Dave’s “Lost World” Trail Route

Ultra runner David Buban’s home in Marikina Heights has for long been a meeting place for runners wanting to run the Shotgun route and Timberland trails in San Mateo, Rizal. I’ve ran this course sometime last year and coming from his place, he has this well-planned circuitous route that travels on back-door villages in Marikina en route to San Mateo.

Team mate Chito Carreon had invited me to Dave’s and do this route once again. So, i got up early last Saturday, met Chito at McDonalds in Katipunan and made another quick stop at a McDonalds branch in Marikina for some sandwiches and coffee before we headed to Dave’s place.

Our group with David (second from right) L-R: Mar, Rhoda, Marjohn, Aleth, Reylynne, CJ, me, Dave and Shiela. Chito was taking the picture.

Mar and Chito at Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal

We were with 9 other runners, most of them long time friends in our local running circle.  So we start the run and traverse through rolling hills on small communities that passes inside San Mateo on the way to Timberland Heights.

Less than 2 kms before the assault to Shotgun Road, we make a stop-over to Aling Tina’s, a small popular eatery that caters to both cyclists and runners. It’s to fuel us for that one hard long climb. I ate some porridge with egg and stashed some bananas in my hydration pack. The others did too and then we were off.

Morning break at Aling Tinay’s

Shotgun Road

So it’s about a kilometer away from Aling Tina’s and we reach our run’s most notorious challenge, Shotgun Road, rising some 411 meters in several agonizing flights and measures at about 3.8kms. Even the fittest of the fit will surely jog-walk this road or they suffer cardiac arrest completely! So all of us were just too content to do a walkathon and see who reaches the trails of Timberland first.

Part of the 4 km uphill road
Inside the Timberland trails

Perfect weather, dry trails–a go for trail running

Shiela, Dave and Aleth were with me, the last group

With Aleth and Marjohn

The entrance to Dave’s trail

I’ve ventured on many parts of the Timberland Heights trail system and i knew there were still many areas that i have not really checked into and imagine my surprise that there was this trail just on the south eastern side of Maarat that Dave showed us. It runs from one end of Sapinit Road that loops back on the eastern side going westward.

It has several kilometers of trails and dirt roads winding through evergreen forest, lines of pine trees, wild flowers and boasts lush sceneries of mountain tops. Since Dave has tried to describe this as the “Lost World” Trail run, we decided to name this trail as Dave’s Lost World Trail.

Here are some of the pictures of the trail:

From the looks of it, you know you’ll be running in peaceful surroundings

The Y junction. Take the right trail

Bounded by trees that provided shade along the route

A trail perpendicular to the main road

One of the very few houses that were seen along the route

Nice, cool, woodsy–a secluded part of Maarat

Dave forges ahead

Several uneven surfaces brought about by heavy rains recently

The mountain hills of Timberland where we came from, at the background

Long stretch of dirt road

We took a break on this road side stall which would have offered a nice view of the city had it not been for the overcast skies

Lots of trails to discover, wish we had more time to check them out

Above the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal

It’s all downhill from here

Cloudy skies as it was going to rain in a little while

Yes it rained and we were going to be stucked in this seminary for about 20 mins

My favorite view of the trail

We covered a total of 33.7 kms of mostly uphill runs in almost 6 hours including time spent on a seminary while waiting for the heavy downpour to stop.

It was a very thrilling run, not to mention the excitement of running on a new trail and being with friends who share the same passion as i do.

Keep watch on this trail as a 10k and 21k race is being planned for October 2013 to cover this route!


8 responses to “Dave’s “Lost World” Trail Route

  1. I live in Marikina Heights Rancho 4, Dave must know about it since he’s also within the area. Pwede bang sumali sa group nyo pag mag LSD kayo towards Timberland Heights? If I remember it right nag post ka din before about your group doing a trail run to San Mateo as well. I haven’t tried such a long distance of trail run before but I’m used to running in the road. I was able to run several FMs already but uphill trail run is on a different plane. Galing nyo guys, been reading your blog for quite a while already and it’s quite a nice blog to read adventure runs like this. More power 🙂

    • Hi Benjamin! Thank you for taking the time in checking out my blog! Yes, by all means please join. There are posts at FB which invites runners for LSD runs where you can list up and join. If you have an account in FB please “friend” me so i can update you with our trail running schedules. 🙂

      • Thanks, I’ll do the Facebook thing later since it is not allowed here in the office. Looking forward in joining those LSD runs. Doing LSD within Marikina Heights is a challenge since the area is composed of uphill/downhill.

  2. Hi Sir, i was in Manila for 6 weeks, left yesterday and back here in North America. i am from Marikina, too.. David and i were in the Mizuno Run clinic way back 2009 when i (and he i suppose) was beginning to love running… he has gone a LOOOONG WAY, both in mileage and in his passion for running, believe ako diyaan.. don’t know if he remembers me as Lugs.. Sad to say, i missed the KOTR and Takbo runfest as i was busy with so many people to meet and things to do in a short vacation…. Happy trail running!! 🙂

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