Robinson’s Fit and Fun Run: A Race Recap

With running buddy Tonet

This is Robinson Supermarket’s 6th staging of its Buddy Run yet the first time i’m joining this event and i had my teammate Tonet as my running partner for the 10k race last Saturday.

This race is known, not for its excellent organization, it’s beautiful scenery, it’s challenging course nor its cheap registration fees but for having the most freebies in a race which you get in loot bags and the generous sampling of food given at the race grounds during the post-race events.

If you’re zealous about getting loot bags, freebies or getting a bang out of your registration fees, then this is your race! 🙂

At the start

It’s a great 10k if you’re just looking to have a nice easy fun run with your running buddy. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this if your attempting to do a PR, except when you and your running partner are in for a podium finish.

This race has been postponed last month because of heavy rains that had Metro Manila flooded in parts but rains still had to dampen the mood a little bit last Saturday although they were most welcome as it came down only in trickles which had a cooling effect for runners.

X-Tribe did a wonderful job managing the event. Nice course, copious water and sports drinks although they ran out of paper cups during the last portion of the race. This event had a great vibes to it with parents on the heels of their small children trying to keep up with them all makes for a great race experience.

The only complaints? I just can’t figure out why they would have to position equipment and marshal tables right in front of the starting area where crowds of runners were hindered just to get over the starting line. With the barrier stationed in front, there was no way you could do a fast start. Also the distance was a bit short, the reading on my SUUNTO Gambit registering at just 9.65kms and so were the reading of others.

Getting the loot baggies

300 meters to the finish line

After finishing, we got our loot bags and was tempted to get more goodies at the various booths giving out ice cream, hot dogs, sports drinks, bananas and many more but decided to go back to the parking lot to meet up with my team mates.

All in all, this race was a good one and was surprised by how well the crowd of runners were controlled as the presence of race marshals were all over the race route. I definitely would like to run this race again next year as it’s a rewarding race to run. Most importantly, it’s a happy fun run, a great way to bond,  all to be enjoyed by runners and their families.

With Mylin, Chito and Coach Edward after the race

(Thanks to the Running Photographers, We Run For Good Health, Run Little King, Running Jack Morales, Ray Kabigting and others for the use of the pics).


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