto Resort. Continue towards the intersection of the  corner of Marikina Infanta Highway and Sampaloc Road which was the venue of the NTDR Leg 1, then turn right going to the Tanay town proper. Epic Park is approximately 2.5 kms on your right from the Ynares Sports Gym, venue of the Leg 1 race towards the resort of Daranak.

Photos by Tina S. Mallari and the APBFoundation.


3 responses to “A Sneak Peek Of The Epic Camp Trails: Pimco’s NTDR Leg-2

  1. i hope the trails are as epic as they’re described hehehe. i don’t mind the extra kilometers (i have no sense of distance whatsoever), but i do mind the lack of scenery and the type of terrain 🙂

    • Hi Mit! You should have joined their past races and seen for yourself the great scenery! For every leg, they change venues and there will always be views that would surprise you, i.e. Some stopping to climb rocks, bathe on the clean rivers, frolic on waterfalls, take pictures, etc. Yes, the extra kilometers is a bonus! 😉

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